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'Ludicrous': Kremlin Dismisses Report of Putin Involvement in DNC Hack


'Ludicrous': Kremlin Dismisses Report of Putin Involvement in DNC Hack

Nika Knight, staff writer

The Kremlin on Thursday sharply condemned an NBC News article that quoted two unnamed senior U.S. intelligence officials who said that Putin was personally involved in the Democratic National Committee (DNC) hacks and alleged U.S. election interference.


There is absolutely no way that Putin is NOT involved in any and all subterfuge, assassinations, massacres, bombings, invasions, hacking worldwide and he has mastered the art of illusion with his penchant for threats of violence and ending lives of those he perceives/deems as enemies (truth-tellers) or naysayers. Over scores of years in USSR/Russia he masterfully put down "internal dissent" with a very heavy hand and continues to do so to this day. He spent many years in the Soviet ranks of the KGB and then FSS as a very adept and efficient assassin and knows all too well the tactics necessary to maintain power and hegemony. The US can spend millenia trying to find "concrete" evidence of any connection between Putin and the hacking during the recent campaign.

In a 1983, Time magazine printed an article "that reported that the KGB was the world's most effective information-gathering organization." And that was 33 years ago! Imagine how much progress they have made since then.

Wake up, America...St Raygun is twirling in his grave seeing all the courting of Putin and Russia this last year. And all the GOP who wanted to beatify Reagan and are now falling all over T-dump have very short memories and pay not attention to 20th Century history.


It is not sarcasm. Perhaps you might want to read up on Putin:
The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin by Masha Gessen – March 5, 2013

Are you a Putin apologist or simply in awe of his leadership?

By the way, personal attacks are against Common Dreams policy.


Thanks for the laughs!!


Obviously you and Don have never studied Russian history as reflected in your uninformed comments that are disparaging at best and downright uncivil.


omg! this wasn't sarcasm? seriously? you gotta be putting me on ..
no disrespect intended ..
just hard to believe anyone still believes all that Red Scare stuff ..


Here is some good news:
Facebook has announced that they will label suspect items as "Fake News" with a red banner.
I understand that their algorithm will simply look for the Washington Post byline and label everything from that source as suspect.

Seriously, although Facebook has announced a Fake News labeling system, it is fraught with pitfalls and will end up just another way for the corporate government to control our news and label any thoughtful dissension as suspect.


Obviously you have never visited Russia neither now or in the past when it was the USSR or you would have a much better grasp of the reality of the day-to-day lives of people in Russia. I have and know of what I speak as I have visited that country more than once. I also have close Russian friends who emigrated to leave behind the oppression they faced in the homeland. And I currently correspond with a friend who is trying to leave. Have you not read about the assassination of Anna Politkovskaya?

The murder that killed free media in Russia

A decade after the assassination of Anna Politkovskaya, news organisations increasingly avoid topics that could anger the Kremlin


Would a KGB guy lie to you?


Really? Then why not take a trip to Russia or better yet, find a Russian who has emigrated to the US seeking asylum? And you used Putin and truth in the same sentence...OMG.



Have to respectfully disagree on the part of him tampering with the elections. I do agree that he has done a lot to further his own power throughout the world but the U.S. also has history of creating propaganda against Russia. Maybe both are right to an extent, this is not a black and white issue at all and we unfortunately might never know the whole truth for quite some time.


Putin has no,shame whatsoever. He is no champion of freedom or peace. The alternative to war with Putin is not support for Putin. One can with utter consistency oppose policies of the US government and policies of Putin, who is the government of Russia.


It is no longer the KGB, if you will check except in South Odessa where they have created their own KGB..

"After the dissolution of the USSR, the KGB was split into the Federal Security Service and the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation."


For quite some time...when it is too late.


LOL! So, Putin’s a bad guy, yes. USSR, reds, evil, all that. What the hell does that have to do with him being behind this? No evidence, all US sources are unnamed, all reports are secret, they aren’t moving on anyone either.

Know why this is such a huge story? Because the rotten Clinton team lost to the most unpopular major party nominee ever, they are scared of losing their power and their ability to get rich off of corruption, and they want to distract from their utter failures (which are decades in the making). Think about their stupid argument. They are arguing that knowing how corrupt Clinton was cost her the election, and because of that we should set the world on fire and focus on the group that did it instead of the contents of the emails (what she actually did). So, should we not know the contents of the leaks (which are damning)? Even if Russia (by Russia, I don’t mean hackers in Russia, which is a different thing) was behind the hacks, what does this mean from Clinton’s perspective? That she wasn’t a historically unpopular, distrusted and corrupt candidate with a neoliberal and hawkish record and worldview? She lost because she was horrible, ran an equally horrible campaign, she lost because the DNC pushed for a rotten candidate and she lost despite the fact that she had tons of propaganda in her favor (the same team of paid liars now lying about this) and massively outspent the clown that won. Don’t insult our intelligence by pretending that Democrats are doing this because they care oh so much about our democracy. A corrupt group of hacks want to maintain their power and blame others for their failures.


From someone who never doubted every cockamamie conspiracy accusation directed at Clinton and knew everyone who disagreed with him was a paid troll.


Which is why I feel that both countries should either settle on an agreement or drop the issue for now. Like it or not it will not change the reality of Trump being our Presidential Elect. Maybe actions would be better taken trying to resist his cartoonishly right leaning administration than for people to be pointing fingers at each other.


You must be confusing me for another poster. I never said that.


So what does that have to do with this issue? Are you suggesting the US masterminded the placement of Putin as the head of the Russian state and its component oligarchies?


From someone that dismissed every legitimate left of center criticism of Clinton during the primaries and during the general election and called people names for pointing out obvious truisms he was (still is) unwilling to accept. From someone that blames her loss on everyone and everything but her, the DNC and people like himself.