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'Love Not War' Chants Disrupt Ex-CIA Chief at Democratic Convention


'Love Not War' Chants Disrupt Ex-CIA Chief at Democratic Convention

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Former CIA director and defense secretary Leon Panetta's speech at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) on Wednesday night was interrupted by chants of "No more war!"

According to news reports, as Panetta dug into Hillary Clinton rival Donald Trump, delegates from Oregon, California, and Washington state broke into cries of "No more war!" and "Lies!"


But our uncritical militarism is more liberal than their uncritical militarism!


From the article: " "I don't understand how being pro-peace is anti-Hillary," she said."

Oh to be so innocent. Being pro-peace is being anti-Hillary, and the reason is because Hillary is all about 'liberal intervention'---war by any other name. Hillary is an aggressive hawk who'll likely have the planet engaged in World War III, that is provided Obama doesn't get us there first.

If you're pro-peace, the Democratic convention is the wrong place to be.
Here's to peace. Here's to electing Dr Jill Stein.


Another foreign policy clone, this time the head of the CIA, the head of any President's private army. Some of the political/foreign policy cancer has grown out the birth of this agency that gave each and every president since 1947/48 a private army to carry out covert warfare/regime change wherever the budding MIC desired. It is absolutely outrageous and totally contradictory to any "democratic system" of government. (I am well aware we are not a, "Democracy" as abiding by the popular narrative, but a Republic with "democratic processes"). Then President Harry Truman who signed what if I remember correctly was, NSD 68, later said it was one of the worst mistakes he made as president. The later Church Commission, grouped in mid 1970's gives a more jaded look into the then short history of the CIA, and is caustic to say the least.
Leon Panetta turned from a decent human being into another political tool for the MIC.
The CIA is still the private army of any president. The Congressional oversight is very narrow indeed; most of the Congress/Senate hasn't a clue as to what is going on and not allowed to. These are the actions of a "Republic", not a "Democracy"....so I guess we are being true to our roots.


This mild protest during Panetta's speech was an important reminder that there are many in the Democratic Party who will support Hillary only because she is not Trump - and not because they are giving her a blank check for more and more war. For one, I deeply regret the fact that Hillary is now the only alternative to the aspiring dictator, Trump. Even voting for Stein, as I had hoped to do, is no longer a moral option if it helps Trump to take power.

Once in office, there is little doubt that Trump would quickly find excuses, Erdogan-style, to launch mass arrests of all those already identified by the NSA and other agencies as leftists or otherwise troublemakers. The German communists and socialists who would not collaborate to stop Hitler in 1933 were the first ones sent to concentration camps.


There is nothing shameful at all with protest. It's about time these chicken hawk get an earful. Time and again, they have led us into wars with no end and no winning scenario. Frankly, it's pretty clear we have a bunch of rank amateurs running the show and Putin has outsmarted then every step of the way. Trump starts looking better and better every day next to these useless tools. My God, I can't' believe I actually said that.


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The main arm of the Democratic Party is looking increasingly like the main arm of the Republican Party (sans Trump...whose party is actually the Trump Party) And we know it will be a war administration...not a love administration. Panetta & Hillary are prologue. If we continue on this course: Military, transport, global trade, air travel, not keeping fossil fuels in the ground, fracking, TPP within five years we have sealed our fate. http://www.commondreams.org/news/2016/07/27/scorching-global-temps-astound-climate-scientists


It is also worth remembering that the conservatives in Germany worked in coalition with the Nazis.
Which historical comparison do you think fits the Democrats better?


I have a great idea! And if everyone would do it, we could throw this election completely into the cocked hat where it belongs. Don't vote for either Clinton or Trump. Vote Green or Libertarian, or write in a name, Putin, Saunders, your corner grocer, whatever. Just imagine it. We keep being told that we have no option, that we are going to have to vote for either Trump or Clinton. But no we don't have to do that!!! What would happen if a fed-up electorate voted for neither? Pie in the sky? Impossible to achieve? Not if, between now and November a massive campaign to do just this was launched.


Party unity ?

Not gonna happen !



Zinn would have been proud. As would have Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Lennon.......and anyone else who has inhabited this planet and gave a shit.


Well, let's see:
emails that show that the party leadership was out to do whatever it took to crush the Sanders candidacy.
voicemails tha show the DNC soliciting money by pimping access for a sizable enough donation ($27 does not count!)
A pro-business VP choice.
Leon Panetta (a rent-a bureaucrat if ever there was one) as a speaker.

So how long will those inspired by the Sanders candidacy keep deluding themselves that there is any hope of reforming the Democratic party?

Isn't one Dumbya Bush enough?


JFK, Bobby Kennedy, MLK Jr. to name some more prominent examples.


The tube was on but we can only stand so much, and when Panetta's dour face came on we muted it, and ignored it. Didn't see or hear this. There was no indication by propagandists at PBS that it had even occurred. In the midst of the mostest ever progressive convention the Democratic Party faithful chant USA, USA. So now, it is not just the professional political class of this rotten party that I'm dissociating myself from, but from their drone-like grunts.

Zombie nation.


Is it any wonder that we feel we have no place in the party of the "Democrats"?


Remember what MLK said: "I knew that I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today, my own government." Would he too have been met with cries of "USA. USA."?


I keep hearing in the news that Hillary will use her speech tonight to try to convince undecided voters and Bernie supporters why she is worth voting for, instead of the usual, "yay us, Trump's bad, I'm gonna win!"

Maybe this means she has hired goons to escort from the arena anyone who says anything embarrassing, like "no war."


Neo-Face Trump or Neo-Liberal Hillary? empirePie

July 26th, 2016

A bad cop worser cop twister
sucked up the juice of the non-entity led empire
with US as the host, hosing all for another false
democracy at it’s red white and blue best meet
a festive mess, a quartered tryst

Say perhaps Donald & Hillary could have a tryst
they could do it in a doomsday shelter
along with the ‘feel the bern’ prods of those horsemen
of the true profits too un mench to give up the proceeds of the bench at $27 minutes to midnight.

Will the tack go in?
for those who have the goods and know a map for it’s territory with the promise of another wall hard & or virtual and another hardened silo yawning for an ending dawn.

Or ………. a bad cop good cop ……. could roll a Stein away from the button that Hillary and Theresa may be too willing to push for the good of the rapture now; a moneyed incentive that makes derivatives look like the glass behind Stegal or Steal

As the empire blunders along and democracy sings it’s last song


Presume Glen Greenwald comments were sarcasm?

But Panetta is another example of how our government has LONG been infiltrated
by military/CIA. Panetta served in Congress a long time before he was appointed
Director of CIA. Basically, two years before the end of WWII, arrangements were
being made to move the Gestapo here to the US as the CIA . . .
to move our free press into the hands of CIA-journalists, and to run CIA operations
to keep right wing governments in place wherever we had the control or influence
to do it -- even to the extent of resurrecting the Mafia in Italy in order to keep liberals

See: Operation Mockingbird --
Operation Paperclip: -- possibly as many as 200,000 ex Nazis.
Operation Gladio --