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Lost in TrumpWorld: What Matters and What Doesn't


Lost in TrumpWorld: What Matters and What Doesn't

Andrew Bacevich

The news, however defined, always contains a fair amount of pap. Since Donald Trump’s ascent to the presidency, however, the trivia quotient in the average American’s daily newsfeed has grown like so many toadstools in a compost heap, overshadowing or crowding out matters of real substance. We’re living in TrumpWorld, folks. Never in the history of journalism have so many reporters, editors, and pundits expended so much energy fixating on one particular target, while other larger prey frolic unmolested within sight.

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As usual Mr. Basevich pulls us back from the supersaturated infotainment Wonderland and reminds us of our number 1 priority; stopping endless war.



Bacevich is right, of course. He’s saying the same thing I’ve been saying, here, for years, namely, that we should be far, far more concerned and alarmed with the country’s broken, corrupt system political that put Trump in the White House and this country’s ongoing crimes that operate on auto-pilot, with or without Trump, and be far less concerned with the latest Trump gaffe or tantrum. Two years of this clown is more than enough to predict where he’ll go next. We don’t need to get hit over the head with it on a daily basis.

The State of the Union speech, tonight, is just such an example. Any call for unity will dissolve in mere hours once he signs back in to his twitter account and starts another tantrum. No one will take what he says, seriously. It’s a complete waste of taxpayer money. Yet, tomorrow, you can expect a point by point analysis by all the pundits as to what the speech means, even though I doubt even Trump knows what it means, since he certainly didn’t write it. The only interesting thing about the speech will be seeing if the fool can stay on task long enough to finish reading it.



The Trump-as-excuse-for-disfunction meme is wearing thin as Bacevich correctly points out that the US has been on its current trajectory for quite a time (much longer than fifteen years I would personally argue). The only law that Trump seems to be able to follow is the second law of thermodynamics and for that he is an immensely useful idiot for the perpetrators of all sorts of malfeasance. The thought of his SOTU address tonight makes me wretch but, like the nation, I must endure.



Bacevich sez:
“… what term best describes a war that has cost something like a trillion dollars, killed and maimed tens of thousands, and produced a protracted stalemate?”


That “trillion dollars” doesn’t show up as an expense on everybody’s ledger.



My generation tried to stop Vietnam and paid with 55,000 dead draftees and many damaged men returned to the US after the carnage of the pretend war where they took a hill, gave it back and took it again while the Pentagon dithered and lied. Bush/Cheney got their oil fields and ran before capturing those in Iran which is why Trump is in the White House. The sale of arms is the US business with the military protecting the global corporations that control it. Add the carnage of climate change to places like Syria and Yemen and the hoards of younger people trying to get into Europe and the US with their children to preserve life. That is the US today and before. This is what matters.

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Bacevich is blowing a bit too hard here. If he has an original insight, he might consider passing it on.

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[quote=“jneastra, post:3, topic:60098”]
“The only interesting thing about the speech will be seeing if the fool can stay on task long enough to finish reading it.”

Or how many times he stumbles over the big words.

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I can’t disagree with his opposition to our appetite for wars. But his “What Matters and What Doesn’t” invites me to ask “aren’t Catastrophic Climate Change and a political/economic system that creates wealth inequalities that doom our future” parts of the “What Matters”? As long as the wealthy such as the Kochs and the banks that control our money supply have their way, we can’t address wars or climate change or any of our big problems.



Even Hitler took advise from those that knew stuff. A dictator like Trump thinks he knows about everything, and is always the better judge of things. A very dangerous person.
Don’t need no stinking advisers here.

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That’s why the globalist banksters chose Trump.Distractions



What you wrote makes me see a picture of Hitler standing around the map of europe with his advisors. And the picture makes me think that Hitler had a more effective personality than the 'orangepimp". How horrible to have this thought because in fact the “orangepimp” is causing tremendous world wide damage with his ad hoc policies.

The state of the world today is so precarious the migration caused by wars, climate disaster and economic inequality has only just begun.

Citizens of the world are required to find their own solutions since our political “Leaders” are doing nothing to heal the damages done to our planet and its inhabitants.



I like Bacevich, but I wish he and others who have the right view on getting us out of wars that are big mistakes wouldn’t use language like:

If a proposed troop drawdown in Afghanistan qualifies as a “mistake,” as O’Hanlon contends, then what term best describes a war that has cost something like a trillion dollars, killed and maimed tens of thousands, and produced a protracted stalemate?

This just reinforces the idea that it is only our side that matters. The number of people maimed and killed is much much higher when you account for both sides.



“…the moment when he becomes an ex-president can’t arrive too soon…”
We appear to be holding ourselves hostage.