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'Lunacy': Trump Aides Sought Afghanistan Advice From Notorious War Profiteers


'Lunacy': Trump Aides Sought Afghanistan Advice From Notorious War Profiteers

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Two of President Donald Trump's closest aides have reportedly solicited advice from two wealthy private military contractors—Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater, and Stephen Feinberg, the billionaire owner of DynCorp International—on how to proceed with the sixteen-year-long war in Afghanistan.


The Orange Mussolini has surrounded himself with sick private mercenary forces; ie. ) Blackwater, TigerSwan, other sick bottom feeding slime.
Impeach him now and his cabinet.
Pence is also colluding…
Indictments and high crimes and misdemeanors.


ANY doubts that people may have had about actual for-profit wars and enriching the obscenely bloated arms industry, arms dealers and countless middle-men (and women) should now take notice: it IS a fact!

Prez-General Eisenhower warned our republic about the corrupting influence “whether sought or unsought” by the MICC war-machine, but that sage, well experienced counsel fell on deaf and corrupted Congressional ears - the first “C” in MICC is “Congressional”. With an arms manufacturer or subsidiary in every Congressional district, the struggle to change our focus, expenditures, and energy, from jobs that kill, maim, and destroy to education, infrastructure, health-care and environmental protection is a very steep uphill battle. Eisenhower’s prescient warning now grown above treasonous levels!

One astonishing aspect of military procurement and spending has just been re-upped by the trump regime in the compound insane F-35 $406 Billion addition the that Mother-of-All-Boondoggles at a current total (who really knows the REAL full costs when all is counted?!) of $1.45 Trillion! Accounting tricks and distortion and deceptions are rampant in Pentagon spending! Pigs at the trough!

"A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom." – Martin Luther King, Jr.

That statement is very accurate, but the truth today is that the “defense” part has become official treasonous theft from our nation and people’s future accomplished by a very complicit Congress!!

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children."

"a burden of arms draining the wealth and the labor of all peoples; a wasting of strength that defies the American system or the Soviet system or any system to achieve true abundance and happiness for the peoples of this earth." Dwight David Eisenhower


Well, Republicans love to privatize everything for the sake of a few getting rich while others pay for their follies preferably taxpayers. Why am I not surprised by this.

Privateers occupying a country for profit puts innocents in harm’s way… They don’t have to answer for atrocities like the regular military does and there will be atrocities. This will be the ultimate in war profiteering… There won’t be a shortage of volunteers with NO HUMANITY plus murdering instincts, no morals or ethics, applying for them killer jobs.(no pun intended). War will now be nothing more than another Republican business or corporation for profit, another corporation for them to support… And they will do it with zeal and enthusiasm.

This is why Republicans want to cut all social programs and move the money straight to the top of the economic chain, to these criminals, to line their pockets with tax dollars that will be classified as state secrets, no accountability where waste and fraud run rampant.

The Military industrial corporation will be more than glad to furnish all supporting up and coming Republican candidates, who support them(corporations) in their quest to dominate all military action. This is corruption in your face and taunting you…They are blowing you raspberries and dancing a JIG. Blame everything on immigrants and the poor and disabled and don’t forget them poor black women getting abortions on your dime. It is all the usual Republican nonsense and garbage Bullshit is the word…that they peddle to justify throwing working Americans in the dump while they and their corporate buddies fleece us blind.

Trump Supporters are blind stupid or both…cant figures them out.Their only argument is how corporate loving Hillary is and loves them bankers and don’t forget them emails or-or Benghazi… This seems to be the biggest answer to why they voted that stupid Moron in office…He is a criminal…WAKE up stupids. To compare whose evil is worse is like the difference between a double decker shit scamwhich with a shit gravy dipper or a lonely little fart bubble. Trump being the big double decker shit scamwhich with the trimmings… This human turd of a man would sell us all out for a profit to keep him and his family of grifters in luxury. Yeah anyone supporting this piece of shit better not come off as some kind of Christian patriot…Because.Your Not. You have voted for a family of traitors. Bring on the trolls…I will eat em for breakfast.


Janet’s yellin 'bout the funnymoney wigglyfingered trillions, now vs social security and the integrity of medicine as the dice are thrown in between the shoe dropping on each turn 'round th mono-pole board. Yuckyuckyuck, F-35 you!
“Prince” 'o darkness - oh spare me! If this cannibalism weren’t so blindly consumptive and choking on its own millennial legacy of toxicity it has the makings for a top notch episode of Monty Python.

Hey, I’ll settle for a decade long run of a version of the last 2 minutes of transparency a la Full Monty.

Theres a weird metaphorical likeness to our situation of autocratic naming rather than democratic voices of the people reminiscent of the laments of Johnny Cash


This makes perfect sense this administration is’t about humane values it is about profits.


You don’t understand Eric Prince. The reason you don’t understand Eric Prince is because he stays under the radar to all but the “chosen ones.” Eric Prince is part of the oh so silence minority bringing in the second coming of Jesus Christ. But first Armageddon. Warden of the earth: protecting the earth with his own private militia, private army, and mercenary mission. Spending our hard earned dollars the way God has chosen him to do. The mammon military empire will bring peace on earth. God bless America.


Ave Caesar! Most people don’t realize that the famed (or infamous) Roman legions were of two types. One was paid for by the Senate and the people of Rome (talk about a MIC) and the other… was paid for by the general who commanded them. Caesar had his own private army (legions) and paid for it by being a horrible human being who engaged in wholesale genocide and literally owned millions of slaves taken from the conquered peoples. Caesar was one of the three richest men in Rome. A billionaire who spoke Latin. The cost of each legion was immense but Caesar was rich!

Now why would a leader like a Caesar or perhaps even an American President want with his own army?


With the known waste, fraud and abuse in the DoD and this " off the books " outsourcing of our tax dollars, we are seeing the extension of VP Cheney’s policies. Which were configured on the Brown & Root logistics and planning model of the Vietnam era. And, this super-sized snowball of special operations and clandestine missions has been rolling downhill ever since. Out of sight, out of mind, out of control.
It’s privatization of extra-legal military actions with a no-holds barred approach to " attain foreign policy objectives ". Which are intertwined with Multi-National Corporations desires for access to vital resources and the protection of their ongoing personal interests. Bannon’s worldview of victory by any means necessary to advance Empire(s). This is like Great Britain using Prussian and Huessian soldiers in our own Revolutionary War. An occupying army of private killers. Bad idea on so many levels; yikes, where to begin with unwrapping this? Follow whose private interests are being served? Who profits? And, who gets the inevitable blowback? Take a wild guess?
Building a 2nd private army is akin to military juntas in S. America ( so many examples ) using right wing paramilitary forces to provide private security under the umbrella of martial law, civil war or worse. Sounds about right, here. And, muddying up the international legal jurisdictions around the human rights abuses and suppression of dissent ( think Philippines’ Duerte here ) which will surely occur. The downside in Afghanistan, and other countries, will fall upon those least able to defend themselves against the costs of the tyranny of these private armies. Both at home and abroad.
This sounds like a desperate Casino President and his advisers, going double or nothing, with America’s already bad bets in the MENA, Afghanistan and who knows where next. We’ve lost our allies in these wildly unpopular, endless wars. They know when to take your lumps and walk away.
Going it alone, with only your shadow army by your side, is courting a multi-level foreign disaster of epic proportions. And, yet another hole to throw money in with no accountability. More privatization of profits, more dodging of national responsibility and more stranded costs to those stuck with patching up the bullet holes from these disastrous self-inflicted wounds. Very stupid, imo.


Superb! I would only add that Rummy was the guy who pulled in Prince in a big way making him a multimillionaire (Prince) in the process. Prince oversaw the “security” (Blackwater) at Baghdad airport and cooked the books big time for that operation in addition to commandeering millions$$$ from the cargo planes full of pallets holding "bricks’ of US money ($100,000 per brick) that was supposedly meant for construction of the Green Zone and other projects. Prince and Bremer built any number of exotic vacation manses around the world with that money. Rummy rubber-stamped all that and there was absolutely NO accounting done on that distribution as witnessed by a half-dozen whistleblowers who testified at a Senate hearing that went NOWHERE (except the whistleblowers were forced into “early retirement” by the Bush folks). Rummy also privatized all the commissary, vending machines, recreational facilities, laundry, and mess operations along with transportation of supplies for the military in Iraq. Rummy was also a huge proponent for private militias and drone warfare (technology supplanting humans). And the monster keeps growing consuming all in its path.

Their stupidity is destroying our nation, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians, leveling entire cities and villages leaving rubble and ruin but, hey, they’re making bank… And that is diabolically insane.


As if any further proof was needed, another illustration that Don and his henchmen do not believe in government, at all.


This is analogous to hiring the fox to guard the henhouse!


Yes, indeed. We should bring Rummy back into the Trump Adm. Under his guidance Iraq used illegal chemical weapons ( sarin? ) on the Kurds and Iran ( Syria Redux ? )-War Crime Rummy. Additionally, he could possibly be titled The Grand Wizard of The New & Improved Peace Ministry. Or, Almighty Analyst of Accountability in the New & Improved Army of Liberating American’s Pocket Books. Sort of 1984 only with lots more looting & pillaging.
There are the known knowns ( I’m a fuxking, murdering crook ); there are known unknowns ( who I really work for ); and most importantly, there are the unknown unknowns ( where all the stolen money finally ends up ).
Yes, the Republican ( Deep State ) Playbook hasn’t changed. But, it has been updated to 2017. Their idea of continuous improvement: " Because, when new shit comes to light, we’ll be there with our very large bushel basket ". Cover Ups R US, indeed.


Will Trump take the next step and ask these mercenary terrorists for advice on how to patrol the streets of US cities and cut down on what he says is runaway crime? Or about how to quiet down all these protestors that don’t like him ?


He already is as we speak…


!.45 Trillion? Chump change:

I suspect that the inability to audit the Pentagon is not a bug, it’s a feature.


There is no close comparison between the democrat and republicans…Right now this minute, the republican party is a threat to our democracy…If you can’t see it then you’re one of them and too stupid to realize it…They want to shit on our rights, they support a police state with massive property forfeiture and draconian laws to keep people in for profit jails and make sure they have plenty of prisoners so they can fleece tax payers and then call us moochers…they want to take over the voting polls they want to deny any support for Americans…To the Republican party helping Americans, the ones who work and pay taxes every week has become some sort of evil thing…when did representing our own become a bad thing.
Republicans constant lying has brainwashed the voter base using race. and religion…When they talk about all the poors draining the economy they really mean the blacks the browns…I know this because I live in the south I hear it out of their own rotten mouths…I hate to even talk to one of them idiots…the shit they believe defies any logic…Republicans have done this on purpose it’s the only way they win races. The Republicans and the billions in corporate money have used it to pit one American against other Americans…

The Republicans are vile corrupt despicable human beings and they fear voters that’s why they lie cheat and steal to stay in power. Thats the reason they scream voter fraud even when they won so they can justify changing the rules of voting, they know voters will oust them for their lies so they rig it…All Trump supporters are some of the most stupid people you can talk to, they can deny it but, GEEZEus FKN H…yo you- hey you’re ignorant fuck-tards…If you believe in what the Republicans are selling, and you are not rich, and you work for a living …you’re a fucking fool you bought the turd from a shit salesman…sucker!!

760 Billion Trump is giving the military industrial complex and Pentagon…How much of that do you think is going to line the pockets of the 1% plus the benefit of having it classified so they are not accountable, we don’t know who gets to pocket what…recently 125 billion could not be accounted for and that’s only a drop in the bucket of their waste… Then tell us it is too expensive to help with health care, or education, or infra structure. They found a few billion for Trump’s goddamn wall of shame. They spend millions every week so Fat Ass DoughBoy n Chief can golf on our dime they are Mooching sumbitches…

Why do we get called the moochers it’s our money our government. The 1% also claim they need a big tax cut. They line up- hands out for our tax money but they do not want to pay any back they want it all they won’t or don’t pay any taxes back to support our country and Americans. We are not allowed to prosper in this country only the rich enjoy all these free market principles… hmmm. They are the real moochers and takers on a scale larger beyond imagination than any of us common working folks would ever get. And we pay taxes. Trump Supporters get your head out of Trump’s big stinking asshole. By the time you realize you have been fuked it will be too late.