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'Ludicrous': Critics Slay Memo From Trump Lawyers Claiming President Above the Law


'Ludicrous': Critics Slay Memo From Trump Lawyers Claiming President Above the Law

Jon Queally, staff writer

Government watchdogs and legal experts called collective 'bullshit' against the legal team of President Donald Trump on Saturday after it emerged his lawyers had sent a memo to Special Counsel Robert Mueller claiming that the president cannot be charged with obstruction of justice because, as the government's top executive, he has nearly unlimited authority over ongoing Department of Justice investigations and could also, if he desired, issue pardons for those found guilty of misdeeds or illegal behavior.


What’s next, a declaration of executive infallibility? Trump needs to be brought to trial, the RICO statutes need to be used and Giuliani included with the rest of the perps and abetters.


The law is dead, and we have killed it.
–Nietzsche 2016.11.8


It’s long past the time to throw this crazy bunch of loons in the pokey.


And the idiots are making the chattering rounds this morning spouting the same.

Article 11 section 4:

“The President, Vice President and all Civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”


Amen to that.


Under this legal argument, warned one lawmaker, the president "could shoot a federal employee on 5th Ave and still not be able to be indicted, or even subpoenaed."

Despite the illusions we still have about our government – according to Kevin Shiff/CIA Whistleblower
the President has a small army to take care of problems in just that way.


Sure The Donald and Rudy are ridiculous and guilty, but they all are. You can probably get any high ranking Democrats on much of the same things, especially if they have world-wide business. What’s unprecedented is that they are going after their opponent on such a bs witch hunt. On the surface this is what separates Liberals from Conservatives. It is a distraction from the rigged game that’s going on around us!


With every passing moment the insane clown and his band of sociopathic imbeciles further putrefy the long decaying body politic. The lie of 9/11 was the opening scene of the final act in the tragicomedy this nation has become. How does this not end in national or global catastrophe?


Indeed, all Trump is doing is continuing established trends but taking them to the the extreme. All of a sudden what was accepted under the Clinton, Bush, Reagan and Obama years is now considered insanely out of control, but on the other hand it reached this point because of the previous and continued Congressional inaction on the part of both parties. Trump is the fruit of a corrupted system.


Every president it seems is above the law. They work for the corps and lobbyists that put them into power.


Make Rudy take the bar again. See how far into the first words of the first question he gets before flunking.
What is it with lawyers? I used to think they had some brains just to be lawyers. That includes the idea of academic high marks, which doesn’t seem to prevent beyond stupids.


If the rule of law is dead, then lets test it and set up a guillotine on the Whitehouse lawn.
The law is not dead, just our congress critters willfulness to apply it.


Rudy has been willing to break the law for a long time. I read years ago (have no idea how to reference it), that he started no-knock warrants in up state NY as a young prosecutor, a blatant disregard for the constitution.


Time for America to flush the Trump era down and out of Washington DC.

In short, I don’t think Trump would survive politically if he pardoned himself for accepting Russian support, including hacked files from the Democratic headquarters. The modern equivalent of Watergate but involving computer files and hacking instead of a break in and stealing physical files…


That photo is priceless. Looks like the proctologist found Rudy’s brain at last.


You really need to provide specific examples of Obama and Clinton and the Democratic Party in general engaging in the kind of bald-faced corruption and ideological extremism that Trump is engaging in.


I’m just going to repost this:

I am truly flabbergasted by what I read on here sometimes. Folks might as well be Trump supporters, hoping he’ll just decide to decree universal healthcare at this point. The kind of thinking that the comment you are responding to exhibits, is just the kind that blossoms in authoritarian regimes. If there is no truth, all are guilty, what’s the difference, right?


As Bruce Fein and John Nichols pointed out on July 13, 2007 when being interviewed by Bill Moyers, a president doesn’t have to commit a crime to be impeached.
Tough Talk on Impeachment with Bruce Fein & John Nichols


It’s pretty well know. Obama rescued protected he big banks, Libya, deported just as much as Trump, pushed a coup in Honduras, largest dole handed out to Israel, spying, etc…

People need to get off this Obama thing if society is going to get anywhere.

Trump is just continuing what presidents have always done.