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Loud Noises From A Bonkers Year


Loud Noises From A Bonkers Year

During lo these long 300 years of his reign, Trump has committed crimes against many things: Empathy, decency, integrity, the rule of law and - cue incoherence and dog whistles and shameless, ceaseless lies - language itself. So it's apt that Yale's 2018 list of notable quotes is topped by Giuliani's "truth isn’t truth." Happily, "stable genius" also made the cut, though Sarah Sander's "transparent and honest" legacy was too late. Still, she got an outstanding response: "Bitch, please."


Both cartoons are perfect.

As to Giulianni’s “truth isn’t truth,” any doubts about his having been Roy Cohn’s star pupil should be erased.


I don’t get the 300 years reference.
Could someone elaborate?
Trump has been in office just under two (very long) years.
Maybe it just seems like 300 years.


BINGO! He is such a total load of that stinky brown pile of cr@p we seriously don’t need clarification concerning how way past his ‘use-by’ date he actually is! But yes, it really does feel like it’s been 300 years.

Pwr 2 the COGNIZANT peons!


HI bystander, well there are 365 days in a year, but with the insanity from Trump, each day seems like a year…I think we only count 300 in a Trump Year because the other 65 days are spent golfing or eating at Mar-A-Largo : )


I am discovering that the truth serum being used has become the national drink, such a sad thing to say but I feel it’s true.


I don’t see any reason for Trump and his henchpersons to divert from their lying.

His base eats it up, he’s guaranteed a committed 40% of the vote.