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'Lying Through His Lead-Free Teeth': Gov. Snyder Berated on Capitol Hill


'Lying Through His Lead-Free Teeth': Gov. Snyder Berated on Capitol Hill

Nika Knight, staff writer

Republican Governor Rick Snyder was in the hot seat during the second of this week's congressional hearings about Flint's water crisis and sparks flew as he continued to deflect blame.

Two sitting representatives even went so far as to publicly call for Snyder's resignation.


We’ve become a nation that tolerates zero accountability for “official” crimes, criminal negligence or financial usury - tolerate the poor paying a harsh price while the wealthy and corporations/bankers/financial parasites buy their way out. What used to be expected by the public and forthcoming sometimes has become some charade of denying or deflecting blame and a government “Justice” Dept that will not prosecute financial crimes - no actual person is held accountable, only the BS “corporate person” with pennies on the dollar “deals” the only price paid for egregious crimes by actual people against millions - not ONE person responsible for the “economic downturn” was prosecuted!

If Snyder isn’t held fully accountable - forced to resign, forfeit any pension, fined and criminally prosecuted to the fullest, then there is no justice and no hope for any absent a political revolution!


Resign Hell…Snyder and Earley need to be ARRESTED and TRIED.


Snyder points the finger at the EPA, which has been populated by corporate operatives throughout who know where to best put the monkey wrenches of obstructionism. The head of EPA doubtfully knew of this situation early in the process. Gov. Snyder did. This was not just coverup, but malice aforethought. Criminal and civil remedies are needed at once.


High time for a citizen arrest of this criminal.


Heckuva democracy.


What is not being mentioned is that Snyder has full responsibility for this because he’s the one who instituted the program of kicking elected officials to the side and replacing them with tin pot dictators who made their fortunes off running the cities. They held absolute power and there was no appeal to their decisions. It should be obvious that this was going to come to no good end the same way that Paul Bremer’s reign as viceroy of Iraq was a total and complete failure, fiasco, disaster, FUBAR mess. Since Snyder’s program was responsible for the damage, repairing the damage is also his responsibility. He needs to provide a working water system, medical care for all people affected, and economic support for those who now are too brain damaged to make it on their own.

Snyder is fully and completely responsible because he knew full well that not only was the plan to change water sources going to lead to disaster, but he also knew that the whole foundation of the municipal dictators was poorly planned and inherently foolish. There was no way that it could not go wrong.


But talking about ultimate responsibility, the EPA had absolutely no role in putting unaccountable dictators in charge of cities and kicking out the elected officials. That was Snyder all by himself. No one pointed a gun at his head and forced him to replace elected officials with nincompoops who drew fat salaries for selling off municipal property to private concerns and then charged the citizenry for it. That Flint has the highest water bills in the nation is but one piece of evidence of what he was doing.


“People who put dollars above people do not belong in government. You need to resign.” Matt Cartwright. Well said sir!


How much whiplash from the lies, manipulation, ideological turpitude and downright stupidity must be unleashed by these interests before OUR GOVERNMENT shames itself into justice?


No it wont fix the water distribution in Flint, but might give sociopaths a reason to pause before they shit and stomp on those below in order to kiss the butts of those above. They should not simply have dominion over the 99%, but are responsible for actions that affect them. Prosecution of high crimes of those in power is not simply “revenge”. A failure to prosecute criminals at the high end, like Dick Cheney, and like Snyder, is an invitation for similar crimes to be committed again by others.


Classic political double talk, American style. Snyder’s only excuse is to shout “hey, somebody shit in my pants!”



If one believes in demons, then Beelzebub has occupied yet another body (Snyder) as he (Beelzebub) is truly ubiquitous. Satan had to take a break from the Cheney corpus as it was rotting too rapidly from the inside. Lying is Snyder’s way of life…he could not function without it. The Kochs will soon abandon him when they have to spring for legal fees for their Chia pet.


Murdering millions with lies to promote wars is unpunished, how can we expect prosecution for making people sick. Or impoverishing people with financial scams. Pelosi and Obama are both enablers of criminal behavior.


Rep. Cartwright sez: "“People who put dollars above people do not belong in government.”

Were that the actual case, he would be very lonely in that hearing room.


What a third-world country this has become. Our federal and state governments are taking away women’s right to choose and access to birth control (talk about regressing to the Middle Ages), stripping away voting rights, and allowing a deluge of fracking waste, agricultural runoff, and nuclear contamination (Hanford, West Lake, Indian Point, Fukushima along the entire west coast, etc.) to enter our systems without any attempt at containment. They won’t let us know what is in our food or water. They illegally appoint “managers” to replace mayors - Synder is not the only governor who has done this - and sell off the public assets to private companies. At both federal and state levels, public employees are fired and taxes are raised on the working class to give tax breaks to corporations. Synder was, unbelievably, elected by the people, and no-one should be surprised that he did exactly what he said he would do - sell the state off bit by bit. Look, Kasich and Christie were re-elected in their states, and they have no more concern for the residents of their states than Synder does in his.

At the federal level, the Republicans demand that agencies such as the EPA be stripped of funding so as to cripple them of their abilities to perform their duties and the Democrats agree to it, calling such things “bipartisanship” and “pragmatic compromise”; then both sides use the resulting, inevitable mess as proof that government doesn’t work and we ought to defund further and privatize some more. They put Monsanto people into the FDA and USDA, and Goldman Sachs people into the SEC and finance oversight agencies. Then claim, again, when the very results they were hoping for occur, that those agencies don’t work and need defunding, too. They cut the Dept of Ed funding, install stupid testing standards, allow backwards, mentally-enfeebled idiots to write textbooks, sell our children’s personal information to corporations, and then proclaim that what we need are more charter schools and less public schools, because the public schools (surprise) aren’t working any more. They use our money to instigate war everywhere and then tell us we “aren’t safe” and need to bomb the shit out of yet another poor, benighted country or replace their government against their will, as though, yeah, THAT’S what causing our problems. No money is spent on our infrastructure or for the common good of the American people. They want our Social Security and Medicare, too, and incessantly talk about the lack of funds in the SS trust, as though they had no clue who took the cash out. (Illegally, by the way.)

A government run by individuals who refuse to consider the best interests of the people they serve has lost legitimacy. This is not to say we need to abolish government, but we do need to get these grifters and bums out of positions where they can continue to harm us, and replace them. We are also dealing with a very strange electoral system where the popular vote can simply be ignored. The kind of work required of us at this late date is overwhelming and not likely to be undertaken until we are in an even worse place.

We are going in reverse at high speed. This usually brings a resounding crash at some point. When that happens, maybe people will stop supporting the assholes who are killing us off, demand accountability, and send some of them to prison.

Or, you can vote for Hillary or Trump and mindlessly scratch at the fleas that jump into your bed, all bewildered and shit at how they got there.


excellent summary of current state of affairs in the USA


Did I hear the Republicans trying to blame the E.P.A. for this horror?

So, their complaint is: “You didn’t make us fix it fast enough!”

From the party that screams against the so-called “nanny state?”


Exactly why we need Bernie Sanders and a political revolution. In fact we have to have it whether he is elected or not. This country is going full on fascist and these are the kinds of things we can expect.


Of course the Republicans will circle the wagons and try to protect the pig. After all he was only doing what a good Republican does when they get a hold of the levers of power in a state. Cut taxes for the rich and take the shortfall out of the poor. Whether it kills them or not.
Look what Brownback has done in Kansas and Walker in Wisconsin. It’s the proverbial M.O. of the Republican mind set. But still somehow they get reelected.
If Snyder doesn’t go to jail there should be riots in the street. This kind of thing can’t go on. Remember they are shutting off water in Detroit?