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Louvre Shuts Doors as Paris Gripped by Historic Flooding


Louvre Shuts Doors as Paris Gripped by Historic Flooding

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Paris's Louvre Museum is among the city's historic landmarks being shut on Friday as heavy rains caused the Seine River to swell to levels not seen in over three decades.

"I am really sorry, but we're closed today," one Louvre staffer told visitors, the Associated Press reports. "We have to evacuate masterpieces from the basement."


Climate change...global warming...NAH, say the climate change deniers leading the world into oblivion.


Sooner or later this will come up and in generalized conversation, heads will nod and coo that vast changes will have to made sooner or later...
so sorry we can't take your money to be a spectator today. please excuse us while we carry around our end of the dissociative framings of the understatements having to do with the traces of what we deem the best of the best of the intellectual and artistic journeys of people throughout the history of western "civilization".

And not a soul questions it.


No single event can be attributed to AGW with cetainty, but AGW is fully expected to, in most mid-latitude areas, increase the frequency of extreme temperature and heavy precipitation events and record-setting events. Record events are now happening with such frequency that it is not at all unreasonable in an informal setting to directly attribute a specific event to AGW, becasue statistically the probability of that meteorological event happening in the absence of AGW becomes very small.

To see how it works, go here and notice the totally lopsided relative frequencies of daily record high temperatures compared to daily record low temperatures set at stations throughout the USA. The extreme number of record-warm overnight low temperatures broken is the real smoking gun linking the cause to higher GHG's the atmosphere.