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'Low As It Gets,' Says NBA Coach in Searing Takedown of 'Soulless Coward' Trump


'Low As It Gets,' Says NBA Coach in Searing Takedown of 'Soulless Coward' Trump

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"To lie about how previous presidents responded to the deaths of soldiers" is "beyond the pale," Popovich said


The anti-Trump hysteria is getting way beyond pathetic. The establishment Republicans and corporatist Democrats already tore up the social contract in the US. It is dead. The mainstream political debate consists of nothing but heaping new lies on top of a mountain of lies. It is now everyone for themselves. The worst Trump can do is abuse the corpse of what they killed. The current hysteria about Trump resembles the murderers screaming and crying about what the weird guy is doing to the corpse of someone they murdered.

On a related note, I think that if the human race is to survive for the long term, it cannot be with a strong US. So if Trump is weakening the US, particularly in foreign relations, that is a good thing, however inadvertent that may be.


Soulless Coward + Pathological Liar = Trump


What’s beyond the pale are those politicians who have sent soldiers to foreign lands to fight and die in countries that posed no threat to the US. Those are the “Soulless Cowards.”


So it’s all good for Trump to be an asshole then. And it sounds like none of us should bother voting or staying engaged. What an awesomely “progressive” thing to do.


where you from boy? you ain’t from round here is ya now?


Pieces of shit don’t normally care if they are pieces of shit…and when is it that we start setting up the guillotines?


THIS MORNING??? And I want the first one on the WH lawn so we can start with that gauche, disgusting, retarded PRICTATOR! And then of course … I want world peace.


Nails it, doesn’t he? Especially the closing. Those who support and work with him should feel shame.

Shame–that lost, wandering sensation. Where is it?


This is the second time that I have read comments on Trump by Popovich and he has been as blunt and on target as anyone in describing why Trump is unfit to be president. It is so plainly obvious but still every time Trump shows how unfit he is it needs to be called out. Popovich and Charles Blow of the NY Times may be the best at laying out exactly who Trump is and why he should not be president.


And we all know who he’s talking about there … ‘our’ flokking elected terrorists (I would even go so far as to say it is both parties – remember how both Schumer and Pelosi have poo-pooed the idea of impeaching the retard/dotard)!


The anti-capitalists have their agenda. But I think it is grave mistake to avoid criticizing Trump just to keep pushing this agenda. There is time and place for anti-capitalists rants but when Trump makes the type of remarks that he did that is not the time and place. Trump is an extremely dangerous person who threatens western democracies and that needs to be addressed, not excused simply because Republicans and Democrats are also not anti-capitalists.


could not have said it better myself. now is the time to SPEAK OUT LOUD WHEREVER WE GO. As for the “other democracies” just which are you referring to. the more Europe and other places vote, the more we see authoritarian right wingers taking over. a world-wide exhibition of hate the “other”.


You’d think even Trump’s “supporters” would get a glimmer now and then that he lies pathologically for puny reasons.


I agree. Mounting criticism will not change his words or behavior, but it will send a message to his base, that this is unacceptable to the great majority, and we will not quietly accept it as the "new normal.


Lots of people have this opinion of Trump. Why is it that the Nation thinks his views are more interesting or articulate than anybody else? Why is it headline material for Common Dreams?

I think this guy should have more disdain for people who voted for Trump - it isn’t like he was an unknown quantity before he ran for president. I guess people wanted the bull in the china shop, if so they got it (I’m still hoping a big part of the china shop will be the Republican Party which has outlived its usefulness since ending slavery).


Each time a public figure makes a public statement about the unftness of Trump to be president, the comments need to place the consequences of his presence in identifiable context, otherwise they are simply pissing into the wind. Unless and until these cite elements of context of life in these United States, such as the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, which serve to conflate societal governance with the predictably usurious swings of predatory capitalism, we can all sing a chorus of flappy doodle.

Corporate abuses have shifted into overdrive because the system is tanking from the aggregate consequences of impacts from the very same. With the ass end being swung by patently destructive financialization under globalization of the Milton Friedman/Chicago gang usurpation of GOOD FAITH participation, it must once again be said that the voice of Noam Chomsky is not alone in citing the profile of “schizophrenic” . The systemic abuses include our men and women in uniform, people who have contributed to society throughout their lives and have their pensions sucked dry by criminal activity that goes unarrested (in every sense); or invaluable agricultural families being poisoned and mowed under by transnational agribusiness that is responsible for commensurate degradation of health as GMO commodity delivery in the name of “profit”; our food system in shambles thanks to the demonization of regional balances under the rubric of some twisted notion of “socialism”… the list is now endless and circular in its unsustainably demonic demands and distortions.

The empire is falling and seems, despite any claim to the contrary, so devoid of conscience, empathy and regenerative elements as to be subject to the laws of physics when carefully observed through the smoke and mirrors.


Maybe a small percentage, but many (if not most) Americans can’t distinguish truth from truthiness. Kurt Andersen’s book Fantasyland* traces this gullible mindset all the way back to Jamestown in 1607, founded by delusional goldbugs - then the kooky religious sect that landed in Plymouth. Ultra-Puritans, Pentecostals, Mormons, Christian Scientists, Scientologists - America practically owns the monopoly on kooky religious sects… then the “new age” re-emphasized that we’re all entitled to any truth which catches our fancy.

*The Atlantic printed an article adapted from Andersen’s book.


Really can’t add to his statement, it pretty much says it all about our fuehrer.


That a number of people still continue to follow this mindless blowhard Trump is appalling, though perhaps not surprising. Of course, many who believe his lies and can’t even accept that they are lies when the truth stares them in the face, also take the Bible literally.