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Louisiana Goddam: Vengeful State Seeks Its Third Pound of Flesh from Albert Woodfox, Because 43 Years of Solitary Just Wasn't Enough


Louisiana Goddam: Vengeful State Seeks Its Third Pound of Flesh from Albert Woodfox, Because 43 Years of Solitary Just Wasn't Enough

Like a rabid dog with a battered bone, Louisiana officials have won the obscene right to try the Angola Three's Albert Woodfox for the third time for the 1972 murder of a prison guard that nobody - not even the victim's widow - believes Woodfox committed. The state says it wants to hold Woodfox, held alone in a cell for four decades despite three overturned convictions, "fully accountable for his crime." It remains unclear when they will be. Nina Simone: "Lord, have mercy on this land of mine."


If we look at Louisiana justice, it is a harsh vision.

An sad example is Dr. Minyard, who had been NOLA coroner since 1974.
There are so many cases he whitewashed (including the bridge shootings of Katrina)
that it has left a permanent stain upon the community.

Whether it be Louisiana’s Angola or Homan Square in Chicago.
Racist hatred runs deep, and it always has a vile stench.


“Racist hatred runs deep” – You can’t stop running water:


It’s for the restoration of their freedom to do shite like this that they murdered Huey.


“It remains unclear when they will be for theirs.”: And that goes to the heart of the matter. Where is the accounting of enslavement and genocide? Where did the 40 acres and a mule go as a start for reparations? These racists are most obtuse in their criminal inhumanity.


And so many others .


How vicious and how excruciatingly petty the state authorities are - clawing after bad convictions , victim shaming , twisting logic and standing justice on its head . They are as crazy for punishment as a vampire is for blood .


All the little voices must keep speaking the truth. There is nothing else that will ever bring the possibility of justice for the wrongly imprisoned, and severe justice to the perpetrators that deserve it.


It is an evil thing to torture a human being. To keep him confined is punishment enough but what is their rationale for keeping a 68 year old man in solitary for so long? Do they consider him physically dangerous - more so than the vast majority of more robust and muscular younger violent offenders? They make his imprisonment torture and define thereby its cruel and unusual nature by singling him out for this treatment unto death.

It is evil to torture a man and it is poor human beings like Mr. Woodcox whom Jesus asked us not to forget amid their barbaric treatment.

Mercy is not just a word nor is unrelenting psychological torture. To single out this man for this treatment is evil. The federal government should enforce the constitutional right of every citizen to be free of cruel and UNUSUAL punishment and charge the state officials with violation of this poor soul’s civil rights.