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Maine Votes Sunday After Bernie Takes 2 of 3 Saturday


Maine Votes Sunday After Bernie Takes 2 of 3 Saturday

After strong wins in Nebraska and Kansas Saturday, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said on Sunday that he is gaining momentum with voters across the board, specifically noting his appeal to young voters.

Speaking to reporter Dana Bash on CNN's "State of the Union", Sanders said, " We are doing better and better with younger people, whether they're black, Latino or white," he said.

"Our numbers are getting better and better. In general, our numbers are getting better."



" So if the Democrats want the strongest candidate to defeat Trump, I think you're looking at him."

I absolutely agree with Bernie.
But unfortunately, the DNC, Wall Street and their economic elite would rather lose to Trump with their Wall street walker!


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Come on Maine, join the Bernie Bandwagon. Vote for giving ordinary citizens a voice in government and vote for a candidate with integrity.


"As Maine goes, so goes the nation"


I did not say Wall Street thinks HRC will lose, but that they would rather lose than support Bernie because Bernie has pledged to step on their toes.

I will support Bernie and if there are enough people that will support Bernie, he does have a good chance.


Her hypocrisy is calculated to the nth degree. They don't respect the will of the people anymore and in fact that may be the root cause of the rise of oligarchy. We have the super wealthy and we also have a ruling elite who keep the reins of government restricted to a insider group of mostly corporate management types.

The little people are not considered the neighbors of these people unless it is an election year. Even then we see things changing and the elites rigging the game. More is at stake in this election than people realize.


And don't forget, that she now has picked up the "love and kindness" meme. She doesn't do that with a straight face, rather the familiar one of facial expressions intentionally disconnected from her id.


I loathe HRC's establishment inevitability story. Barf!!!


The biggest reason reason that Bernie has been doing poorly with Southern blacks is the idea that the Democratic establishment, with the help of the mainstream media, has pushed from the beginning of the campaign: that Hillary is the most electable. I believe that African Americans are particularly susceptible to this meme because they would suffer much more at the hands of the white supremacist party (i.e., Republicans). For them, it is an existential problem.

However, I also believe that this has, and continues to be, the ultimate in false marketing. Hopefully, African Americans in the remaining states are not as influenced by this false meme. I believe Bernie is better equipped to beat any of the Republicans (Trump or Cruz) - polls certainly show it.


Excellent point.


Bernie don't forget to court the Black and Native vote-- Hillary may have won the conservative south but there are plenty of black folks who do not support her.Natives are in your camp but don't take them for granted--GO to Pine Ridge, already!


I love you idiom: "Wall Street walker"
Wished I had thought of that one. :slightly_smiling:


There is nothing, which leads us to not stay positive. The temporary aberration is caused by the fact, that the early states included some of the ones, which are Hillary's strongest.
Bernie leads in all the recent national polls, won 2 of the three states yesterday and is poised to win Maine today.
That makes it 3 out of 4 for this weekend. That ain't bad for a guy, who was nowhere to be seen just a few months ago!

As well, his strong, large states are still coming toward the end of the nomination process.
See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00jlWJsUOks


Understatement of the year so far.

"Truth is, we have not done well in the Deep South."


Partial repeat of an old post of mine, right after Bernie won the DFA endorsement:

QUOTE: This is an historic moment for DFA, for the progressive movement, for the
Democratic Party, for people-powered politics -- and for Bernie
supporters who relentlessly rallied over nine intense days to Get Out The Vote
and win this pivotal endorsement....

That is despite the foul move by Howard Dean, the founder of the DFA, when he sabotaged the neutrality of the process by co-authoring an email with Hillary to all members endorsing her. UNQUOTE

Howard's brother Jim appears to be truly supporting Brenie, though. I wonder how the two get along?


I have a T-shirt and I do get smiles! :O) Feel the Bern.


In my town's Maine caucus today, there were a lot of people who said that they have not been this excited about a candidate for many years. We felt the Bern by more than two to one.


Ralph Nader and Dan Arel wrote interesting articles which are currently published in Common Dreams pointing out that Bernie Sanders has effectively started a progressive movement that may fractionalize the democratic party with the heaviest push for change coming from the populace who have the most to lose, the Millennials ...

[Ralph Nader] " The energetic Sanders supporters, including the Millennials who voted so heavily for Bernie, could form a New Progressive movement to exercise a policy pull on the establishment Democrats before November and to be a growing magnet after November with the objective of taking over the Democratic Party starting with winning local elections. This will have long-term benefits for our country."

[Dan Arel] "Win or lose, Sanders opened the floodgates that will lead to the toppling of the establishment party that is fighting tooth and nail to crown Clinton as president. Clinton and her allies in congress should be shaking. Their days in office are numbered."

The emphasis is a growing trend of realizations that democracy is a failed experiment in developing a free society, riddled with flaws, which we call corruption. Bernie Sanders has given the have nots a voice and a powerful base from which to build its own party.

Ralph Nader, Ross Perot, and Ron Paul are a few of the notables who have tried and failed to run as progressives, not because they tried, but because the people failed to see the trends of democracy, and although many still pledge their allegiance to the very people who will once again oppress them, many more are rising up against the establishment politic, in favor of what democracy was supposed to accomplish, and what will replace its failures, socialism.

Let us also not forget that back in 2008 Hillary had a large super delegate lead over candidate Obama, but when it became clear that Obama had a stronger likelihood of becoming the nominee, the super delegates switched their vote; so, it is not yet time to crown Hillary President and Thief until all the votes are in.


The headlines from Maine so far,

"Huge turnout..."

"Turnout ... is Insanely High"

"Some estimated the line to get inside the school was at least a half-mile long."

"Two others told WMTW News 8 political reporter Paul Merill they waited in line five hours to vote."

From the point of view of a poll worker in Rhode Island, this is horrible news. The RI primary is April 26. However, for Bernie supporters this is off the charts.