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Lynchings Past And Present


Lynchings Past And Present

Robert C. Koehler

When history is looked at in its complexity, it plays havoc with the present moment.

“This wasn’t done by the Klan, or people who had to wear a mask. This was done by teachers and clergy and law enforcement officers.”


The “Bigot” in the White House was turned on in January of last year.

He has flooded this nation with his Hatred and White Nationalist ideology.

Will somebody, anybody turn that “Bigot” off.


This is one of the most important columns yet by Mr Koehler, for it serves to remind us of the darkest side of our society’s collective soul. It will continue to fester unless and until it is faced openly and honestly so that some lasting reconciliation may take place.

This unresolved stain on our historical fabric persists to this day. It is one of the major factors affecting and inhibiting progress in practically all areas: Economic Inequality, Criminal Justice, Foreign Policy, Education, Political Decisions, Housing Policy, Health Care, just to name a few. This holds us back. This results in bad policy decisions at all levels. It is so accepted and normalized that many hardly think it matters, but it matters a great deal!

It is everywhere. It is ingrained in our laws, our policies, our systems and structures, our beliefs and actions. Our society is permanently warped by these past and present injustices,
unless there is, finally, acceptance of the truth and a sincere determination to achieve reconciliation.


It might not seem apparent to many, but it my feeling that the Lynching Mentality has its roots in the very same Second Amendment that so many defend as sacred writ. Implicit in such an Amendment is the RIGHT of the individual to commit violence on another.

I would point out that in Canada, there was only one recorded lynching and that when a group of Americans crossed the border from Washington State into Canada where they went to a reservation, siezed a First Nations boy, and dragged him back over the border where they hung him.

As others have suggested , there a good case to be made that the second Amendment itself was a sop to plantation owners in the South who wanted to ensure they could suppress any Slave uprisings without having to wait on the State.

When one breaks down the reasons for the American Revolution and ignores the MYTH of why it in fact occurred and understands what those “Founding Fathers” were truly about (They WERE the Donald Trumps of the time) , it much easier to understand why it is that Martin Luther King quoted that the United States of America was the greatest purveyor of violence on the Globe.


A lot of the gun control laws on the books were a result of people in the south wanting to keep guns out of the hands of the newly freed slaves.


Strange fruit from a poisoned orchard


Two good books to read:

Gerald Horne’s book, The Counterrevolution of 1776 and King’s book, Devil In The Grove.


thanks! i’ll check those books out.