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Lyin' Ted's Revenge: Told to 'Vote Their Conscience,' Republicans Erupt in Boos


Lyin' Ted's Revenge: Told to 'Vote Their Conscience,' Republicans Erupt in Boos

Jon Queally, staff writer

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who finished second in this year's Republican presidential primary contest, was essentially booed of the stage at the party's national convention on Wednesday night after withholding an endorsement of Donald Trump and telling the audience to "vote their conscience" in this year's election.

"Please, don’t stay home in November," Cruz told the delegates gathered and the millions watching at home. "Stand, and speak, and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution."


Party hacks and robovoters vote the party's candidate no matter what. That's why we keep ending up with a Bush, or an Obama, or god forbid, a Hillary.

I think Cruz's advice makes great sense, and I've been saying it for a while now: Vote your conscience.


Ted Cruz makes Lady Liberty's skirt flow up. Our nation is surely the laughing stock of the world. The Donald is the exclamation point.


The Democratic Party doesn't want us to vote our consciences, either. #NeverHillary #JillNotHill #StillSanders


For people who want to vote as educated voters there is plenty of time to learn about Jill Stein and the Green Party Platform. But also keep in mind that Bernie is still not out. At any rate, our never ending election process is ridiculus. 3 months is plenty for the electorate to be beaten up. Never Hillary! Never Trump! This is a two-headed monster devouring any sense of morality our country might have remaining.


This article is playing right into the Hillary camp of fear. As Carol, a respondent says in the comment section, "quit playing games."


What you wish for can possibly be accomplished in a vacuum, and I do not say this in jest. But we are citizens whose tax dollars and resources are being stolen by psychopaths to bomb and destroy innocents for their motives - power and greed. Until they are all hauled before an international court, or preferably our own, and severely punished for their horrible crimes against humanity your wishes will only be met if you bury your head in the sand. Some can do this. Many of us cannot. Until justice is served there cannot be peace. Peace on the ground and peace in our hearts is not possible until justice is served. We have both the National and International laws to do this.



They're imploding.

Since the core hates Trump so much, I'm going to help put the stake in the heart of the party.

You blew it again, Hillary.


" Former House Speaker John Boehner held nothing back while
discussing the 2016 presidential election at Stanford University
on Wednesday.
He even went as far as calling Ted Cruz, the Texas senator vying
for the Republican nomination, a "miserable son of a bitch."
"Lucifer in the flesh," the former speaker said, according to
The Stanford Daily, a student newspaper.
He continued: "I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I
get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a
more miserable son of a bitch in my life."

This is the guy who, after getting the Pope to address the Congress, said that his fondest dream had come true and that now he was ready to retire. Apparently there are other politicians with religious faith who find Ted Cruz as disgusting as the Trump faction of the Republican party and the secular humanists of all other political stripes..


Hillary is certainly the biggest warmonger running. After she got her bloodlust up in Libya and Ukraine, she was only stopped short of confronting the Russians in Syria by Obama putting her on a short leash and refusing to declare a no-fly zone like she wanted. As president she will surround herself with neocons like Nuland and Kagan who are salivating about the prospect of fighting WWIII. So much money to be made. So many useless eaters to kill.


According to Pew Research (Feb 3, 2016):

"Nearly one-in-three eligible voters on Election Day (31%) will be Hispanic, black, Asian or another racial or ethnic minority, up from 29% in 2012."

If the leaders of these groups would direct their followers to vote Green, combined with the disaffected Bernista Caucasions that will do so, the Greens could very well win the election.


Must say I rather enjoyed the spectacle.
Sometimes I wonder if DT is stage-managing the whole thing.
I have never paid much attention to a Repub Convention before but I am already wondering what is the next shoe to drop. Is this just all about promotion?
Nonetheless, it the republicans are just devouring themselves, still good reality tv.


Lybia and Ukraine? The Clintons gifted a number of nations with the experience of
American bombing raids during Slick Willie's eight years.


Well, the Donald certainly knew what Cruz was going to say, and timed his entrance just after Cruz spoke his line about voting your conscience.


So true. I was referring to two of the coups that she had a big hand in as Secretary of State.


When did Stein even campaign the year? Even in the Northeast she was barely mentioned this time around. To get a message across, one has to be out there.


I do not care for Teddy, and like your name for him, but some people appauded what he did.


Yes, even with Trump's scary family looking like Barbie and Ken.


Man I would love to see that. BTW did you know that the Trump sons bag big game in Africa? Remember Cecil the lion.


I agree. I just called one of our senators and said that not in my name should be bomb civilians including innocent children. We call this collateral damage and excuse this horror show in the name of the militarized complex. The soldiers are doing their jobs. It's the puppet masters who control this. The other side says we have to keep fighting. Aren't we fighting ourselves as well? We do have national and international laws of course. Many soldiers have been deployed multiple times. Our war weary country is falling apart, and people are just looking after themselves.