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Lower Than the World

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/08/04/lower-world-1


Oh thanks for the chuckle. Since I don’t “do” or have a tele I would have missed the incrimination and humor of this interview.

Whenever someone asks, “Is Trump really that stupid?,” Trump proves that he is.
And in the good ole USA, close to 40% of us think Trump’s a genius.

Put that on the nation’s tombstone.


Possibly a Rebirth of Journalism by a Young Intelligent Rationalist?

There is indeed a Silver Lining to the Storm Clouds.

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I keep waiting for a comedian to adopt a tRump persona in the style of a marionette , all gestures with the jerk of the strings of the “donors” (yuppers … donating their social organs to this frankenstein monster) . Oh please … any comedian out there … please steal this treasure trove!

There a whole pile of people that cast ballots that rather prefer a stupid man as their President.

This because it “proves” to them that anyone can be President and that no matter how stupid that voter his, he/she might make high office themselves one day or become a “billionaire”.


When voters shout “Keep government away from my Medicare” we must acknowledge that we must “never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”. I am not a psychologist, so I do not understand the complete disconnect between people who receive government benefits and their hateful opinions of OTHER people who receive government benefits. In a conversation with a client for whom I had helped obtain disability benefits, he stated, without any sense of irony, that he really hated people who were “parasites” living off government benefits. When I pointed out that he was getting government disability benefits (which he deserved) he just could not grasp that he was in the same class as all those he hated. HE deserved them. Others, not so much. I guess that lots of people will vote for anyone they believe they can understand, even if it means cutting their own throats.


I had heard, of course, read about, the colored charts, but I had no idea we were talking about anything as simplistic as that shown in the picture. He really is a laughing stock. Imagine, holding up an image of colored stacking blocks and sideways too. What about gravity? Sorry, but I think I have lost it, along with the entire human species.

Somebody, please tell me that’s a deep fake of a chart.

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As we’re in a race to the Crony Caputalist bottom here, let us check where the Roy Cohn client-in-chief, namely Donald got his governing playbook for ‘commanding global attention.’ Top or bottom this:

Mel Brooks created Get Smart and the wondrous high tech gadgets of the inheritors to James Bond, and even the scientists and inventors at CONTROL’s workshop couldn’t top Bibi, although the malfunctioning CONE OF SILENCE comes close: KAOS’s MISTER BIG MUST BE STOPPED!

The portable Cone of Silence wasn’t designed at APPLE or NOKIA either…

Fortunately our Secret Service is now armed by the finest of Dr Windish’s products for cases such as CODE MAGENTA:

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I taught Pre-K in the mid-80s/early 90s, and the 4 & 5 yr old students in MY class showed far more intelligence. That’s…scary!



Yeah, I worked for Social Security for 30 years, and not a day passed that some asshole told me he didn’t like the Other People taking money out of his pocket through government benefits. Or that, because I worked for the Feds, I was a parasite. It was really bad after the Murrah Building bombing; we had hate mail and phone calls daily for several weeks afterwards. And every one had to be investigated. I was the liaison between the building security and local, state, and federal agencies. I was taken off regular duties to deal with these issues.
Out there in bright red rural Amerikkka, where they get some kind of government payment daily, as a Federal worker, I might as well have worn a bullseye on my back. Finally told my family to fuck off after one particularly nasty holiday get-together, where they ragged me once too often. I do have a degree in Jungian psychology, and this is a split between the individual and The Other. It manifests when a culture has no feeling of connection with others, where the individual is all. If someone else has problems, well, it’s their own damned fault.(basis of Economic Liberty and the GOP). You literally cannot reason or use logic in these cases.
As for Trump-this is your brain. This is your brain in tertiary syphilis after years and years of refusing to wear a raincoat while humping anything that’s available. Wear a condom! (and a mask.)


I know a guy who runs a check cashing operation. Most of the people who use his “service” are black, and are there to cash government checks. He has become wealthy charging premiums to cash those checks. He HATES the people who cash those checks, has nothing good to say about a single one of them. They are all lazy, shiftless (insert any racist notion that comes to mind) deadbeats with their hands in HIS pockets. First, he cannot see that it is HE who has HIS hands in THEIR pockets, and that those poor folks certainly are not going to become wealthy off of him. Second, he has no concept of the fact that those government benefits have put the food on his and his family’s table, put a roof over their heads, and have made him wealthy. He should be grateful that poor people cash their checks at his place of business, grateful for everything those people have provided to him and his family for all those years. Instead, he gripes and hates. He is the GOP in a nutshell. To paraphrase, “It is what it is.”


FYI, the link below is to a Vox article that has a link to the full interview, in case you’re still interested. Axios is carried by HBO. I don’t have premium cable, either.


Love the photo of Netanyahu with the sophisticated graphic. Give him a pencil mustache and a black fedora and he’ll soon be “plotting beeg trubble for moose and squarrel” . . .



I’m glad you appreciate the production values of Bibi’s presentation pitching other nations go to war with Iran. One cannot underestimate the razzle dazzle value of high quality SFX when making a power point presentation to the Community of Nations or the U.S. Congress in trying to get other countries soldiers to put boots on the ground in Central Asia.

This so soon after the 2003 decade long plunder of U.S. Treasury by invading and occupying the Arab Nation of Iraq, perhaps the most brutal anti-Islamist regime in the world after Islamist terrorists funded by Washington’s close ally in terror, the Saudi Royal Family planned and operated the 9-11-01 coordinated attacks on our Homeland.

Especially where the CIA already has a history via Operation Ajax of overthrowing one of Iran’s early democratically elected leaders back in the 1950’s, see under “Overthrow of Prime Minister [Mohammad Mosaddegh]”(ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohammad_Mosaddegh) Mossadeq."

While I have loads of economic policy and Justice Department critiques of Obama-Biden and their cabinet loaded with Wall Street’s apex predators and making Neo-Liberal E-CON Godfather Larry Summers their Chief Economic Adviser after Summers beating up of Commodities and Futures Trading Regulator Brooksley Born on C-SPAN during congressional hearings of the ongoing collapse of the Financial Services industry over Attorney General “Top Cop” Eric Holder’s formulation of “Too Big to Fail\Jail” impunity granted to Suite Crime and Finance Industry Anti-Trust\Anti-Competitive violations of law and distortion of markets. All while privatizing prisons so investors could profit off Incarceration Nation for Street Crime type of criticisms of the Obama-Biden administrations.

Yet I do credit that brain-functioning Commander In Chief Obama for collaborating successfully with Israeli Intelligence. They’re no fans of Bibi either, see the documentary THE GATEKEEPERS for Mossad and Shin Bet leaders going on camera and criticizing Netanyahu’s One State approach to the dehumanizing of Palestinians and Bibi’s bid-net like politicization and monetization of the Security State.

No shortage of private enterprises spawned by former Israeli and U.S. Security State staffers through the StuxNet collaborative cyber sabotage operation with the NSA that set the Iranian nuclear program back by decades per bragging done by these Security State former staffers who went on to become security mercenaries and realize the House of Clinton dream of becoming the entrepreneurs to the cyber controlled New World Order.

That ‘vision thing’ was brought to U.S. by the first President Bush named when he was still CIA Station Chief (China Desk) and about to become Neo-Con Presidential candidate Reagan’s choice for VP after campaigning against Reagan in GOP primaries and labeling Reagan’s embrace of Cold War weaponized Neo-Liberal E-CONomics as "VOO DOO ECONOMICS."

There have been many ‘teachable moments’ as Obama liked to call them on Washington’s path leading U.S. to our current Age of Plague. I’m somewhat comforted to realize I’m not the only Slow Learner in the land… As Agent 86 was fond of noting to his boss the Director of Operations at CONTROL our overarching Good Guys discount Deep State whenever the light bulb lit up over his head: "Missed it, Chief, by…THAT MUCH…"

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Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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You have a comprehensive grasp of historical and political dynamics that you deliver in a tongue-in-cheek yet acid-etched style that is both bracing and refreshing. But that might be because I agree with your assessments and am glad to see that you make distinctions and recognize gradations in whichever side of the duopoly happens to have control of the tiller.

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Thank you but one little clip is enough for me. Looking at that pustule makes me nauseous.Usually I hit the mute tab when I see a clip because I can not listen to much of his voice making unintelligent sounds.

Completely agree! The only thing that made the entire interview bearable was that not only did Jonathan Swan hang in there, he kept giving it back to TrumPutin in spades.

It’s amazing to me that TrumPutin just never stops selling. You can smell real-estate salesman–crooked, criminal real-estate salesman–oozing from every pore. And all he’s got to sell is himself, but a substantial minority keep buying it. Cue P.T. Barnum’s famous observation about one born every minute.


It is what it is. I always say, “Id est, quod est.” Means the same thing, but sounds better. Then people ask, “What does THAT mean?” I reply, that’s Latin for clusterfuck.(irrumabo botrum portassent) Gets 'em every time.

The widespread, horrified consensus of his performance: "It’s definitely not a train wreck for Trump. It’s more a train wreck crashing into another train wreck in the middle of a tsunami as the earth spins off its axis and flies directly into Satan’s gaping asshole."

I do so enjoy this kind of hyperbole when it comes to describing Trump’s comments pouring from his demented stupor .