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Maine Letter Carriers Allege USPS Leadership 'Willfully Delaying' Mail to Sabotage Postal Service From Within

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/22/maine-letter-carriers-allege-usps-leadership-willfully-delaying-mail-sabotage-postal


Here in VT same. Deliberate or not, I do not know but I am suspicious.

The Trumpians’ hatred for America is very real folks. Trump is their prototype perfected. This is war!


Back in the 1980’s several science fiction writers unleashed the Cyberpunk genre. I still think those wonderful writers were exploring how unfettered corporate capitalism leads to dystopia.

I think these evil bastards now at the helm might be looking at them as a blueprint to Glorious Privatization of EVERYTHING. Remember, socialism is bad therefore all public sector organizations are socialist and evil.

Like the deliberate destruction of the USPS, watch how this mandatory push to get kids back into public schools is deliberately set to fail as this is the way to abolish public ed once and for all.

Hoping I’m just feeling overly cynical today.


If you would like to add to it, go watch the 1985 Terry Gilliam film Brazil.

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Doubt it - my feeling as a Trump wannabe in Alberta, Canada says schools must open this fall, without any mask requirements, without any reduction in class sizes, etc…

Like Hitler’s Germany, once these monsters get in and take over, you just can’t get them out.

I’ve been thinking lately that things are about to get infinitely worse.


“Hoping I’m just feeling cynical today”…NOT. Observing and delineating facts that have been part of a pattern in the GOP going back to Senator Joe McCarthy 70 years ago may be considered cynicism by those who are afflicted with terminal denial or Stockholm syndromes, those facts need to be repeated as often as Trump, the GOP and faux noise repeat their lies.

Alberta IS the Texas of Canada…so no surprise there is a lot of pressure to follow the deep south fascist play book.

USPS undermining like Maine is experiencing has been going on ever since Trump ascended the throne and we are just seeing it get exponentially worse.

For over the past three years, on some days the letter carrier just doesn’t show up on our block. The local postmaster said they have been cut back to the point that if a carrier is out sick, there is often times no substitute available. When there is a substitute available, it is a carrier who already completed their regular route for the day so they start our route late in the day so mail shows up at 7, 8 or 9 PM.


So far the the checks and balances are a supreme failure. All three have been captured - Congress, the Courts, and of course, the Executive.

That leaves us, doesn’t it ?


Although Slimy Pete Sessions, author of the 2006 kill the USPS legislation lost his Congressional seat in 2018, he is running in a different district (TX-17) in November.

Send your spare change to his opponent’s (Rick Kennedy) campaign post haste.

Sessions belongs in Guantanamo, not in Congress.


My favorite book on out of control capitalism is “The Space Merchants”, written 1953 by Fred Pohl & CM Kornbluth.


Sometimes it is listed under the original name, “Gravy Planet”.

There are major delays in delivery of USPS parcels while Amazon and UPS packages arrive normally. Something is going on. Apart from everything else, this is going to endanger people who get their meds in the mail.


You know, for a brief moment we weren’t, when Rachel Notley of the socialist-leaning NDP was in power a few years back. I thought she did a good job, though I disagreed with her promotion of the oil industry.

But we just received an email from the Superintendent of the Public schools system, and it looks like we will be able to sign our son up for online grade eleven. That would be a load off my mind, as I was prepared, along with my wife, to homeschool if necessary.

Cases of the virus are picking up here in Alberta and in British Columbia, as social irresponsibility amongst apparently the younger crowd grows.

Your doc Anthony Fauci is hanging in there and doing a fine job, like Dr. Bonnie Henry in BC.

But money is everywhere, or perhaps more accurately, it is not everywhere, and those with want more, especially from those without.

Greta has pronounced the EU deal a failure on the climate crisis, and I am sure she is right.

Ominously, I have been seeing reports of an imminent fall in global reproduction, which would mean we are intersecting the 1972 Club of Rome Report “Limits to Growth” and its population curve chron.

That’s good news and bad in the same breath.

We want to get on our Onit bus to the mountains very badly, but I am hesitating to do so.

‘If the virus is somewhere - it is everywhere’ - is a truism in Covid 19’s case, then in a world, our world, where it is very much completely out of control in major population centers in many countries - then everywhere includes, in spades, right here.

Accoring to Harari (“Sapiens”), monetary wealth was a cultural invention of the post Agricultural Revolution some ten thousand years ago.

Well, what better time than to invent, to update, as it were, our cutural paradigms, which, when all is said and done, are pure inventions of the imagination.

We can do better, surely !


Tomorrow – Thursday – is “call your Senators to support the Post Office day.” – Just do it.


Obviously, his animus toward Amazon isn’t as all encompassing as his malice toward the mail service.


I just can’t wait for Ralph’s delivery service LLC. Wrong mail, late mail, and no mail.

If they are they are picking and choosing what to delay. My 1-day deliveries are arriving as promised

I don’t think that is even possible these days.

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And we are eventually going to be forced out in the street one way or another. Let’s see what happens. It won’t be pretty but it will be necessary.


I work in New Jersey 31 yrs. I can not believe that i am watching the destruction from the inside. While the state was on lockdown…we delivered EVERYTHING EVERY DAY. This is how we get repaid upsetting customer’s and acting like we don’t care…when most of us do. It’s so :disappointed_relieved:


Well we still have the press…oh wait.