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Lying, Racist Trump Invokes Compassion to Justify Violence in State of the Union


Lying, Racist Trump Invokes Compassion to Justify Violence in State of the Union

Jessica Juarez Scruggs

During President Trump’s State of the Union address, I was enraged by his racism, his rampant lies, his narrow self-interest and his twisted and cruel vision for our country. None of that is new in Trump’s America. In fact, his speech was all too familiar.

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Everyone that watched last night’s Bullshit session, knew that it was exactly that.

A massive, self-serving, Bullshit session.

I wish I hadn’t wasted the time watching the felon bloviate.



This is a grifter operation that needs to be defined and analyzed as such. We seem to struggle with recognition that all of the lies have not triggered a revolution while at the same time the grifter claims the changes as though they were intended results to be claimed as his victories. It is a strategy of constructing narrative based on negation/externalization/absences. This is a fundamental premise of predatory capitalism. Time to release the nausea generated by the trope: “Its not perfect, but its the best out there” - and bury it in that vomit.

Maybe all of this is just what sand in the gears (instead of bodies - other than, of course those eaten by the machine of system as daily diet) looks like. And even if that is the case it is a bizarre wastrel model of ‘not being’ as way of doing whatever it is that is being done.

I would submit that we need to cultivate the capacity to name this for what it is and consciously resist the slime of the Kelly Conway / Breitbart / Mercer practices of what is claimed to be ‘public discourse’.


"The ‘sociology of absences’, developed by Boaventura de Sousa Santos , refers both to the general silences around particular experiences and the way in which these silences are actively created through particular processes. It enables an address of what is marginalised, suppressed, and of what has not been allowed to exist in the first place. It focuses on the processes that obstruct connections to be made between different struggles and knowledges to demonstrate how the ‘incompleteness’ and ‘inadequacy’ of counter-hegemonic forms is produced. Santos suggest that hegemonic globalisation overlays an understanding of the global upon the world that denies and erases local differences. In contrast, ‘the universal and the global constructed by the sociology of absences, far from denying or eliminating the particular and the local, rather encourages them to envision what is beyond them’ (2001: 191). In other words, the sociology of absences argues for understandings of the global to be created through the non-linear accretion of local engagements. "

This concept coined by Boaventura de Sousa Santos to show how that which appears to not exist corresponds, in truth, to something that is actively produced as non-existent. This helps us to understand how the law orients and orders social relationships. The Portuguese sociologist points out five points of logic that compose the non-absence: the ignorant, the backward, the inferior, the local or private and the unproductive or sterile.

The ignorant is fruit of the monoculture of knowledge, in which modern science and high culture are the sole criteria of truth and of quality of aesthetics, in such a way that that which is not recognized or legitimated by the canon is declared non-existent.

The backward is linked to the monoculture of linear time, according to which history has unique and known meaning and direction, towards progress and modernization. Thus, everything that is asymmetrical in relation to this advance is backward.

Inferiority is related to the logic of social classification, through the naturalization of differences, already mentioned, in which the relation of domination is consequence and not the cause of social hierarchy. All that matters is that which is universal and global, with precedence over all other contextual-dependent realities and that, for this reason, considered private.

The unproductive serves the monoculture of criteria of capitalist productivity, soon that which does not maximize the generation of profit - whether from nature or from human labor - does not exist. In the case of labor, there is unproductiveness; in the case of nature, sterility.



Of course it was a waste of time. I knew that and that is why I didn’t watch it. I already knew what would come out of his mouth and I already knew that I disagree with 100% of what he says. Were people expecting something new and better? I happened into a store which had the infamous presentation on their tv and I was repulsed and glad to get out of there.

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Best that you stick to cartoons…donald_ducko.



There a reason Politicians of all stripes, including Mr Trump try and appeal to compassion when trying to deliver their message. It because a great number of peoples are compassionate. The ugliness of a Mr Trump is he well aware of that just as all of those Sociopaths before him and tries to use what is innately “good” in the people to deliver “evil”.

These type of people are the lowest life forms on this earth and it the exploitation of those people that wish to do the right and just things is the same vehicle the Capitalist sociopath uses to get rich. It also how the deep state functions by way of things like the NED and USAid or how entities like Human Rights Watch are hi-jacked for nefarious purposes.

I have absolutely no regard for this type of person.



I admire you for your self-restraint of subjecting yourself to what you believe will upset you.

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Didn’t see or hear either party’s lies. But I gather none of the Democrats said the obvious–that not only are both Trump and Pence seriously mentally disturbed, the Republican party and our entire society are as well. We’ll never get anywhere in this crisis if we don’t at least acknowledge that.

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PLEASE TRANSLATE these concepts into LESS ACADEMIC terms: I sense you’re saying something important–but, damn, it’s hard to get through the verbose jargon!!! Reminds me of Henry Giroux, who writes LONG LONG essays PACKED with similar academic jargon in endless sentences that one loses the meaning of by the time the period is placed. One gets glimpses of important insights but, they quickly melt away in the next BARRAGE of nearly dense lingo. THIS IS NOT HELPFUL for the raising of consciousness we need!!!

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