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Maine's Cretin Guv to Stricken Addicts: We Prefer You Dead, Thanks


Maine's Cretin Guv to Stricken Addicts: We Prefer You Dead, Thanks

Maine's infamous Gov. Paul LePage has vetoed a bill, universally supported by health professionals, law enforcement and legislators, to allow pharmacists to dispense without prescription the opiate-fighting Narcan, which reverses potentially fatal heroin overdoses. He argued the drug "does not truly save lives; it merely extends them until the next overdose." In other words, Let ’em die. And thanks be to his merciful pro-life God.


LePig strikes again...the cannibalism of the T-baggers has ravaged the body politic in our nation with the likes of LePage, Walker (WI governor), Kasich, Bevin( IN governor), Cruz, Bevin (KY governor) and any other number of US House and Senate members. Whatever they touch begins to rot from within at an astonishingly rapid rate...they sign (and/or introduce) legislation that benefits a vocal, vile far right radical minority whose main goal is to strip women of their right to choose and non-whites their right to vote among any other number of such restrictive, non-productive, punitive laws that are their handiwork. They have no sense of responsibility to any of their constituencies beyond that small circle of their devotees and funders regardless of the harm done to human lives.


It may look human but every once in awhile you can glimpse the monster peeking out from beneath its suit of skin.


Let them die because why? When did addiction become a capital offense? Right to life but no right to life after an overdose? Denial of medical aid is a crime by the way. How can the arrogance of one man be allowed to cause the death of people? How insane are we?


Must be a Christian........."He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" a meaning become lost along with The Golden Rule by so many, especially politicians.............


I watched a compelling show on this subject. It was a 20/20 episode. It featured the lives of addicts and it was heart wrenching. I cried for those kids as that is what most of them are. Most of them were good kids, athletes who had an injury or a car accident and were given opiates and they became addicted and when they couldn't get the pills anymore they went to the heroin because it is readily available. Real true tragedies. This governor is heartless. He should be forced to watch what I watched. All those EMT's know what is going on and it is grueling for all of them. Is this governor going to do anything to help kids who want to get clean, but can't because they are addicted? You give them Narcan to save their lives and then you get them into a program to get them clean.


That Governor LePage is vicious. How people could've voted....and kept this guy in office for long is beyond belief. He claims to be pro-life, but is he really? He really doesn't give a hoot in helsinki about the lives of others.


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OK common dreams you guys are in Maine-----can you explain Maine politics???? A republican US senator who played all kinds of mind games when Obama came to office along with former Senator Snowe????And this Gov who was re-elected?????whats the poverty rate in Maine???


I just threw up in my mouth a little. As a person who fights his own battles against alcohol addiction I am appalled at that Governor's message. Effectively he's saying "addicts deserve to die". I don't see how heroin addiction is any different a disease than alcohol addiction...or addiction to any other mind/mood altering substance.
If I were to relapse, I'd simply have a sick liver and need to start all over again. Heroin addicts can die on their first use during a relapse. The price is often death anyway, even in my State of Ohio.
Addicts should not be given up on.


"Must be a Christian" -- "This is the value of religion" (from comments on this article) -- Fascinating but sad how this kind of spleen-spurting, zero-dimensional bigotry has become an acceptable form of speech in some quarters. Compare to the ability of someone like Noam Chomsky to navigate complexity -- and if anything is complex, it's religion's place in history, culture, politics. Chomsky, who is an atheist and articulate about the threats posed by various fundamentalisms, also has the clarity to say things like, "I think religion has often played a very positive role." (AOL chat,1995).


Government by sociopath.


This story actually makes me nauseous. How can decent people allow one man to prevent a simple emergency medicine to save people's lives? One man!!!

This is disgusting and feels like we no longer know right from wrong and worse that human life is held cheap.