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Mail-In Voting Does Not Cause Fraud, but Judges Are Buying the GOP’s Argument That It Does

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/24/mail-voting-does-not-cause-fraud-judges-are-buying-gops-argument-it-does

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Moscow Mitch’s highest priority continues to be confirming young fascist judges who will accelerate shaping law to please the GOP at the expense of the 99% for the next two or three generations.


Semantics, perhaps, but shouldn’t that be that the judges are selling?

As in selling out their judicial responsibilities for the good, or gain, of what passes these days as the Grand Old Party?


Did people see the opening of the Rep convention-----I wanted to barf----what a joke----we are ruled by corrupt thieves and fox “news” wonders why poeple are angry------Trump is saying he will keep low income people out of the suburbs and it gets very little play----???

And this is the bigger JOKE mail in voting is the best way for transparency —it has a persons address and signature-----all this can be traced back-----the real issue is how many don’t get counted----there should be a proccess to follow back on those not being counted. Donald and the Russians could flip the machines but not paper that has a trail.



We currently live in barbaric society where people are allowed to destroy the innocent community and supports criminal who rapes a child and we support his rights instead of the child and when he did not complied with the officer to get his hands up instead he decided to take a chance of getting shot by reaching in his car to get something that could have been a weapon.

The only reason people are supporting Trump is because they do not want to be destroyed by this mobs and loose their homes.

Democrat party must outsmart the republican party instead of this violent tactic and hatred messages.

Cubans remember when Castro said he was catholic and promised them a moon and he destroyed his people. Words are empty but show proof by democrat state leaders that they can lead without destruction. Also Democrat party must stay away from violent groups and do not be fooled.

We need another leader like Franklin D, Rooselvelt but only have old Joe and anyone can see he looks incompetent including Obama. Maybe we need to wait longer.