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Lula Blasts Bolsonaro and Brazil's Oligarchs for 'Creating a Monster' in Video Seen as Launching Political Comeback

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/09/lula-blasts-bolsonaro-and-brazils-oligarchs-creating-monster-video-seen-launching


Interesting that the nations that are ruled by pro-fascist regimes have some of the highest infection rates in the world. Not a surprise, just interesting.

The only correction needed is " the bipartisan U.S.-backed regime jailed and tortured many dissidents," Plus a bit 'o editing;

…Former President Lula, 74, accused the current president of orchestrating an “authoritarian escalation” reminiscent of “the dark times of dictatorship,” when he began his political journey as a labor organizer and activist. The bipartisan U.S.-backed regime jailed and tortured many dissidents, including his successor, President Dilma Rousseff, during this 21-year dictatorial period that ended with the restoration of democracy in 1985.

Did you watch the video? Lula gave a very convincing 22 minute speech. I managed to understand some of it. Not as easy a language as Spanish but similar. But it is enough just to hear the passion in his voice.

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“Just like in horror films, Brazilian oligarchs have created a monster they cannot control, but they will support it as long as their interests are being served.”

Sounds familiar.


Yes, and just note, some vids have a translation button in the CC button, not all, but this one did or I would have been lost. I wish Lula luck in taking what was stolen from him and the people of Brazil.

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Oh lucky you. My words were in Portuguese. Wish i’d known then.

My mistake, not the CC button, click settings, then click subtitles, Portuguese comes up, click on the word Portuguese, and a new box with the word “Auto Translate”, click on it and chose the language you want.

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With a lot of help from the USA to commit regime change as they have all over South America.