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'Ludicrous': Sanders Refutes Anonymously Sourced Hit Piece by CNN About Warren Meeting

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/13/ludicrous-sanders-refutes-anonymously-sourced-hit-piece-cnn-about-warren-meeting


CNN, the super neoliberal outlet for misinformation and a mouthpiece for the DNC.


Huffington Post had this headline:

Report: Bernie told Warren a Woman Can’t Win.


Well, here it comes!!! Time to attack Bernie, nothing has worked so far, but hey lets see what lies, distortions and nonsense can we send out. First off, as a volunteer for Bernie I was puzzled about the story regarding a script for his volunteers that says warren is an elitist etc.
I have NOT seen any such script. We were given talking points on Bernie’s record and told to speak to the issues that the person feels are important to them such as healthcare. Bernie nor his campaign ever trashes anyone that I have seen. The idea that Sanders would say a woman can’t win or negativity towards women is just stupid.

Bernie 2020


Never underestimate the lengths the owners will go to, in order to protect their interests. I’m a bit surprised that Warren is naive enough to believe that bullshit.


Re: Warren’s advisors… perhaps desperate times require desperate means… I suppose we’ll see in the debate.


CNN is officially now owned by AT&T”s WarnerMedia as of Aug. 2019.
AT&T’s political contributions cover the gamut.
They obviously prefer corporate candidates, but they gave Bernie $75K (4th highest amt).
They know Bernie is looking like he may be the next Prez.
At any rate, I ignore CNN / don’t even subscribe to cable TV.
Bernie 2020!


First, they lie their asses off about you. Then, they lie their asses off about you, then… We’d just been gabbing about how PropOrNot was a pretty succinct list of astute, factual and prescient news sources. How much the most authoritative, accurate and resolutely journalistic lefty blog-aggregators were about to be disappeared, banned (yet again) by Google, Facebook, Twitter, and citation by complicit online sources?


If Jeff can’t BUY them and FIRE all the truth-sayers, they’ll all simply have to spew more große Lüge, over & over & over?

Make sure to DONATE to the truthful blogs, as possible!


And so it Begins.

The Distortion of Bernie’s record and the Lies about what he said.

Everyone knows that Bernie is incapable of making such an anti-feminist remark.

But what is so disappointing is the fact that Warren is allowing this Lie about Bernie to Linger.

At this stage in the race she is showing her lack of integrity, her Republican claws are coming out and she is wallowing in the mischaracterization of Bernie by the Tycoons at Cable News.

We all know that the Print and TV Media hates Bernie and the Progressive Movement and this is the first salvo at trying to discredit the number one progressive and the new front runner in Iowa, Bernie.



Excerpt:‘Let’s be clear about what is going on here. The Warren campaign, in concert with a media that has been either hostile to or dismissive of Sanders and is itching for controversy, is trying to turn a nonstory into a scandal and attack Sanders with a narrative recycled from Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.’

The gloves are off.


I hate CNN 99.53% as much as I hate Fox, which is to say, A LOT!


I’m confused. In the article it says that Bernie supposedly said that to Warren herself.

I don’t think Warren was ever asked about this CNN story - just her staff who probably didn’t want to comment without knowing exactly what to say. Hopefully the campaign will issue a statement soon.

I think Warren made a worse mistake when her team sent a message seeking to raise money to counter the so-called “elitist” talking point that allegedly came from the Sanders campaign last week. I get emails from both campaigns and that one from Warren really turned me off. I haven’t seen any negative campaign emails about Warren from the Sanders campaign.


As far as cable news sources I watch M$MBS, Fox and CSPAN, I DO NOT watch CNN and I don’t get FSTV or LINK through my shit cable co. So far Sanders has not bad mouthed any of his opponents in ANY of his campaigns. This probably is what the talk here is that it is promoted by the “networks” to provide clicks and “news” to their viewers. As of this minute I call it bullshit.


This is not the work of the Russians. This is not the work of Trump and his Republicans. Those “sources” are operatives for the DNC. The DNC is trying to poison the waters as they did when Hilary was running and the same DNC actively worked to ensure Sanders would not win.

The corrupt DNC lost the last election and are hard at work losing this one.


Fortunately, Liz & Bernie are too shrewd to be conned into beefing with each other. Their supporters, on the other hand…


This can be cleared up at tomorrow night’s debate.

I have little doubt that Bernie will call it out for what is – a hit piece.
After all, Bernie has been almost too polite in his campaigning.
I’m looking forward to Liz’s response. It will speak volumes.


Warren has always been suspect as a “progressive candidate” and any that lump her in with Sanders does Sanders a disservice. In letting this linger Warren is hurting her own campaign. There are videos on the internet (some of which i linked to ) showing Warren lying about her past. With NO Comment as the official Warren campaign stance on this report Warren will alienate even more of the progressive community who might think she close to Sanders on policy.

Now if Warren comes out and says Sanders in fact said this , given the fact Sanders already claimed it did not occur , who will the people believe? I doubt it Warren. Given she has not come out and said this in fact occurred in taking the “no comment” position she then plays a sleazy political game.

To maintain any credibility she has to come out quickly with a statement. No Comment is the worst position to take.


I don’t think we should bother attacking Warren over this and besides, that’s exactly what the authors of the story want.


Why would they have any comment? They weren’t in the room. Chances are good that the question was posed in such a way to elicit a “no comment” response.

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