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'Loyal Soldiers'? Ahead of Super Tuesday, Pete Buttigieg to End Presidential Bid

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/01/loyal-soldiers-ahead-super-tuesday-pete-buttigieg-end-presidential-bid

Here comes the consolidation move. I guess they’re going to the mat with Bloomberg for the remainder.

Farewell, Buttgag. I’m sure the system will reward your utter lack of a soul soon enough.


Who wants to bet that some mucky mucks said something like this this to Petey, ‘You’ve made your point. Now you’re ruining Uncle Joe’s chances, and we can not have that damned socialist Sanders heading the ticket. Leave now and we’ll make it worth your while.’


While i support Sanders, I would have held my nose and voted for Butt if he had been nominated. Not sure I can do that for Biden and wouldn’t for Bloomberg. If the Dems end up with a status quo candidate, at least Butt had some charisma and a quick mind. Biden has the charisma of a dead fish. And his mind is in the same category. If I was casting a movie for the Grim Reaper, it would be hard to choose between Bloomberg and Pence.


With Biden expect more of Trump. I guess you really can’t fix the stupid in this country.


I hope a LOT of people feel the same way.


Sure you can. But it takes remembering that education is not a privilege, it is a right everyone on earth is entitled to.

Next on the chopping block… Betsy DeVos.


I am relieved. The chanting of his fans: “USA USA” turned my stomach! Now he will throw his support to Biden so maybe that means more war in the Middle East if Biden wins!!!


Looks like it’s going to play out how I thought. All the moderates (conservatives) running will now fall on their swords as the DNC has finally arranged Biden’s Lincoln moment (Lincoln waited to sign the emancipation proclamation until after a significant Union military victory. South Carolina was the closest thing they could find to significant). They needed to move fast as Super Tuesday is in two days and the way the polls looked it appeared ol Joe was going to get ass-raped. So the calls went out from the smoke filled room. Steyer, Mayo Pete, Amy (don’t worry, hers is coming) times up. Get out. Await notice about potential cabinet positions next week.
The wild cards remaining are Warren and Bloomy. We are about to find out who both stand with. If Warren stands with the progressive revolution, she will step down tomorrow. If not, she’s a plant by the DNC to split the progressive vote so Joe can squeeze in under the wire. Of course, this could all be a triangulation by the DNC. Prop Biden up until Bloomberg is ready to step in (and of course finance his own campaign) Then Joe steps aside like a good statesman, Liz is promised sec of state or treasury. Amy gets education, Pete gets commerce or energy, and Kamala Harris gets AG.
And the Third Way gets to live for another administration.
Of course all this is dependent upon Trumps flailing final year, and of course whether or not the kids will finally burn the Democratic Party to the ground after they screw Bernie and the progressives again.
Fun times ahead.


Well, good riddance.

I am not sure how well this all plays into right-wing consolidation, though. I have seen figures that suggest that in most places, Sanders is the second choice of voters for most other candidates.

We can watch them twisting information to get ready, but they are going to have to steal this in the open, or try to. That’s going to cost them all up and down the ballot, and not just in this elections.

In the event of a theft, we don’t even really know whom they appoint. But frankly, I wouldn’t vote for any of the minions.


Can anybody else picture Pete in a Biden or Bloomberg administration, playing the roll of a 21st century J Edger Hoover?


With you.



Than you for that visual. {wink}

I am waiting for the YouTube video link.


I haven’t voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1992, but it’s so important to get rid of trump, this year I’ll be voting blue no matter who.


Buttigieg is kidding himself if he thinks Biden will promise him anything and carry through with it.


As should we all. Those of you who refuse to vote for anyone else other than Bernie are basically handing the next four years to The Daily Trainwreck.

I will vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is.*


Hell, Joe won’t even remember who Mayo Pete is by Wednesday afternoon.
(He may not remember who he is by Wednesday:)


Lot of Dems will. Lot of Dems won’t.

I can’t help but recall what my old pastor used to say during Sunday school
“The lesser of two evils, is still evil.”
And of course Einstein’s conundrum, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing the same way, over and over again, and expecting a different result. Voting the lesser of two evils has given us every POTUS since LBJ. How’s that working out for us?
But hey, the fascists love it.