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“Loser” – Pence Bullies Fabrications Through Debate Time Rules

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/10/loser-pence-bullies-fabrications-through-debate-time-rules


It ain’t called a duopoly for nothing. The only difference between the two sides of the coin is the level of cruelty. I did want to see Kamala hammer on Q-tip’s overuse of time by reminding him that he should know better as his credentials are essentially nothing more than as a radio talk show host (not counting failed Governor of Indiana), who show know how and when to cut to commercial on cue. Now that would have been a zinger in my opinion. Vacuum brain Pence might just have cried “Mother” at that point. But your point is well taken Ralph, the Progressive voice is but a whisper in this campaign.


and still the Democrats offer us nothing even coming close to the relief we need–this after surrendering to the Republicans on every front for decades or maybe they are just showing their true stripes as closet Republicans BSing their way though election


“and still the Democrats” have not found a 12 step program to shake corporate money addiction, 35 years after they formed the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) and hung out their FOR SALE TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER sign and redefining “bipartisan” to mean capitulating to the GOP agenda.


Debates need exceptionally skilled moderators who are unafraid to put unruly candidates in their places and enforce solid rules - for example shutting down the microphone when candidates run overtime. This is too important an election to be trusted to cowardly moderators. As for the VP candidates, they are mimics for their masters.


Why didn’t she bring up New England Journal of Medicine encouraging Biden votes when Pence lied about the great Covid response?


o, the Democrats need offer nothing more to their progressive base, to the unions who so indefatigably support them or to blacks, than the usual–a kick in the face. Biden has just one credential–he isn’t Trump. Harris has two–the shade of her skin and her lack of a Y chromosome. And that’s it, as far as any intention of governing other than conservative Republicans if they win–and if their refusal to give anything to their own base costs them the election, again–no problem, Trump has been working out pretty well for them despite their crocodile tears.


She also has a good sense of humor and friends at MoTown. (along with the other two things you mention) Republicans should be completely embarrassed.

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There are simple solutions to trump’s and Pence’s belligerent actions.
One way would be to inform them that overall time will be equaled out at the end, and additional time will be given or taken away, whichever fits the time schedule.
"Sorry VP Pence, your summation has been withdrawn according to the rules agreed to. You ran over so much that your speaking time has expired.
Maybe if there is a next time, you will shut your fucking mouth when you are supposed to. Another remedy would be to give the opposition a bull horn.

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Other than cutting their mic, how can you stop a person from just talking beyond their limit, or repeatedly interrupting like the killer? That’s why these debates are nothing more than theater, and the media is very verklempt about the cancellations.


Compare the Corporate DNC 2020 campaign answer to Trump-Pence-Treasurer Hollywood Steve Mnuchin, AG Top Cop Agent Provocateur Bill Barr and Judeo-Reich Stephen Miller alongside 2nd generation crooked money laundering real estate financier turned Trumplican Minister Without Portfolio or even MidEast 101 pre-req course Kushner’s calls for surrender to Oligarchy while rushing in unmarked federal militarized troops to reinforce the Portland, Ore militarized PD in beating down and gassing the Pandemic Covid19 weakened ANTIFA resistance…

My how times have changed since Washington entered late the WW II battle between Euro-Russo-Japanese allied imperials v. The Fascist Axis. Don’t count the between World War years that U.S. Daddy Warbucks and the Koch family were selling weapons and energy services to all sides of every conflict and getting Philanthropic Foundation wealthy off of it. Despite Teddy Roosevelt’s anti-monopoly Trust Buster laws on the books…Whenever Wall Street collapses (boom\bust cycles are timed to exiting de-regulatory administrations voted in as ‘reformers’) every 10-20 years, the fleeced flock are then slaughtered for the meat to fill Larry Summers’ de-regulated Commodities markets…

Any use of big DNC Hollywood money for counter-rallying the Reich & Trumplican Q ANON obedient brown-shirt cultists? Where’s Streisand, Douglas, Spielberg, Katzenberg, Eisner, Chapek or Lucian Grainge last seen counting world reserve currency at Universal Entertainment? The Japanese and EU know where their White Collar Criminals are, as any Suite Crime fan knows by now, Carlos Ghosn the indicted CEO of not 1 trans national auto manufacturer, but 2! Nissan and Renault! The wealthy if insecure nonetheless Carlos Ghosn was folded into a music equipment case being smuggled back to his native Lebanon, outta reach of Japanese extradition and Interpol! Although given the street situ in Lebanon, we can’t be too sure he’ll receive a hero’s welcome for Corporate Caliphate Feudal Lords of HI Transport…

Are we sufficiently entertained?

How’s about calling down from their gated communities and feudal castles Silicon Valley money. Where’s Ellison, Zuckerberg, Guru Gowrappan, Tim Cook, Gates or Sundar Pichai not to mention the bailed-out and immunized from criminal prosecution Wall Street trans national to London High FI-nanciers and Corporate Caliphate rentiers concentrating unfettered Global Capital into the fewest non-audited personal and non-productive accounts in electronically store-housed human history to rail against what Common Cause Citizen Nader correctly cites as the Hillary Clinton (Kissinger Associates) campaign template that foregoes any mention much use PR INDUSTRY MEME-ing:

…of the corporate crime wave and accelerating control over the people by immune global corporations…no mention of strengthening union organizing laws (such as the simple “card check” promised and forgotten by Obama/Biden in 2008). There was not even a mention of a federal $15 minimum wage, lifting the stagnant wages of millions of women and men, passed last year in the House and blocked by the Senate Republicans satisfied with the frozen $7.25 per hour.

Surprised anyone that the abandoned Wage Slaves and Planet of the Clock Punchers fill their representational vacuum and Wolves of Homeless encampments at the foreclosed door with cults and bowing before the TV Presidency and Crony Caputalists of Big Orange?

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Atonement Seekers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
Media Discussion List and Looksee

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Harris is obviously a weak VP candidate compared to Warren, just like biden is a weak presidential candidate compared to Bernie. Now thanks to democratic voters who couldn’t see past the DNC’s chicanery and selected biden in primaries we have to hope for our lives that biden can squeak out a victory next month. Then if he does we have to hope he can be moved to the left so we don’t end up with another obama or clinton type presidency.


Gonna post this comment of mine in a couple threads:

Trump looks weaker and weaker.

i suspect that for the looting class, the “best outcome” of this ridiculous election campaign would be a relatively smooth Biden transition to the White House, with some confusion and trouble but no outbreak of civil war, and a celebration of “return to normalcy” to pacify the majority of USAns for a moment. (“Normal” of course until the cascading ecological collapse bucks again, and harder…) Biden would be counted on to do his part and not go after civilian Trump - “look forward not back” being the referenced page from the playbook, with perhaps some token prosecution and a slap on the wrist to acknowledge widespread recognition of Trump’s outrages.

As good as Trump has been for the looters’ portfolios in his brief tumultuous tenure, a strong majority of their class surely does not want a real civil war to break out here. Do the fanatic ideologues gathered in the upper reaches of the Republican Party have more sway than the fundamental interests of the looting class as a whole? Can Trump’s rabid followers among the general population play a wild card and throw the system into chaos despite the looters’ eagerness to usher Trump to the sidelines?

This is some political context i’m looking at right now in the USA.


I was hoping she would treat Pence like she treated Kavanaugh. She has the ability to play attack dog; but was quite disappointing. I’ll second all of Ralph’s critiques.

The only way to really control people like Trump and Pence is with a mike switch. Better yet I like the old vaudeville trick of removing a contestant with a stiff hook around the neck like shepards used to use.

Face it this country is truly a “failed state”. The egregious flaws in our political structure are showing their full effects now. In brief: the Senate its rules, how it is elected and even its existence; and, of course, the absurd electoral college, which is a creature of the days of slavery. A unicameral legislature with proportional representation is much more efficient and fair. The various flavors of parliamentary systems are much better, you get multiple parties not just a duopoly.


I agree completely. Let’s not forget ranked choice voting either.

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I was disappointed, but not surprised, to see Harris cower at the mention of Fracking and the Green New Deal. If the DNC had not been so complicit in retaining Dirty Energy influence over the party, and Biden had not been so strongly against the GND, she could have walloped Pence big time over this issue. The GND is a freaking jobs issue first and foremost, as we sit here staring at what we now understand to be the last real time opportunity to take effective action to slow and stop Global Heating and Climate Disruption. There is a series of four letter words that more aptly describe these, but I am trying to keep it toned down here.

Roll up your sleeves people, MFA and GND won’t be won by complaining in CD, but by actively organizing, phone calling, and ultimately, getting in the streets, for days and weeks at a time, unfortunately.

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