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Louis DeJoy Should Face Criminal Charges If Ballots Aren't Counted, Expert Declares After USPS Misses Court-Ordered Deadline

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/03/louis-dejoy-should-face-criminal-charges-if-ballots-arent-counted-expert-declares


Something smells rotten in Denmark to me. Put on your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride the next couple of weeks.


Absolutely no reason that postal managers and team leaders cannot perform inspections as a team. Also, this is so important that the excuses offered for the inspectors themselves not doing the job does not hold water.
Sad but true loss for democracy.


DeJoy is just one of the latest of a long line of trump cultists. The Rico Act should be invoked on these cultists who work to subvert for power and money.
It doesn’t get much more corrupt in government.


When I was 14, I blew up a neighbors mailbox, and had to deal with the Feds about it.
It is a Federal offense to mess with the mail in any way.
Dejoy should absolutely be flenzed about this. This is messing with the most fundamental right we have as citizens. This ain’t no foolin around.


First, you let a pandemic run rampant, causing people to be afraid to go out and vote. That pushes them to voting by mail. Then, you simply don’t deliver the mail.
And the votes that won’t be counted will end up in dumpsters all over swing states, and they will number not in the hundreds of thousands, but In the millions.
The fix is in folks. Florida, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, and Arizona will all go to trump. That means all he needs is PA or Michigan, and there is an uneasiness here in PA that’s hard to describe, but it is palpable. Something fishy is going on here.


I’m with you. This whole election is building up to be a big can of worms. ‘Come on, did we the sheeple actually expect our vote was really going to be counted? We just here as window dressing. The 1% crowd are the hidden puppet masters who are pulling the strings.


Looks like to me, that instead of an October surprise, Trump planned a November surprise. Michael Cohen: " TRUMP WILL NOT LEAVE OFFICE IN 2020"…


Book 'em Dano!"


They know they can’t win if they don’t cheat.


The 1% media/congressional complex is fooling the people by hood-winking us in believing our vote actually counts. Here’s there scheme: throw out all kinds of confusing polling, throw out the pandemic contagion exposure, then tell you all the voting boxes are being not counted or stolen. That’s their plan. They want to brain-wash you into thinking that what’s the point? They win. (We lose).


Just read that over 70 thousand votes have already been “purged” from Michigan’s count. They are not going to challenge mail in votes. They are just going to tear them up, and say “oops”
Apparently there was also an absolute rash of robocalls in Michigan today as well, telling people to vote tomorrow.
It’s as though Boss Tweed has risen from the grave.


For months, from the very beginning, many of us were saying exactly that. So WHY, someone tell me please, why did his ass not get hauled in front of a criminal grand jury? Who has the authority to do it, and why didn’t they? THIS IS WHY we are in this dire state, because we lack the appropriate action at the appropriate time. Not after the fact. The complacency of Americans is the crux of so many of our problems. A few act, yes, but the majority are asleep at the wheel.


George Carlin(may peace be upon him) said, “If voting mattered, it would be made illegal.” Meanwhile, to our north, the Canadian Immigration folks have had a record number of calls asking about the rules for requesting political asylum from Americans, especially people of color. One woman commented, “It’s as if we’re being hunted down and killed because we’re black. I’m just gonna pack up my car, head for the border, and tell the customs officer I’m requesting political asylum.”
Way past time to get dark money out of the system…oh, wait, brain fart. Dark money has ALWAYS been part of American government. Citizens United decision simply made it visible.


Ok, here’s my prediction for what it’s worth(I hope I’m wrong).: Biden and Trump are basically tied around 10pm eastern, and what a surprise, pensylvania is still fooling around counting votes because they were already singled out by the 1% media as being the deciding state? And than it still has to find voting boxes and than SCOTUS has to make another grand decision like they decided the 2000 election. Cheers!


I have a better idea taken form a novel and its TV show, “The Handmaid’s Tale”. Just sh**t them and/or string 'um up for all to see their worthless carcasses. WTF are things coming to? Corruption isn’t even being hidden these days. They act with utter impunity. Something’s very wrong here.

I am sure the OAS will get right on this and dismiss the election as fraudulent refusing to accept the winner as having been elected.


Something is very wrong. Our country has been taken over by nefarious individuals who think they call the shots. Well, we have news for them, their duration as our owners is over. Yes, you heard me.Your days are numbered.

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To think of all the sacrifices made in the revolution, in the civil war, in the second world war, and then to summarily discard all those gains because a few post office managers didn’t feel like looking around a little bit before election day. Quite the patriotic spirit there I must say. “I’m proud to be an American, because at least I know I’m free”…I wonder what immigration laws exist for Americans moving to Bolivia?


My daughter just got her Apostille and other necessary paperwork for a Fulbright year in S. Korea. Hopefully she can get out of here on a flight in a few weeks.
We are very close, my love for her is endless---- I will miss her terribly but I want her out of this shit hole, cruel, stupid country. Too many people have voted for trump. This should have been a landslide.
Morris Berman predicted this (u.s. as failed state) decades ago. I’ve been hoping he was wrong but alas, here we are.