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Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/07/09/loser


Love it. Prepare for Trump becoming ever more dangerously vindictive.


The ads don’t specify, so I have to ask: how do these Rs plan to oppose Dim Donny? Are they going to primary him from the right? Rig the convention? Or–Dog help us!–vote for Dementia Joe? Inquiring minds want to know.


I remember when my dad developed dementia and parkinson’s symptoms.
We noticed it when he started drinking using both hands as twerp is doing in the pic.
Exactly the same eye, hand, mouth, coordination struggle.

Dad had many space out moments, followed by these ANGER explosions.
Sundowners is also a regular symptom.
After the sun sets, paranoia sets in, everyone was coming for him, furthering the Anger flareup.

This guy has some form of disease deterioration going on.
I’m surprised he hasn’t stroked out.

Multifarc dementia (mini strokes causing dementia) usually ends with a big paralyzing stroke, leaving the patient alive, and usually conscious, but in a vegetable state.


The Lincoln Project is explicitly supporting Joe DiMentio.

And despite this article’s gloating, every SCOTUS ruling this session was a win – either through the back door with this ruling on his taxes being subpoenaed (we’ll still never see them) or the DACA decision (saving Trump from himself – those DACA kids enjoy overwhelming support in the polls) – for Donalfd Trump, and several of his victories were 7-2. Just sayin.’


Trump’s vegetable state, which he’s been in for years, is mostly poison oak, poison ivy, stinging nettles, nightshade and many other “veggies” that We the People have always tried to avoid as they are “Hazardous to Our Health.” I think it is time to do some serious gardening, folks!


Yeah, great ads Lincoln Project…however, please do not forget for one stinking’ moment that the never tRumpers behind it are still gd republiCons.


Yes, do not forget that Trump is criminally insane and a Mafia Don that has surrounded himself with an organization of criminal lieutenants . And would start a nuclear war if he could get away with it in order to save his presidency.

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I wonder if the NYT would support writing Indian Lives Matter in front of Snyder’s mansion?


His father had dementia so it makes total sense that the presidunce would have it too. My mother had Lewy Body Syndrome and close to the end she would yell at the actors on the idiot box (tv) and tell them to get out of her house. Kind of reminds me of the yammering the covidiot is doing with his tweets …


Sorry about your mom
Tough being the parent to your parent.

The nighttime paranoid anger tweets is what first tagged if for me

The picture was a deja vu moment which brought it all into perspective


As a nuclear veteran who was exposed to seven H-Bombs and managed to recover from them. Many thousands died over the years from cancers and other diseases from radiation exposure. The nightmare of a thermonuclear war has haunted me since 1956, and the “nuclear clock” is just seconds away from zero now. I’m in my eighties, so I could just forget about it as I’ll be gone soon. However, I was eighteen when I was basted by those bombs and have spent a lot of time worrying about that war. Most of the nuclear veterans are gone now and the alleged government will be glad to see the last of us gone, so there will be none to bear witness as to what that government is willing to unleash upon planet Earth, just for more additions to their Greedopoly jammed vaults.
** How many millions of people in their teens and twenties will be forced to watch their children, their families, waste away with cancers, and diseases from contaminated food and water, until they, too, perish?
** Why can’t We the People wake up to the fact that we outnumber them by millions to one, and use that fact to oust them before we wind up looking like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but on a much wider scale?

Excellent question that I fervently wish I could answer! I think our only hope is with this insane maniac that has his egregious hands on the nuclear trigger is the Generals that may have enough sanity to not allow Trump to launch nukes, but having said that…Trump, like his niece Mary Trump called him: " THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN AMERICA"… HAVING ACCESS TO THE NUCLEAR CODES, is a nightmare to me!

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