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Love Is Always Hard


Love Is Always Hard

Charleston is standing strong. Thousands watched a horse-drawn carriage bearing the casket of state Sen. Clementa Pickney roll past the still-waving Confederate flag even as they vowed to counter a possible Westboro Church protest with a peaceful human wall protecting victims' families. Anonymous likewise told the haters they'd be shut down by cyber-attacks. But residents of the "city full of love" sent another message: "Enjoy your time here."


The point of other essays yesterday and today on CD, is that symbolic acts must be accompanied by real changes. Kudos to the Charleston council for that temporary injunction. How about a big show from the South Carolina state police and some US Marshalls joining the Charleston city police to enforce the injunction in a very obvious way.

It is probably not appropriate to call Westboro Baptist actions “terrorism”, but they are hate-filled, falsely accusative, actions that feed the minds of demented people. It would be appropriate to use the official agents of “maintaining law and order” and “protecting the people” to sideline their show. I speak as one who has been sidelined, billy-clubbed, and otherwise threatened while demonstrating for peace and justice.


The use of people peace walls to keep the haters at bay is a great development in this country. Keep up the good and thoughtful work.