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Louisiana Sheriff Goes on Obscenity-Laden Tirade in Defense of Police in Joe McKnight Case


Louisiana Sheriff Goes on Obscenity-Laden Tirade in Defense of Police in Joe McKnight Case

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Responding to community outrage that the Louisiana man who shot and killed former NFL player Joe McKnight in an alleged road-rage incident had initially been set free, Jefferson Parish sheriff Newell Normand went on a explicit, slur-laden tirade during a Tuesday press conference in defense of officials' actions.


Seems the sheriff took the most offensive post he could find and read that one specifically to make the Black community look bad. Shame on him, he just further stoked the fire. Obviously too emotional to be rational in his decision making.


Time for Newell Normal to retire, don't cha think?


So all he would have had to say is: "We understand that emotions are running high and that people are understandably outraged. We ask for patience while we continue the investigation into this heinous crime." And he wouldn't have even needed to say that if they hadn't let the cracker go in the first place. It was never in question that Gasser murdered McKnight.


Don, it doesn't matter if a person has written scores of comments against racism, if you have decided to accuse a person of being a racist for your own personal kicks.

Dear Reader, try criticizing Obama for something/anything and watch what happens.

And when he starts, he just won't stop. It doesn't matter if you have made comments against racism in the very same thread. He will then say, well, that doesn't matter. Previous comments don't matter, none of it matters but his judgement against you, and then subsequent twisting of your arguments, and the funnest part of all, is the outright and repeated lying.

I mean, if this doesn't take the cake…

If they're silent on the issue, as most are with their absense on this thread then there's good reason to suspect.

See? Even if you don't show up to comment on a thread where racism is the topic, well, according to Don, the fact that you haven't yet commented on the thread, makes you a racist!!!!!

I mean, his list of community members just got longer!!!!!!


Obviously this Sheriff chose to not read from the social postings that likely occurred that he agreed with. If a black man would have shot and killed an unarmed white man, the black man would have been arrested immediately.

It is highly unlikely that racism wasn't in play at the point of that decision to let the murderer go free.


OK Let this Sheriff hear from you:

Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office
1233 Westbank Expressway
Harvey, LA 70058
Administration Mon-Fri 8:00 am-4:00 pm
Ph: 504-363-5500


If he was lucky enough to not have been murdered.


Jim Crow laws and Black Codes remain in the South...just peel back one thin layer and the pus pours forth. No, Sheriff there are laws to prevent the South from rising again, much to your consternation. Newell, step down and take your white hood home with you.


Expect racial incidents, tensions, hatred, and disturbances, to increase exponentially with the advent of Donald Trump's Presidency beginning January 20th, 2017.


I stood against the racism of Trump again and again and again, and I stood up for BLM again and again and again.

You are THE most dishonest and poison injecting person that I've ever witnessed in this community.

That someone can time and time again, make baseless accusations against someone of being one of the worst things a human being can be is definitely indicative of the personality of a sociopath.

CD it is time to ban this person from this community, for engaging in libel, over and over and over again.


If a guy shoots and kills an essentially unarmed person who wasn't physically attacking them, it seems to me they should be brought up on murder charges. Let it be sorted out in the trial.


Simple Litmus Test :

Would this have been the Police's decision had the positions been reversed.


You are a bald faced liar.


You are the most dishonest person I have ever encountered on this forum.


Gotten under my feathers?

Your weeks long personal quest to make me out to be a racist?