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'Madness': Dozens of Groups Push Back Against Trump Proposal to Bring Back Supersonic Planes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/28/madness-dozens-groups-push-back-against-trump-proposal-bring-back-supersonic-planes

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It would take a generation of true Progressive control to recover from just what President Caligula alone has done


And the deaths of a lot of peabrain Conservative judges. Good news: everybody dies!


Does he sit around every night thinking up the most backwards, ignorant, environmentally damaging or undemocratic stuff? Maybe he just calls Roy Moore in Alabama and Joe Arpaio and they think this stuff up. Trump really does seem to work hard at being totally ignorant and regressive.


There are some electric aircraft out there for short distances still.

Helium blimps would be fun. Like cruise ships.

But I guess the rich get off on leaving people behind as fast as possible.


“96 million metric tons of carbon pollution”


There will not be that many supersonic passenger aircraft flying. They will not be as large as Boeing or Airbus. Most will be private, probably 15 passengers or less.

NYC to La will be a common route. Chicago will have to build that third airport south of the city to accommodate these wealthy. I would suggest that these are not tax deductible and that alone will reduce the plane count 90%

Wow. We need to be looking at alternatives to planes altogether, but instead we get this.

As a correction to this article, sonic booms are not the plane “breaking the sound barrier”. They are a conical shock-wave wake that spreads out behind a plane or other object moving faster than the speed of sound. The shock wave is heard and felt as a loud boom when the shock wave sweeps over the ground behind the planes flight path.

The induced drag of these shock waves on plane are a big reason why supersonic flight is so inefficient and fuel wasting.


Cape Air in New England is putting electric planes on its scheduled flights.

Zero carbon planes exist. A bicycle-powered plane crossed the English Channel.

As a law of physics, air friction is related to the fourth power of air speed. So, if you want your plane to use 50% less energy per passenger-mile, you’re only going to have to go just a bit slower. Airlines shall of course hold their breath and turn blue if you make them use less energy.

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Obviously he hasn’t heard of the plight (or the short-lived flight) of the russian “concordski” which had a disasterous end at the paris air show in 1973:


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“resurrecting super-polluting supersonic passenger aircraft makes no sense.”

It makes sense if you believe you are among the few who will survive ecological collapse with your fortune intact. Make hay while the sun shines.

A lot of folk I know through engineering circles, PE’s and PhD’s, are passionately supportive of Trump and his outlandish high tech proposals. Many of these folk work in with military contractors that are getting large windfalls under Trump. Imagine how much good could be achieved if the resources devoted to this crap were focused on sustainability.



Well, they have an excuse, it was a socialist centrally planned economy. Government said, you gotta build something supersonic or else…

The Concorde fared a lot better.

Let’s slap some new engines on the Boeing 737 Max 8 and see how fast it will go. What could go wrong?


Let me guess. You’re young. If you were my age you wouldn’t see this as good news.

Considering the climate crisis even us young will see that it isn’t good news soon enough. Unless if you personally really hate humanity.

As a pilot who no longer flies, I don’t foresee commercial aviation lasting more than ten more years. My personal feelings are that as non-linear runaway warming of the planet accelerates, commercial air travel will be phased out over a years time…sometime by 2030. Only military and government flights will be permitted. The world is about to become a much bigger place when it comes to travel. Are my predictions unrealistic? I miss flying so much. But as Humanity treats the atmosphere like an open sewer…I had to just walk away to peruse a different career. As a 21st century human, I sadly still contribute my carbon footprint to our collective doom…but hopefully on a smaller scale.


Supersonic passenger flights went out because they are not economical. Also the sonic boom issue means they can only fly supersonic over oceans.
Trump has had four bankruptcies and fourteen failed businesses. This idea fits in perfectly with his record. His problem is he is delusional, he lives in the Trump world; the rest of us live in the real world.


I thought it was just a case of pilot error/showing off.

Something like that I also expect to happen. There will also be corporate & private jets for the rich.

Humanity really needs to slow down and smell the roses!
I foresee an alien ship coming to Earth and the following scenario: Beam me up Scotty, no sign of life here.