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'Mad as Hell' Cynthia Nixon Calls Out Gov. Cuomo as Fake Progressive and Bully in Fiery Speech


'Mad as Hell' Cynthia Nixon Calls Out Gov. Cuomo as Fake Progressive and Bully in Fiery Speech

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A week after actress and political activist Cynthia Nixon launched her campaign as a progressive challenger to New York's Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the NYC native headed to the state capitol to talk corruption, inequality, and education.

"In New York City he puts on an entire Broadway show to parade around as a progressive Democrat leading the resistance, but in Albany he is deftly handing over power to the party of Donald Trump."
—challenger Cynthia Nixon on Gov. Andrew Cuomo


I hope she wins. What a awesome human being.


I think Cynthia Nixon should be running for a lower office given her lack of credentials. Cuomo himself was attorney general before running for governor. I think it has become difficult to label Cuomo. You can argue that he is an establishment Democrat with close ties to money and you could also argue he is the most progressive governor in the country. His progressive accomplishments are unsurpassed. Banned fracking in a state with large reserves of shale gas. A $15 minimum wage to be phased in across the entire state. Free tuition at all public colleges and universities. A leading governor on climate change actions. Several years ago Zephyr Teachout had fracking as an issue when she ran against Cuomo as a progressive and he had none the progressive accomplishments that he now has. And she had the credentials of being a law professor. Cynthia Nixon so far doesn’t seem to have any issue with the type of appeal that the fracking issue had. To defeat Cuomo she is going to have to do well in NYC which is something Teachout failed to accomplish. Cuomo seems to have moved far enough left to defeat a challenge from someone like Cynthia Nixon but it is hard to say exactly how this will play out.


Going straight from actor to governor worked well for Reagan and Schwarzenegger.


I support any woman willing to take on Corruption, Inequality, and any Duopoly politicians that supports the Status Quo.

This country needs to put this vehicle in reverse and back out of the ditch the parties of the Duopoly have driven us into for many decades.

The Duopoly keeps promising us a Tow Truck is on the way, but it never comes.


LOL! You are really quick. I was just going to say that Lrx is not going to like this article and will be here in short order to defend his favorite corrupt Democrat. Before I could even type that you had already written your predictable propaganda. Man are you efficient at spreading propaganda on behalf of corrupt Democrats. I dont know if some hack Brock organization pays you to do this or if you just benefit from the corruption, but either way, you are as predictable as someone like Hannity.


Oh, and regarding some of the progressive things he has done, I give him credit for simply seeing the direction that the wind is blowing. On that, he isnt as tone deaf as you are. The difference between him and an actual progressive is that a progressive wouldnt need activists to push him or her to do some of what he has done. He is corrupt though, so anything progressive that he does is the result of activists pushing him to do so. At least he didn’t call those things ponies and unicorns like silly ass people like you called them.


This sounds very promising.

You go, girl!


Cuomo wants to be president, so he’s trending progressive. It’s common practice.

That’s why Warren, Harris, Gillibrand and Booker are suddenly champions for universal health care. If you’re not a total rube, you’ve seen it before. Lefties are the most dedicated activists in the Democratic Party - now is when you want to court them. (You can ditch them after the primary.)

Progressives in New York generally have contempt for him, because the man has no principles.


What a real progressive and issue-centered candidate sounds like. Of course, Cuomo is an easy target because his smell, like that of a feral male alley cat drifts a long ways.


I’d certainly vote for her in the Primary Election, but I diched my affiliation with the Democratic Party quite awhile back. I’m now registered as a Green and I’ve never trusted Andrew. However, I admired Mario and thought he was less phony.


Bernie doesn’t call himself a progressive. Anybody can call him/herself a “progressive.” What does that mean, exactly? Bernie, alone among gutless American politicians, calls himself a socialist. And yet Bernie is by far the most popular politician in the country. What does that tell you? It’s time for Cynthia to become a socialist.


Cuomo’s a PUNK who sold out the state’s public school teachers by supporting the evaluation of teachers based on student test scores. I understand why useful pawn idiots for the rich like Betsy Devos support that system but why a Democratic governor would is just unacceptable. F-ck Gov. Cuomo the Republican in sheep’s clothing.


You know you’re scaring those selfish, brain dead Libertarians with all this Socialism talk. Libertarian is another name for full of shit.


Progressives could be socialists, democratic socialists, social democrats, etc. However, they’re not centrists, DLCers, Blue Dogs, 3rd Wayers, etc. The Corporatocracy is their enemy, pretty much. So is The Uniparty and The Washington Consensus. Does that help?


Well, he actually does call himself and candidates he supports progressive mat times, and I haven’t heard him self-identify as a socialist tons recently. He has called himself a socialist, and as a socialist, I like that. However, what he actually calls for is social democracy. Socialism goes beyond what he is calling for. The semantics don’t interest me though in this instance, nor do they really matter as far as what I was saying.


Progressives have said the Democratic Party needs to move to the left and many Democrats are responding, particularly those who are thinking about those running for president. I think they are searching for a political base that includes both the center left Democrats and the progressives (virtually all Democrats run as progressives these days as nobody seems to run as a liberal anymore). So I guess the question is whether the divide in the party is so great that it is possible to find such a base. I would say O’Malley searched for that base in 2016 and didn’t find it (disclaimer - I was an O’Malley supporter). So is it going to be a Clinton Democrat versus a Sanders Democrat again (perhaps Biden versus Sanders himself), probably with same result given the composition of the party, or is there a politician who can bridge the gap? Cuomo seems to be aiming to be the type of politician who can bridge the gap having put several progressive policies into effect although he may have too much baggage.


I guess that helps. Thanks.


When the first person to publicly attack Cynthia was Alan Dershowitz, I knew she was okay. You can tell a lot about a person by their enemies, and anyone who is an enemy of Dersho is a good choice.


I understand. The problem (or perhaps opportunity depending upon how one looks at it) is that “progressive” is so vague whereas socialist is pretty clear. It’s clear enough, for example, that the DNC was willing to lose the last election, and seems willing to lose again in 2018 and 2020 rather than nominate the “socialist” (though really not so much more radical than an FDR Democrat) Bernie Sanders or even adopt his Medicare for All. If it’s Medicare for All or lose the election, they’re so far to the right, so Republicrat, that they’d rather lose the election. I have no idea where Cynthia Nixon is on all this. Does she support Medicare for All. I would assume so but don’t know.