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'Maddening' Graphic Shows How for First Time in 2018, 400 Richest Americans Paid Less In Taxes Than Any Other Income Group

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/07/maddening-graphic-shows-how-first-time-2018-400-richest-americans-paid-less-taxes


Is Faux Snooze reporting this? DNCMSNBC? Any corporate media? Until they do, this is just more choir-preaching, I’m afraid.

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Dear Congress, your cheating hearts are showing, and the Peoples hearts are growing as hard as a stone, just like yours. We, the many ,do not trust you, the few!
I think that everyone should pay 10% on their money—no write offs, no Trumpish tax schemes, and that when YOU, Congress stop selling your souls, that is how we begin to ,“Form a More Perfect Union.” Are all those in Congress guilty of of refusing to , ESTABLISH JUSTICE?" Oh no, in fact there is a small SQUAD of you that are working to live up to that wonderful PREAMBLE! And that is how to make America GREAT—finally! : )

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10% is NOT a flat tax that would make that big of a difference, I’m afraid, stardust.

A time for a return to the 70% tax bracket on the wealthy, circa 1951, when there was a strong middle-class with savings accounts, home ownership, and money for two-week vacations. It amazes me that many people are still wondering why there is a “disappearing middle class”, a growing low-wage working class, and increasing homelessness.


Hi carlmarks:
10% isn’t enough? BUT if EVERYONE paid it including the corporations, why wouldn’t that make a difference?
Oh this is sad, carlmark’s: then the majority of Americans will not even be a class—and we will all be paying more in taxes and all of us will lose our collective ass…you can refer to most of us as the CL---- the Clear Losers who can’t even afford to keep there own ass. : (

Worth noting that the average “income” of those top 400 returns is in the range of $400 million/year.

Yep, we’re talking about people who make more than million/day.
And capital gains are a big part of their income, taxed at only 20% in the high brackets.


Yes, in deedy. We’ll tolerate it, and, 95% of everyone we know that votes, will rush to support the two political parties that have enabled the rich to avoid paying taxes.

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And one of the richest, Zuckerberg, enabled the rest including Trump.

Hi BID. Interesting post. And I thought I heard a fife and drum getting closer from far off in the distance.
Green Acres style

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Tax based on income is fair. A straight 10% will make the wealthy laugh.


Those 400 wealthiest DO spend their money…buying Congresscritters ever since Saint Ron started the tax cut binge. In the history of investment, nothing has ever provided as handsome a return on investment (ROI) as buying US Congresscritters.

With Moscow Mitch’s rampant stacking of Federal courts with fascist judges, the 400 will spend a bundle taking any legislation they don’t like to court, knowing in advance that judgments will be in their favor and at our expense.


It was in the Times and MSNBC has covered it so far. PBC will probably cover it later in the week.

The report was on all the taxes that people pay from federal income and payroll, state, counties, and cities. And yes in high tax states, the poor pay quite a bit of their salary. There are many forms of taxes from states and local, not just sales taxes. It’s like a thousand small cuts that build up.


Vote for Warren–she’ll take this on. Which is why the oligarchy is funding her. They must hate their perks.


Great news, Skip, thanks for letting me know. (I don’t own a T.V.)

Over consumption of crap that falls apart of several uses is not needed and who wants to stimulate the economy anyway. That is not my job. When tempted to buy something, I ask myself “Can you live without this? Do you truly need to buy this?” Our entire economic system is due for an overhaul. Who are these economist kidding ? To me they a full of hot air and as bogus as Freud and the other pseudo psycho trends like phrenology.
Do you believe in Magic. Do you believe the earth can heal itself with the constant onslaught of toxic chemical being spewed out into the air, water and land?
Economist and their thesis can go to hell.


Leona Helmsly was absolutely correct and spoke the truth when she said: “ONLY LITTLE PEOPLE PAY TAXES!”


Sound the church bell

Summon every person to the church

Sound the fire department’s trumpet

I’ve got news

People, I’m sorry, but our village has eaten all of its seed corn.

There will be no planting season.

There will be no harvest

The children shall be hungry

Then the adults shall be hungry

Then time shall be no more.

Then the richest man in town said,

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“I employed half the village in my gold mine”

“Then I collected almost all of the gold under my roof”

“And hired half the village to guard the gold”

“That my own children should live at ease”

I sighed.

I said, “Then your children shall die last.”

Then a pious man named Noah said,

“Is there anything I can do?”

“Anything? Please?”

I said,

Time is an illusion.

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Understand that to announce any future harvest times

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Time is an illusion.

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The generations yet unborn are connected to you.

They’re the ones that you hear grieving because the seed corn is gone.

Be on a crisis footing.

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Ask for guidance that you might do the right things.

Go now.


A matter of life or death is upon all of you together and not just on individuals.


…$6.50 hr. in 1984 @ 30-40hrs per week, gives you the same life style as $22.00 hr. does now…and btw…who makes that much anymore? Perhaps 35% of us, we ain’t doin’ very good, are we?..A service economy just sucks…Most 'production ’ jobs moved offshore, forty years of ratphkr (trickle down) economy will get you dead, if you’re not careful…

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Not if you put a maximun amount of income you can keep for personal use .
A maximun wage .