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'Love Conquers': Orlando Massacre Victims Mourned Worldwide


'Love Conquers': Orlando Massacre Victims Mourned Worldwide

Nika Knight, staff writer

From Singapore to Seattle, from Glasgow to San Francisco, mourners around the world held vigils on Monday for victims of the mass shooting that took place at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, this weekend.

Many of those grieving expressed a resolve to support and love each other, rather than be provoked into anger and hate.

"I will not distill my grief into hatred," read one person's hand-made placard at a vigil at Boston's City Hall Plaza.


"Orlando Massacre Victims Mourned Worldwide". Now, as for all those Arabs and Afghans the U.S. and its NATO allies have killed since the U.S./Brit invasion of Iraq, well I guess, "Victims [are not] Mourned Worldwide". Only Westerners like the French and Americans are "Mourned Worldwide".


Extraordinary that commenters here should take this opportunity to express their "more political than thou" views. Give respect. Donate blood. Donate funds. Support a community.


People should not be so selective about mourning. Dead people are dead people no matter who they are and no matter what the cause. The USA, UK & many other allies are causing endless wars in the ME & Afghanistan. Obama is causing endless drone strikes in many countries. There should be people in the West mourning for them & demanding an end to the wars & drone strikes.