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'Macron, You're Screwed': Tens of Thousands March in France Against Anti-Worker Reforms


The USA is a nation that likes to babble on about “freedom”. If it were a free society people would be free to pursue what they truly desire and pay into the collective support of society according to what they actually earned; they would pay for everything according to what they actually earned. What capitalists really want is to enslave the masses, keeping them working until they dropped dead.


I’d be fine with that as 40% of people,pay little to nothing currently.

“Capitalism sucks, it just happens to,suck less than every other system”


Says you. Socialism, an eco-socialism would be infinitely preferable as it would see to the needs–all their needs–of everyone and would see to the needs of Mother Earth. Capitalism has brought us all to the collective precipice, so no thanks.


And you, sir, just may be on the wrong side of history!
Good Day


First off, please give me your definition of efficient. I am guessing that social and environmental impacts aren’t part of that definition. Secondly, Costas Lapavitsas has shown that Germany has been able to accumulate huge surpluses relative to other countries because of the structure of the EU and the EMU and German capitalists have been able to benefit from the fact that wages in Germany have been ground down and have stagnated relative to other countries in the EMU and the EU. It also has benefited from imposing crushing and destructive austerity on periphery countries, the very opposite of what it was allowed to do in the post-WWII era to pull out of depression. Honestly, the days in which capitalism could guarantee anything other than lower living standards, environmental destruction, the undermining of democracy and the strengthening of the rentier class are long gone. I haven’t a clue what will replace capitalism, and whatever does could be worse in some ways, but this system isn’t sustainable. Maybe some enlightened capitalists will emerge to save the system, but I doubt it, because there are elements in capitalism that aren’t ever going to be environmentally sustainable.

The eurozone has imposed a single monetary policy and tight fiscal policy. Member countries have applied systematic pressure on wages and working conditions across the zone; in Germany, wages have barely risen in real terms for 15 years, helped by the absence of unions in the old East Germany and easy access to the labour markets of other eastern countries.


What drivel. Everyone pays lots of regressive taxes (the reliance on regressive taxes have increased as we have taxed wealth, corporations and higher income earners less in recent decades), and the tax system has been structured to benefit absentee owners and the rentier class, people that benefit from the value that others create. Hard to feel bad for people that pay so much in taxes because they own every damn thing, those that are able to monopolize the value that others create and a class of people that inherit most of their wealth. As far as those that don’t pay income taxes, that includes the retired, the poor, students, the unemployed, people with health issues that result in them not being able to work, etc… Who among them should pay more in taxes? I say, if we design economic policies to benefit the ultra rich, we could ask others to pay more by also spreading out the wealth and income more evenly. Lets not burden the rich by having them own so damn much, let’s strengthen those that create a good portion of the value in the first place. That way, they won’t have to pay so much of the income taxes overall. Instead of lowing taxes on estates, dividends, carried interest, capital gains and corporate taxes (as we have in recent decades), lets raise those taxes, that unearned wealth, spread it around. That way, others are in a position to pay income taxes and taxes on wealth.


LOL!. Well, economists on the left know where this is headed. We predicted the disaster of austerity, and what mass privatizations would do. Economists on the left warned against financial deregulation, and the impact that the WTO and NAFTA like deals would have on the environment, labor and democracy. We were right, the supporters of those things were wrong., Let’s poll them a year into this economic program. Wanna bet the numbers will be worse?


Ah yes, the lesser evil argument. Tell that to all the flora and fauna that are going extinct due to the rampant raping of the environment as capitalism has reduced it to nothing more than something to be bought and sold in its quest for unending growth and consumption. Capitalism is nothing more than a Cancer unleashed upon the earth by humans who created it.


The radical economist Robin Hahnel long ago pointed out that there are no real universal freedoms. If you give a capitalist the freedom to pollute the air, a cost they create then push off onto others, then others are not free in regards to having clean air, and they never consented to having those costs pushed off onto them in the first place. If laws are created giving capitalists the ability to ship their factories overseas (which Adam Smith and David Ricardo assumed they wouldn’t do when they articulated defenses of free trade), and if workers are not allowed to go freely across borders, then the capitalists are free and workers aren’t. If capitalists can form what amounts to unions but workers can’t, one group is free while the other isn’t. If financial capitalist are free to pull money in and out of countries whenever they want, then it is next to impossible for productive capitalists to plan and to have the stability they need. That is why there was near universal consensus in the early post WWII era among the capitalist countries that free trade should be supported, but only if finance was tightly controlled.


“pro-business labor reform”

To see this kind of language used in this article is very disappointing. Referring to these kinds of laws as ‘reforms’ is using positive language and framing that has been deformed by the far right to give them cover for the destruction of labor rights and workers protections. There is plenty of that kind of framing and to see it here is disturbing to me and suggests, at best, a lack of awareness of euphemistic language usages and the powerful evil that it is intended to hide.

I don’t think the left can afford to accept the language of the powerful We need nothing less than clear and accurate language that reflects insightful thinking and furthers progressive ideals.


Hello Seatower, While AUSTERITY does not work for regular folks it is the perfect tool to steal their money for the elites!!! That is why it will work! Right now the marches and I predict the general strikes will be somewhat effective. After a while the police and when they fail the military will put down the protests violently! This formula was recently tested in Greece so the Powers that Be just have to decide when the Iron fist emerges from the Velvet Glove!!!


Hello Clovis, The Press Masters won’t allow the majority to report accurately!!! Many of the press are PRESSTITUTES!!! Will do anything for a Buck, a Mark, a Yen, or a Pound, etc!!!


Hello Jim_Schmidt, At first I thought you an amateur troll but with you sticking to this topic I now believe that you are a Professional Troll aka whore for the Elites!!!


The quote in the article - “France isn’t England” - correct, France has high unemployment, low job growth, and a stagnant economy…


From each according to their abilities, to each, according to their needs.

Never works in the end. Needs are endless and abilities aren’t. Ultimately, those with abilities become slaves to those with needs.


We did defeat Germany in WWII but not fascism … which had come close to global control.
Those Elites here and internationally who had supported fascism via Allen Dulles and
Prescott Bush through Sullivan & Cromwell and front companies, at the end of WWII ensured
that it would rise again.

The agenda/programs for Mind Control of the masses were drafted to be run out of the CIA
even before its creation, and ex-Nazis were used to found the CIA. They were also moved
into the FBI and other government agencies and to “hot” spots around the world.

These operations have been running in secret for 75 years now and their goals are in sight.
Operation Mockingbird, Project Paperclip, Operation Gladio
and who knows whether there are merely a few hundred more of these programs or a thousand?


What a load of BS. It worked just fine for tribal communities for thousands of years. Needs are pretty simple by the way, food and shelter and clothing. Everything else are wants and not needs. It’s all those wants that are destroying the ecosystem. By the way everyone for themselves in this capitalism system is not working in the end either as the ecosystem collapses. And everyone are already slaves to the oligarch elites and their endless wanting to own and control everything on earth.


Cheers for Bernie Sanders —

Commentators in recent days have expressed astonishment at the speed with which public and Democratic Party opinion has shifted on single payer. Vox’s Dylan Matthews called Democrats’ growing support for Medicare for All “stunning,” and the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake likened single payer’s rapid surge in popularity to a dam finally breaking.

Writing for Common Dreams on Wednesday, RoseAnn DeMoro, executive director of National Nurses United (NNU), argued that this “seismic shift” in opinion is a “direct product of how Sanders made Medicare for All, and healthcare as a human right, such a signature issue of his [2016 presidential] campaign.”

It is also a result of “the enduring work of nurses and other healthcare activists over many years,” which has “laid the seeds for this day,” DeMoro wrote.

No matter our continuing nervousness about Bernie Sanders’ relationship with the Dem Party,
I don’t think any of us could deny that had he tried to reach the nation as he did under the
Democratic banner in an independent campaign, it wouldn’t have worked as it finally did.

I think most of us also recognize that had he received the DP nomination, he would be our
President today.

This is a new beginning on national health care – there have been many “beginnings” before
this one as it’s been a program proposed since the New Deal and meant to complement other
new deal programs - Social Security, Unemployment Insurance…

and I’m sure there will be a response from the right aimed to kill it.

Have no doubt of the power of right wing propaganda.


France gets to try neo-liberal economics and the busting of labor unions at just about the time it has been proven to diminish the standard of living of so many Americans. Welcome, France to the game of income inequality, workers disenfranchisement, and corporate dominance. You’re going to hate it but the wealthy in your country are going to love it. More money for Monte Carlo, yachts, and the Riviera lifestyle of the rich and famous. Screw everybody else.



From each according to their abilities, to each, according to their needs.

Never works in the end. Needs are endless and abilities aren’t. Ultimately, those with abilities become slaves to those with needs.


Everyone has abilities – but not necessarily if you judge them by the yardstick of a dollar bill.

But can we help noticing that “Elites” in the end control both the needy and those with abilities?

Genocide and Slavery on this land made that clear.

The only way for Elitism to rise or survive is by violence –

“Behind all great wealth is great crime.”