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Maine Gov. Paul LePage is Donald Trump's Noxious Canary


Maine Gov. Paul LePage is Donald Trump's Noxious Canary

Pat LaMarche

You’ve heard of the canary used in coal mines to warn of impending hazards to the miners. The canaries were smaller and breathed faster so carbon monoxide and other toxic gases affected them more quickly than the humans and donkeys used to mine coal. Introduced to underground coal mining in the early 20th century, these birds were charged with alerting the miners in time for them to correct the problem or just get the hell out.


LePage is a certifiable mental case and so is his hero Donald Trump.


The US isn’t done, but those in the oligarchy are living their last days. Worldwide.


No, the Maine Democratic Party chose this Republican leader when they refused to support their own nominated candidate and instead supported an independent candidate. In the resultant three-way race, LePage won without a majority of the votes.
Do they ever learn?
They did it again in the last election so that LePage could be re-elected (again without a majority of the votes).


How did you make that leap in logic?


The last time I was in Maine was a week in 1971 on a boy-scout canoe trip, so before the election of LePage, I had no idea how much Maine resembles West Virginia. I would have never suspected such from a state with a beautiful seacoast, lots of French-speaking people, and being blessed by not having any coal, oil or gas.

Then again, I would have never thought that the citizens of Canada’s largest and most cosmopolitan city would elect LePage’s now-deceased doppelganger as their mayor either.


Yes, but they have the Bush’s and lots of other rich folks summering along the ocean and around Maine’s trillion lakes.
The relatively poor Mainers get some financial benefit from these wealthy slugs, but then the Mainers slowly begin to starve and freeze to death as the long winter sets in.


“You may say I’m a dreamer, but…” .
There are millions of dreamers all over the world, so join the “Peace Train.”


Well, Libby Mitchell was uninspiring. So much so that she finished THIRD. If just a few hundred more voted for the Independent the Democrat wouldn’t have been the SPOILER!

Lesson: a vote for a Democrat is a wasted vote. It only helps elect a Republican.

After seeing so many trolls invoking Nader, I couldn’t resist.


Can’t do that either.
Cat Stevens, the singer/songwriter of Peace Train is on the terrorist watch list because he is a (shudder) Muslim.