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'Mad Dog' Mattis Urges Congress to Continue US Support for Saudi Arabia's Destruction of Yemen


'Mad Dog' Mattis Urges Congress to Continue US Support for Saudi Arabia's Destruction of Yemen

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While experts and anti-war activists are demanding Congress end U.S. complicity in Saudi Arabia's war with Yemen—which has caused what the U.N.


They shoot “Mad Dogs” don’t they?


The U.S. is not ‘complicit’ in the Saudi slaughter in Yemen. The slaughter is an extension of Western imperial policy (at least since the UK created Saudi Arabia). It is part of an imperial regime to control oil, gas and transportation in the region.

Of course the U.S. should stop funding the slaughter, pull U.S. troops out, etc., but it won’t because that would require defunding the Apartheid Israel occupation of Palestine and a host of anti-imperial actions in the region.

Once again U.S. progressives, like Sanders, fail to name the beast and offer a ‘solution’ which is out of context and impossible to achieve. But then again, formal U.S. withdrawal would set the stage to go ‘covert’ and provide a few more billion to fascists like Erik Prince to run a privatized ‘operation.’


Can we FINALLY state that the “Department of Defense” is a misnomer and go back to calling it what it really is: THE WAR DEPARTMENT!!!
Or better yet: The Department of DESTRUCTION and HEARTLESS MISERY!!!


This one sure as fuck deserves it!


Not to mention hurting the profits of the M.I.C. Sociopaths-for-greed!!!


Yes, of course he does…they don’t call him Mad Dog for nuthin. He is a product of depraved indifference to the lives of others we call “enemy”. The enormity of the trump regimes destruction of everything that was often good, and sometimes even honest, is beyond toleration, and this war crime in Yemen only one of so many.

How can such overt evil and inhumanity be tolerated, and how did We the People become so blind to allow it to become so rampant, so powerful and controlling, and so depraved right in front of our own eyes…we have been asleep far too long and there seems little the righteous can do about the madness…


They don’t call him “general” for nuthin either. If not for endless war, he’d have to start coaching soccer.


The Obama regime helped bomb Yemen too. His SoS, Hillary Clinton, made damn sure the Saudis could purchase all the weapon systems and US training they needed to make it happen.

And when Bernie’s bill gets defeated, count the D-Party senators who helped torpedo it. I predict a minimum of 8.


Hey, Mr. Mad Dog War Pig - if you’re so gung-ho about it, why don’t you grab a rifle and slap on some fatigues and plant your happy ass in the middle of Yemen and start firing away? Ditto with your eagerness for war with Iran. Be the first whose boots hit the ground, be an inspiration, be a real man, be a true soldier.

What? No? Then you’re all hat and no cattle, as my dead great-uncle used to say. Stop pushing for death and destruction that you yourself are not willing to participate in personally, you big fucking cowardly war criminal.


Suppose for a moment that every one of the suffering people left in Yemen could be persuaded to commit suicide. Would that make it all better? Would everyone be happy then? Or would they only go looking for others elsewhere to kill? Has the sickness become apparent now? Or not… It is important to bear in mind killers are eventually often tormented by nightmares no medicine seems able to remedy.


I cannot fathom why anyone joins the US military. It is nothing but a gang of thugs who rape and pillage on behalf of their corporate owners. And since the economy is going so well now (ha, ha, ha) there should be no reason for anyone to join for financial/employment reasons. If no one would sign up to be corporate thugs then most of the wars would end since the US has a hand in pretty much all of them. Anyone joining the military in this day and age are nothing but traitors to their country as they are serving corporations and not citizens.


It’s all about the money and benefits Geez.


Like Orwell said: WAR IS PEACE!


The only thing I can see that supports our involvement in this proxy combat is that the Saudis buy a lot of military equipment from American arms dealers. We have a treaty with Iran that benefits both of us and while we are friendly with the current regime in Saudi Arabia this partnership is decidedly one sided. We should remove all military support for this region and concern ourselves with the humanitarian relief for the victims of our past lack of rationality.


Deserve it, absolutely.

Matter of fact, he’s begging for it.


You could say the same thing about becoming a cop!


Americans usually don’t understand that what generates these wars many times is a Sunni Muslim government in a country being antagonistic toward Shia Muslims, or a Shia Muslim government in a country being antagonistic toward Sunni Muslims. This sectarian divide has been going on for a very long time. America and other Western countries have been fixated on the Mideast because of the oil production there. For example, much of our 20 trillion dollar national debt has been generated by wars on the other side of the planet in such places as Iraq and Afghanistan. The larger picture of America involvement is all of our many military bases around the world and all of our intel personnel we have around the world.