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Lucille Is Crying, Long Live the King


Lucille Is Crying, Long Live the King

B.B. King - blues legend, sharecroppers' son, gentle man, chairman of the board "who did more with the silence between notes than most can do with the notes themselves" - has died at 89. Being a blues singer, he once said, "is like being black twice...I am trying to get people to see that we are our brother’s keeper...We all have the blues." For now, his website mourns, the thrill is gone. From one admirer, "Take your rest brother. Job well done."


The thrill is gone. RIP B.B. King.


Just begging to differ a bit. The “thrill is (not) gone” just moved to a different time and place and will continue there in perhaps a new format. The '“thrills” he left behind will continue into perpetuity. I’m greatly saddened that I could not join him on his final journey from this place and time as I know he would have made the VERY BEST of traveling companions singing the blues into the next world. Mitakuye Oyasin!


Probably one hell of a blues jam wherever that is!


Ah, but the music lives on, and will inspire many a human soul forever.


Yes! Thanks.