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Love Prevails! Gay Marriage is the Law in America


Love Prevails! Gay Marriage is the Law in America

Mark Morford

Antonin Scalia is furious, of course, attacking everyone and everything, including Justice Kennedy’s writing style, hippies, California and fortune cookies. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is puffing out his scrawny white male chest, wailing for a Constitutional amendment.


“Meanwhile, love prevails. The last civil right has been vindicated.
America, once again and just for a glorious, fleeting moment, lurches
just a little more forward. Praise Jesus and pass the rainbow glitter.”

Hahahahaha! If the Markster is still around twenty years from now, I wonder what he will think of the drive for equal rights for pedophiles (sex with children) and interspecies unions (more commonly known as bestiality). Utterly impossible, it’s not the same thing, will never happen, you say?! That’s what they said about legalizing homosexual marriage fifty years ago. Each step down the road of giving legal standing by the government to aberrant sexual behavior leads to yet another more outrageous step in that direction by those who want “equal rights”.
Eventually the society that walks down this path far enough will end up as did Sodom. (those of you who think that Sodom is some fairy tale–no pun intended!–made up to scare homosexuals take a look at this:



I am eightyone, if I have not seen everything, certainly I have seen most of it. This marriage equality law overlooks some very important beliefs and emotions.Speaking for myself, I entered into “Holy Matrimony”, a union between a man and a women, under Gods law, the holy scriptures and the teachings of The Lord Jesus Christ, to go forth and multiply, all clearly enunciated in the New Testament. This new law places all of that in the dustbin of history, it seeks to re-write the Bible, it panders to the un-natural, it totally degrades the holy institution of marriage, and belief in it , into something ugly and grotesque. We have come to a place in history, wherin normal and natural, in the accepted sense of the words, has been stood on it’s head, with no thought or reference to folk like me, that also hold deeply held principles and beliefs to be sancrosanct; that is no longer possible in this new world, this slough of despond, idiocy, and manifest degradation that now prevails.

The foregoing is just a small part of what I want to say.

The other part is this; it is perfectly obvious that all kinds of deviance and homosexuality is a huge and growing development among the human race. We may argue as to the reason for it, is it because we have allowed our minds and emotions to run amuck, to become degraded and weak, to be uncontrolled,much like a jelly on the plate? Or is it a phase development that the human race has no control over, and therefore is to be recognised for what it is?

If the latter, then the correct answer should have been to pass a law recognising homosexual relationships as a partnership contract, for that is what they need, in order to qualify them for all the various entitlements they are denied. I, for one, have no problem with that.

This new law has given homosexuals a veneer of recognition to which they are not entitled, and at the same time it causes the complete destruction of all my cherished, and the worlds believers of christianity, cherished and honoured custom and the very foundations upon which we have built our lives.

To the extent the Christian churches accept Homosexual relationships, to that extent they too have lost their way, Christian churches have taken it upon themselves to re-write the word of God, they make themselves twisted and arrogant, they can no longer be trusted to safeguard the human and holy spirit.

This change undermines the whole basis of belief and christianity, and it will not strengthen the mind and morals of the human race.

The word and meaning of love is also used excessively; what we call love, but is really physical attraction, the basis of which is lust, is the human invention of love and speaks human to human, it is limited to that; real love, the love that Jesus Christ proffessed for us, is something altogether different, deeper and more meaningful. If you are one that can discern the difference, you will also understand much of what is said in this post.