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'Love Letter to Capitalism and War': Progressive Scorn Follows New York Times Endorsement

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/20/love-letter-capitalism-and-war-progressive-scorn-follows-new-york-times-endorsement

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If any were still sitting on the fence wondering if Elizabeth Warren indeed a Progressive, the blessing of the New York Times should remove any of those illusions.

She IS an establishment candidate. The endorsement of the NYT is because they know she will defend Wall Street, the 1 percent and the warfare state. If she was a threat to the 1 percent the NYT would never endorse her.

(One of my early clues as to whether Barack Obama genuine was when the mainstream media started to get on his bandwagon. As soon as the happened It made me suspect of Obama)


NYT Editorial Board: "On the subject of endorsing a Democratic Party candidate, we vote “Present.”


Our “paper of record” has been leading the way to perdition for a long time now.
Propaganda for the self-styled civilized and genteel demographic.


The editors did get one thing right with a bit of unintentional humor when they praised Warren as “a gifted storyteller.”


Established M$MBS outlets keep going the extra mile to make themselves even more ridiculous and irrelevant to human beings. Why does anyone ever listen to such crap, except to keep track of agitprop machine emissions? It’s just crap. Self-respecting people will get used to just switching it off – or else consulting crapmeisters only for unintentionally negative endorsements.


I’m with Greenwald. Who gives a $hit what the New York Times thinks. These are the lying SOBs that cheered for the Iraq war and have covered up for every corrupt politician and the crime bosses on Wall Street. The losers pick 2 losers. Meh.

Bernie 2020


Damning with faint endorsements? Sen. Warren ‘What can wrong offer you were elected
President?’ Warren says ‘I can only tell you what I will fight for?

Sen. Sanders ‘Will your age and health allow you to fulfill the duties of president if you were elected?’ (I can’t remember the exact wording). Sander’s (supposedly) says ‘just watch me’ but it doesn’t even sound like his voice imo. In any case it is repeating a repub talking point against voting for him.

The TV spot is casting doubt and in fact publicizing doubts to a larger audience.

I didn’t see Klobuchar in the earliest TV ads though I did see her in the later ones.

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The NYT and Washington Post should have sex and then name their bass turd child “The National Enquirer II”!


My question is: Why isn’t she among the “also-rans”?!
She has nothing but status quo and platitudes to offer.


It is “always worth remembering,” [McKibben] added, “that the NYT editorial board slammed MLK when he came out against the Vietnam War.”

And it’s always worth remembering how the NYT pushed us into the war with Iraq.

Now the NYT is steadfastly opposing Bernie.

The NYT: Consistently dangerously wrong. Consistently working overtime for the overclass.


New York Times, washington post, msnbc, cnn are all rated as government news by the young people both over there on the east coast and here within fly over lands.

Looking back over the past 140 years - when has a newspaper been liberal?
Only the union weeklies, as I remember.


They couldn’t make up their minds because they don’t know who Biden might pick as veep yet.


And this little gem from the Pentagon on the benefits bestowed to Iraq:

“At this time, there are no plans by the US military to withdraw from Iraq,” Assistant to the Secretary of Defense Jonathan Rath Hoffman told reporters at a press briefing, RT reported.

“And I think it’s been obvious… that the consensus in Iraq seems to be that the United States forces there are a force for good,” he added.

The official also stated that “the US presence in the country is beneficial to Iraq” and that it “will continue to lead to increased security and prosperity for the Iraqi people”.

Does anyone outside the war department or congress believe these lies?


Exact quotations from the “five o’clock follies” in Vietnam war days.


Surprise, Surprise.

The NY Times endorses Klobuchar & Warren 2 Republican ladies pretending to be Democrats.

If either of their endorsed candidates wins the nomination the Times can continue raking in millions of dollars of advertising dollars from the Pharmaceutical Industry, because these ladies endorse the For Profit Private Insurance Companies, Obama Care.

The only problem for the Greedy selfish Times is that We The People are going to put an end to the Profiteers in the Health Care Racket who have profited from swindling the public and taking their homes when they could not afford the exorbitant medical bills.

Thank you to the NY Times for your unethical immoral endorsement, it clearly shows that you do not give a fig about the Health Coverage of the vast majority of the American People, you only care about the Advertising Dollar$ the Drug Companies contribute to your bank account every year.



Hmmmm. Must be why the Iraqi government has asked the u.s. to leave more than once and, I might add, been told to pound sand.
(No pun intended)
Imagine a foreign military in the u.s. and refusing to leave. Yeah…that would fly.


Just check out the inner cities. BLM.


Point taken…

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Once again, let’s stop referring to people like Klobachar, Biden, Buttigieg, or even Warren, as “centrists”. The current “center” of the democratic electorate want single payer, want Green new deal, want legal marijuana, want a woman’s right to choose to be sacrosanct, want the rich to be taxed, and the corporate to be regulated. They want the wars to stop.
By that definition, the only “centrist” candidate running is Bernie Sanders. The rest need to be called out for what they are,