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Lunatic Loose in West Wing

Lunatic Loose in West Wing

Ray McGovern

John Bolton’s March 22 appointment-by-tweet as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser has given “March Madness” a new and ominous meaning. There is less than a week left to batten down the hatches before Bolton makes U.S. foreign policy worse that it already is.

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Can’t get a Bolton without a good screwing.


Amerika! How long will it be before the American people wake up to that fact! And that whether you realize it or not: America is not a democracy, but a profiteering, military, dictatorship.


It’s tough to keep war mongers kenneled. Both nationalists and the fearful are susceptible. Then the ignorant are herded in. Both Bush’s thought they had to look tough which is a common Presidential malady. I admire Reagan for choosing to look tough against Grenada instead of the Middle East. Well, perhaps admire is too strong of a word.

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AMEN!  Ike saw it coming in 1960 and warned us then but to no avail.  As noted, the profiteers had taken con­trol of the MSM by 2002 and succeeded in suppressing the warnings then.  Today, with Fox, the MSM and Sin­clair all tooting their war horns, the M-IC is almost certain to get what it wants. An all-out war in the Middle East will not only fatten their coffers, it will help re-elect their clown Tweetle-Dumb and perpetuate the madness.


Nice reply…thanks.


Your writing is very thought provoking, however, when you consider that both POTUS Nixon’s and POTUS Ford’s track records place them to the left of Bill Clinton and Obama, comparisons between pre Raygun and post Raygun DC are next to meaningless.

Although Nixon was a crook, by comparison Nixon stole your wheel covers while Raygun and his successors stole your identity and drained your bank account.,

If Nixon or Ford attempted to seek the Democratic Party POTUS nomination today they would be put on the same group W bench with Bernie Sanders. If seeking the GOP nomination they would probably be deported.

Thank you, Ray McGovern, for sharing this history as it was on the inside. History matters! Facts matter!

Bush 43 is a War Criminal
Wolfowitz is a War Crimial.
Perle is a War Criminal.
Rumsfeld is a War Criminal.
Cheney is a War Criminal.
Bolton is a War Criminal.

Every thing that former President Carter said regarding Bolton is absolutely, frighteningly true! It is very unwise, to say the least, that our country seems to place so little value on
the learned experience and advice of its elder Statesmen and Public Servants such as yourself, VIPS and Pres. Carter.


What the public needs to know about evil things this group (including daddy Bush) has done to this country and the world could fill many, many volumes of books. A major point is Ray’s group of “crazies”, with some additional people, is the group that brought you the coup we call 9/11. Bush 41 wasn’t about to slow this group down, as they saved him millions of dollars in the form of bonds that were coming due the same time the coup was happening. Think it was an accident WTC 7 came down ? That’s where most of the info was that could have proved who perpetuated this crime. Likewise at the Pentagon, it was not by chance the missile (or whatever it was, though not a plane) hit the building in the accounting offices, who at the time were tasked with finding what happened to 2 trillion dollars in the defense budget that was unaccounted for. Though I like Ray McGovern’s work as a reporter, I find it hard to believe he wasn’t aware of what this group was really about, given his position at the CIA.


You left two extremely vile War Criminals off your list, Nighthawlk — mercenary Eric Prince of Blackwater and the Lying Son-of-a-Bush’s #1 torture justifier John Yoo.  Prince’s sister Betsy DeVos is currently busy destroy­ing our public schools on behalf of the Funny-Dementalist “christian” dominionists, and SFAIK John Yoo is still teaching law – LAW!! – at U.C. Berkeley.   With lawyers like that, why do we bother having laws??

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