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Lying, Trump Declares: Torture 'Absolutely' Works


Lying, Trump Declares: Torture 'Absolutely' Works

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President Donald Trump doubled down on his embrace of torture on Wednesday, saying that it "absolutely works."

He made the fallacious claim in interview with ABC News, an excerpt of which was released before its airing on Wednesday evening.


Well, then let's waterboard him until he tells the truth.... Just to prove his "theory," of course.


Today's Trumped Up Alternative Fact brought to you by ABC.


Will this fascist jerk push for making torture legal against US citizens? Yes.

I have been aghast at how little concern the issue of torture has been to so many.


"Absolutely I feel it works."

And I absolutely feel that Drumpf is the returned Christ.


Who cares what he "feels"? What does he think? Oh, right; he can't. (This buffoon needs to repeat 7th grade English class.)


Whether it works or not, it is illegal...if prosecuted.


Anybody hear this Dem Now interview with Jeremy Scahill......................not to be missed. Jeremy Scahill on Trump Team: A Cabal of Religious Extremists, Privatization Advocates & Racists


Stop electronic torture. In the US. And elsewhere.


Herr Trump is doing this to divert attention from his totally false voting claims. He knows he stepped into it. Now, let's create another bright, shiny object that is just as ignorant.


Exactly. I go between calling it vomiting or shotgunning. Volumized ejecta in either case. The idea is that there is so much thrown out that nothing gets challenged, or what little does get challenged is small and limited.


This will be his daily MO.


About the only thing torture is good for is extracting confessions, which is why for years I have recommended waterboarding our traitorous war criminals - Ashcroft, Bush, Cheney . . . Rove, Rumsfeld . . . Yoo* et al, and once they have confessed treat them the same as Benedict Arnold – String 'Em Up!!   Same goes for the Banksters responsible for Bush's recession of 2008, and of course for Hair Drümpf in regards to his treasonous Putin connections.

* Reminds me of the famous poster - 'Uncle Sam wants YOO . . .


Yeah. He needs to truly feel how it works. Just to round out his education and his daily briefing. Wouldn't want him to "lead" the nation without full-contact direct knowledge.


As a very wise and literate person noted here several weeks ago, a government consisting of such persons is best described as 'a Kakistocracy' - 'Goverment by the very worst'.  (Substituting Español for Greek, Trump & Co. would be called a CACA-stocracy . . . )


I have to disagree with the idea he's lying. He was very specific, "...I feel it works." He did not say it did. Feelings are not facts. So in all technicality, Trump told the truth.


I wouldn't call this statement a lie, because T***p probably believes it. My hunch is that, in contrast, he doesn't believe his falsehoods concerning the size of the inauguration crowd and voter fraud costing him the popular vote. We'll never know, will we? All that we can be sure of (p < 0.01) is that the most powerful person on Earth is both delusional and a viciously pathological liar. Sleep well, y'all.


Holy shit! If this isn't unfolding just like in the book 1984. How long do you think it will be before police begin torturing arrested protesters?


Technically, you MAY be correct.   IIRC, Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC spent several minutes on this a day or two ago:  If Trump truly believes what he said, and did not intend to deceive anyone, then he merely stated a falsehood.  But if he deliberately repeated something that he knew was untrue with the intent to deceive, then he was lying.  Based on the vast majority of statements Tweetle-Dumb has made in the past 18 months or so, IMHO he was deliberately telling a lie.


Good one- and watch what happens when Melania leaves him.