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Low Turnout, but Free, Elections in Venezuela Are a Blow to Regime Change

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/10/low-turnout-free-elections-venezuela-are-blow-regime-change

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The US is a fraudulent nation along with World Bank, IMF who produce worse outcomes for developing nations. The US goes around the world sanctioning nations peoples, humanitarian destruction.


Another of Trump’s and Pompeo’s “targets for Regime Change” shows the world that the United States of Warmongers haven’t the right to affect other nation’s right to self-determination.

It is stupid to think that the campaign of maximum pressure is only Trump’s.

The democrats - including Biden - have insisted that the usurper Guido is the

only legitimate president. This recent election has been slammed by the bipartisan

corruption known as the government of the USA.

Pointing mainly at Trump is to deliberately NOT see the bipartisan, elephantine vileness

of the US.


When I first read low turnout, I thought it meant our typically pathetic 55% numbers in the US (though for 2020 we hit a new peak of 66% of eligible voters ~https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/elections/voter-turnout/)

But 31%? That is really low. Doesn’t paint a great picture and does beg for more examination on why so many people can’t or don’t’ want to vote. I’m not saying it begs for us to do anything about it, but it is worth understanding.

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“Venezuela managed to survive the Trump administration’s maximum pressure.”

Unfortunately, Venezuela will look back on the Trump years as a piece of cake compared to what Biden will be dishing out. I hope the people of Venezuela can prevail but the odds are stacked against them. Biden wants the oligarchy who ruled Venezuela for 200 years back in power and unlike Trump, he has lots of successful experience managing regime change.


Per the article:
Gasoline shortage due to sanctions
Compared internationally this year the 33% is pretty much on par with many other nations included the USA. In USA the 66% voter turn out is based on registered voters, not on total population and many USA citizens are not registered. In Venezuela almost every adult is registered.


Some good points. But that 66% number stated by Washington Post is “As a share of the voting-eligible population”

On Biden and regime change - yes, I would be worried if I were in Venezuela. Hopefully for them, his intuition about Libya (don’t overthrow) will prevail here in this case, but I wouldn’t count on it.

As the article mentions, there was a partial opposition boycott of the elections. This accounts for some of the low turnout. The opposition also boycotted the previous election, which returned Maduro to power. The US uses this fact to call the elections a “sham” and illegitimate.

I had only skimmed before, but just reread. Some interesting points, and I like the election method. This part should have been worded differently thought:

After polls close, the digital vote count is compared to a random sampling of at least 54% of the ballot boxes (a figure that is higher than necessary to have a statistically significant result).

That is not enough information to judge the statistical reliability. What percentage of votes in each ballot box chosen are counted? (I can’t imagine it’s 100% or you may already 1/2 way toward a full manual count). Are the ballot boxes roughly equal size or are some much bigger than others (in which case you have to verify you captured a significant number of those - imagine a worst case of 100 ballot boxes and 3 contain 90% of the votes but these 3 didn’t show up in any of the 54% of chosen boxes). Also saying statistically significant is relative. Say what the 2 sigma margin of error is or something.

I still think this needs to be better understood - basically that’s a lot of factors listed as possible reasons - how much did the boycott cause? In the extreme, if the boycott was 51% of the vote, you have to wonder what the hell they were thinking - did they not think if they all voted for a single candidate (I assume all boycotters are mostly thinking alike), they wouldn’t have won? Or were boycotters 20% of the missing electorate?

I’ve always thought boycotting elections was moronic. If you are in a truly corrupt country in the world somewhere, better to all vote and then claim fraud (if it really exists). But I guess it makes sense if you are actually a small effect and can masquerade as a bigger effect assuming that’s what happened here.

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The party that made the most gains, the socialist, true Bolivarian, PSUV, who think Maduro has strayed too far right and conceded too many gains won during the Chavez’ presidency.

It’s good to read an article that tells the truth about Venezuela instead of the claptrap and BS slung by the media and politicians. How can anyone be surprised by low turnout when a major player boycotts the election? This is ridiculous, as is the refusal of the EU to monitor the election. Their electoral system certainly appears to be superior to ours. Also ridiculous: fantasy president Guaido. That’s as bad as Trump saying he won the election–pure crap.


It is amazing to see this country push back against the US, the EU and other countries in Latin America. And win!! If the opposition parties were really intent on defeating Maduro, they should have fielded 1 candidate who would have shown Venezuelans a future that exceeds what Maduro is showing them. The same thing happened in the last election in Venezuela. Only 1 candidate ran while the rest boycotted the election.

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The chicanery that goes on here is off the wall.

This like someone telling all Republicans in the US to Boycott the elections and when the Democrats win they claim fraud because the Republicans lost. Duhhhhhhh?

Maduro needs to quit f@$%ing around with Guido and his fellow traitors, and arrest and execute them by firing squad for the insurrection and treason they have been committing for the past four years. He and they are nothing but CIA planted thugs in support of the international corporatocracy that is pissed that they can’t have their way with the country’s oil reserves. I hope Biden would ease off on the open and bald-faced coup attempts of the Trump years, but as much as the Democrats disgustingly applauded Guido’s appearance at the SOTU address, with Pelosi leading the ovation, that might be a faint hope. I watched the crawler on CNN last weekend tell total lies about the election and how it was a rigged sham by a Communist dictator to illegitimately stay in power - and that was from their media “watchdog” show Reliable Sources!


-You boycott the election because you know you can’t win.
-The US is lecturing Venezuela on elections while 18 states say don’t count the votes of minorities in 5 states???
-Do people grasp what the American people have done to the people of Venezuela-----just about all credit has stopped----England stole their gold—USA stole their gas stations------the count was 40,000 dead from USA sanctions two years ago------and now we are in a pandemic.

Both parties support this murder starvation of children-----and for the American people to plead ignorance is BULLSHIT!


Amen the unbelievablely low turnout is worth examining; its something the writer of this article chose to skim over. Its seems the writer has the hopes of uplifting the Chavista-Cuban murder kleptocracy that has been raping and plundering Venezuela for the past 20 years to the point of killing their own country :confused:
If the US is the root of all evil, then what do you call what has been happening in La Tumba in Caracas? Birthday parties?!?
Anyone else would call it murder, death by torture and rape.

What kind of sick publication holds up and heralds the Cuban-Chavista murder kleptocracy?!?
Definitely not a Venezuelan or Cuban.
Shame on this writer for referring to Maduro and Chavez as anything more than a murdering, torturing, hundreds-of-billions-stealing narco trafficking kleptocracy.
This writer is speaking as if the Cuban advisors, Cuban G2 and elite Chavistas have absolutely ANYTHING to be proud of since Maduro was given the Venezuelan presidency in 2013.
The writer of this article is kinda pathetic for upholding a war criminal like Maduro for using food as a means of manipulating an already pathetic voter turnout.

No. What a gringo thing to say; comparing anything political in Venezuela to anything happening in the US is laughable.
Venezuelan currently has a narco trafficking murder organization pretending to front as a government.
You could argue the US is the same but on steroids, although we don’t have torture centers. Venezuela currently doesn’t have a legitimate Supreme Court. And now the legislative branch is now a ghost ship of bought-off “opposition” and Chavista enchufados.
Anyone here blaming the US for Venezuela’s demise need to look no further than the beginning of the end vía Chavez when the entire oil sector of the Venezuelan economy revolted against Chavez and the internal Cuban-Russia coup against the Venezuelan people.

yeah, right. This why Maduro beat Guaido handily in internationally observed elections. You are much like those people that showed up here claiming Morales was not supported by the [people of Bolivia.

The US in fact proscribed sanctions against Venezuela. This is not a fiction.

You are yet another of those offended at the fact that POOR people in Venezuela are voting to office people that the middle class and rich do not like because the rich feel their positions threatened. You are another of those, just as in Bolivia who feels the descendants of the whites that Colonized that Country should hold all Political power and the amount of political power held should be based on skin color.

Now of a sudden the Chavistas , who are comprised of the Countries poor are “elitists”?

Who the fuck cares about “the Oil sector” ? Are you suggesting the Corporations should dictate policy ?

If Wal Mart in the USA were to revolt against a minimum wage of 15 dollars in the USA you would be claiming Wal Marts demands as more important then a livable minimum wage? …

Oh and as a matter of fact it is that close US ally Colombia that is the centre of the drug trade from Latin America. It is Colombia that sends out right wing hit squads to murder poor people in the Countryside. Odd that they remain such close friends with the US Government which in fact by its own admittance engages in that same drug trade, so your “narco-trafficking” Government charges fall rather flat.

Take your fascist nonsense elsewhere.

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