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'Love Affair' Continues as Former Sen. Landrieu Joins Keystone XL Lobby Firm


'Love Affair' Continues as Former Sen. Landrieu Joins Keystone XL Lobby Firm

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In another instance of the "revolving door" between business and politics, it was announced on Tuesday that former U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, who often distinguished herself as Democrat who openly supported the interests of the Big Oil, will be joining the lobbying firm Van Ness Feldman, which represents some of the industry's worst offenders.


Another example of billionaires paying off the lowly millionaires with their pocket change.

Mary, before you start toiling at your new job, why not take a nice vacation to India.


Another example of a DINO working for corporations all along. A DINO is a Democrat in Name Only also known as a Third Way Democrat, or as some call them, Turd Way Democrats


In the infamous words of Condolessa Rice, " Who could of imagined… Mary Landrieu was a Righty Wingnut ? " Oh, how about anyone who can successfully put their socks on, for starters. Tail Gunner Mary or Bloody Mary, as she’s known locally, never met a bomb she wouldn’t drop or and oil and gas well she wouldn’t inhale fumes from. The biggest " tell " was that after her defeat the For Sale sign in front of her home in D.C. was redone in large neon letters and a lighted stripper pole was added. Again, who could of imagined?


Just another example of a Democrat period. We’ve got to stop giving the Democratic Party a pass and look at what it has become since the DLC took over leadership and closed up shop. The DLC was so completely effective in selling out the Party’s base for corporate funding, good democrats are, or should be, in the process of abandoning ship. For this reader, there are no good Democrats or Republicans. Both Parties represent the People’s enemy. If a candidate/elected official represents either side of this political monopoly on power, then he/she can’t possibly represent me.


Just another enemy of the working class. Remember her. If you get a chance, drop a safe on her!


BiiiiIIiiiiIiiitch, please. You showin’ us your true colors, and you’re not beautiful.


Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your bank account grow?
With noxious smells, dead turtle shells,
And Indian corpses all in a row.