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Loudly and Proudly Celebrating The Anthem (That the Bullshitter-In Chief Doesn't Know) Except For Those Two Guys Who Took A Knee Instead


Loudly and Proudly Celebrating The Anthem (That the Bullshitter-In Chief Doesn't Know) Except For Those Two Guys Who Took A Knee Instead

The final icing on our ludicrous narcissist's I'm-Just-Gonna-Take-My-Ball-and-Anthem-and-Go-Home cake that was Tuesday's "celebration" of enforced patriotism: Even as Donnie leered and dumbly bobbed his head while a blindingly white crowd of third-tier White House staffers obediently sang, hands on heart, of our democracy's wonders, at least two men in the crowd took a defiant knee to protest the travesty. One remained silent; one also heckled Trump with, "Stop hiding behind the armed services and the national anthem!" - though we'd add, stop doing anything, please.


It may not seem like much but those two guys are COURAGEOUS!

“Back in the day” (Post Vietnam discharge), I used to go to NHL games and as soon as it was anthem time, I made my way out into the corridor. I don’t consider what I did courageous but it made me feel a helluva lot truer to my SELF!


I’m sure some boot licking brownshirt will identify them and dutifully report in to Hair Donny. Where upon they’ll be shown the door and accused of leaking national security sensitive information and (clutch your pearls), they’ll be labeled as “typical rude Eagle fans”.


Observe the trajectory of the Repukian Party: The last “President” they saddled us with called our Constitution “just a goddam sheet of paper”. One before that gave guns to our sworn enemy (Iran) for helping him get elected. This latest genius either forgets the words of the National Anthem or maybe never learned them in the first place, At least he appears to know how to tie his own shoes, though I admit, that could have been done for him by a staffer. At this rate of degeneration, any future Republican contender for President will be a true four-legged jackal, rather than those two-legged imitations we have had up until now. Somebody, please, print up a bumper sticker that asks Trump voters whether it was low intelligence or low morality that caused them to vote for such a specimen.


The common people who died at Lexington/Concord did not die for a flag, some stupid national anthem, or some stupid fascist pledge-----they were fighting for INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM(its incredible to see these stooges on MSNBC wearing hats supporting the crown of England on the latest wedding, CLULESS about what the American Revolution was all about) Those who take a knee are true PATRIOTS--------SUPPORT THE COMMONS!


Beautiful photo of nazi times. But it was no different, for the next 50 years in the entire Eastern Block. If in a crowd, on holiday parades, you didn’t raise your paper flowers in worship of the Party, not only you, but your entire family would be in serious trouble. And yet, in the ‘free world’ we see the same phenomenon. There should have been two standing, and the rest kneeling - if there were significant freedom (including that of the mind).


Maybe he wears loafers … or shoes with velcro ties – my cognitively disabled son loved his velcro tennis shoes! :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:


These guys give us white guys a good name.