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Love Squashes Hate and Clashes Break Out as Virginia Declares State of Emergency


Where do you come up with your horseshit? Do you have a secret stable stash?
The militia came in very early, conferred with the police and then joined the Alt-Right/Neo-Nazi/KKK rally for the lynching rehearsals and sign-spelling accuracy tests. The other groups were not open carrying high-powered, semi-automatic, scoped AR-15s. And, free speech rallies are a figleaf, false flag KKK rhetorical hoodwinking, of sorts. It’s a bunch of horseshit propagated by Neo-Fascist elements inside the T-Party, et al.


So counterproductive. What’s your point?


What’s counterproductive about it? What’s your point? Mine was quite clear to anyone who can read.


His false eqivalencies are pure agitprop. He says the antifa fought, but Dems were honoring the KKK and the Bill of Rights, by supporting the rally?
Come on, here. That’s some silly ass spin, there.
There was only side today in Ch’ville. The people opposing the Alt-Right/Neo-Nazi/KKK are heroes in my book. The gun nuts have a right in Virginia to rally with those weapons. However, they have no real claim to be humans.


“Racism is a mental illness”. Yes and sadly it’s a taught mental illness.


What does the hell this have to do with these fascist thugs?


Nobody is right if everybody is wrong


I can read your pointing the finger for this at those who refused to vote for would-be queen Hillary.

So absurd an example of grasping at straws.
This protest is about removal of a statue.
Did BernieBros have something to do with that?


It a not a “reasonable statement”. He said NOTHING to condemn the racists - only vague false equivalencies about “hate”.


Bernie Bros helped elect Trump and Trump is a fascist, and has emboldened these fascists. The Bernie Bros provided Trump with the margins he needed to win the close states.


Your “equivalence” is complete nonsense.


You continue to be willfully ignorant. Bernie Bros is absolutely a smear, no different than " faxxot ". Why do you persist? You sound like the gatekeepers on MSNBC. Hillary lost nearly 5 million votes because she, and her husband, pandered to the Bubbas of the world. They’re really phonier than Trump, in certain measurable ways. Hillary was, and still is, a shill for the elites.


That is a concern of mine as well. Since when is an armed mob a good idea?


Absolutely reactionary.

Are liberals??



Define liberal. I’m using it to mean the left side of the classic bipoloar political spectrum. If you don’t think Robespierre or Lenin were leftists, then you should probably try reading them.

Also, that blog you linked to is ridiculous. The guy claims that psychologists have proven that conservative thinking is inherently irrational, then he quotes them:

“People embrace political conservatism (at least in part) because it serves to reduce fear, anxiety and uncertainty; to avoid change, disruption and ambiguity; and to explain, order and justify inequality among groups and individuals.”

Notice how there is nothing irrational about that.

Conservatives like order. That’s not irrational. Liberals like change. That’s not irrational, either.

Pointing to these fascist thugs and saying “SEE LOOK WHAT CONSERVATIVES ARE LIKE!” is no fucking different from conservatives looking at dynamite throwers and saying “SEE LOOK WHAT LIBERALS ARE LIKE”.


Here’s an illustration.

Two siblings, Conny and Larry, go to the park to fly a kite. They bring a kite that used to belong to their dad.

When they get to the park, there’s a bunch of other kids flying kites too. Some of them are pretty high, some of them can’t get off the ground, others keep crashing.

After some practice, Conny and Larry they get their kite flying. It flies pretty high! It’s stable and it works.

Larry says “Hey! I bet if we take that kite apart and rebuild it, we can fly even higher and go even faster!”

Conny says “I dunno, this is the only kite we’re familiar with. What if we mess up and the kite crashes? We won’t be able to rebuild it like this!”

Larry says “No! It will be great! The kite we have is hardly any fun at all! It can be SO MUCH better! We can add an extra tail to it, and we can make the wings bigger!”

Conny looks around and says “I don’t know Larry, none of the other kids’ kites are flying any higher than ours…”

Get it? Is Conny right or is Larry right? Conny is skeptical of their capacity to rebuild the kite they inherited and is afraid of the consequences of taking it apart to build a worse kite. Larry sees the flaws in the current kite and is excited by the potential for improvement.

So who’s right?


Which reminds me of one of my most favorite bumper stickers from the 1970’s which read:
No one’s right if no one’s left.


"I cannot trust a man to control others who cannot control himself. "
Robert E. Lee


For David Duke he did not say the right thing. It was like Trump did not come through for the KKK. Maybe Bannon wasn’t in Bedminster to keep him on the alt-right message. Trump may tweet something tonight to make sure his base knows he is on their side.


the most important issue for our times is how do you break the power of big business and their collusion with government. Wait isn’t that fighting fascism?