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Maine's Horrible Susan Collins Beats Sucky Democrat Gideon

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/04/maines-horrible-susan-collins-beats-sucky-democrat-gideon

The Maine Democratic Party heavy pushed their “insider” corporate candidate from New Jersey because she mirrored their own values.

Their thinking process:
We could run ANYONE and beat Susan Collins so we might as well run the candidate that WE want.

Totally ignored was the home candidate who happened to be a progressive, Betsy Sweet.
(sound familiar).

So we got Sara Gideon - a lawyer with skeletons in her closet like defending an rapist.
A candidate made for negative attacks.
Plus the Maine Republican Party had their own dirty tricks. Plastered all over Maine by the Republican Party were signs reading “Vote Sara Gideon - Defund the Police”

Thank you Maine Democratic Party for giving us six more years of Susan Collins.
Just like you gave us eight years of governor Paul LePage by supporting your independent candidates against the official Democratic Candidate.


Almost like it was Planned.


The GOP run candidates whose platforms are aligned with their base and their base comes out to vote. The Democrats run candidates with platforms that align with the GOP and their base stays home. After elections the democrats blame voters for the loss. They then turn around and repeat the strategy the next election cycle.
They will repeat this strategy in 2022. It seems to be working well for the oligarchy that controls both parties.


Meanwhile, Covid cases are up in Maine…

Pieces of shit have a dismal track record against piles of it


And MFA got 5%-----the new green deal got 5% ??? Why couldn’t Savage get more than 5% with this rank system??? People need to remember 3 1/2 TRILLION was pumped into the economy-----I think if Trump had done a second stimulus he would be on his way to victory.

Pelosi and Schumer should go----they failed big time.

But people on the left need to understand why we hold popular views yet they constantly get rejected???


Definitely a question we should ask (and being a huge fan of ranked ballot schemes, though I prefer an RCV Condorcet hybrid, it’s of special interest to me). Maybe she didn’t have enough exposure - not being in Maine, it’s hard to know how many people there even knew who she was. There is probably some voter confusion on what RCV means and some may be worried that voting Savage and then blue number two could still hurt Gideon (it can’t as long as Savage and Greens and independents stay small, it actually can when they get big enough, but not big enough to win - in other words, you can in many ranked ballot methods add a candidate who doesn’t win, but changes the outcome of who does win). And on top of this RCV in MA and AK went down (but in city votes, all 5 passed - see ~https://www.fairvote.org/rcv_2020_ballot_measures.

Do you have any suggested reasons?

Shouldn’t Chuck Schumer and Tom Perez stand in front of reporters, admit their failure, then fall on their swords, either literally or figuratively? What happened to honor? Then again, they are living up to the Democratic Party motto, “Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.”


Perhaps they aren’t popular view after all? Who told you they were popular, Nate Silver?

Which idea are you talking about? M4A, RCV, or being open to voting outside of R and D for your first choice?

I really don’t like Nate Silver one bit - I find him condescending and quite irritating so I certainly didn’t get any of my ideas from him.

I’m just saying, we’re told they are popular views, but accord to this election you have to wonder. Seems like a lot of people don’t think black lives matter, it’s okay to cull the elder herd during a pandemic, fetuses and corporations do have rights that most people do not, access to healthcare should not be a right, etc.

I think the very first arrow out of Nanncy’s quiver should be named the Nate Silver Act. When Nate Silver, or any pollster, opens their mouth to say something, the person standing closest has the legal right and moral duty to slap them across the face until they shut up. An amendment could be the Pundit Incarceration Amendment that places all talking heads in cages one month before an election with their air time filled with Marx Brothers movies.


For The Democratic Party to fail on this ‘low hanging fruit’ tells us all we need to know about what this party isn’t doing for the majority of us.

Here it is, in another nutshell:
So tonight, Brian Williams asks Claire McCaskill (a dyed-in the-wool conservadem who still hasn’t learned any lessons in her pathetic loss for the Senate) by asking, “The Democrats were way off on their polls this year. They didn’t expect this outcome did they? What went wrong?”

Claire, as blind as can be completely! ignored his question, then said, " On our side, we have to learn to work together. We have to ask ourselves how is it that trumps supporters are so loyal to him?! And Democrats need to learn from that!"
Clueless, moronic, stupid, soulless, braindead Claire.

Susan still holds her seat. Not a surprise.

Personally I want Democrats as a majority in all 3 branches. It’s a whole lot better than taking away our social safety net by a totally sociopathic/narcissistic party who both coos and pounds out mindless words from a cultist leader that is absolutely pathological.

This is our political system. I don’t care if you don’t like my opinion. You’ll have yours, I have mine.

What truly I find baffling is how black Americans gravitate towards conservatism. This is why Joe and not Bernie is on his way towards being 46.

Conservatism is a dangerous, shoddy road as we have gone so far to the right on this road in our country. Being a conservative only slaps you down whenever you work for progress on anything that needs to serve The People.

As downtrodden, lacking justice from all sides and in every arena, as these citizens have been for centuries, when are these people going to see the light?? Typically these are not! Faux News watchers, either. I don’t get it.

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So Common Dreams - was the erasure of Lisa Savage’s campaign worth it? Maybe things would have been different if the press actually let Mainers know she was running and what she stood for rather than expecting disdain for Collins alone to drive voters to the polls to vote for yet another neoliberal corporate Democrat.


the democratic party is a failed party from top to bottom … progressives should run from this party as fast as they can


I am SO F’in Sick of reading about the vacuous platitudes of “opposition” “resistance” “progressive” politicians (Gideon and a cast of thousands): we’ll put pressure on X, we’ll remind Y who he/she serves, we’ll be watching Z. Nothing but empty self-serving rhetoric in the Democratic Party tradition of whimpering betrayal. Just like impeachment (for all the nitpicking minutiae of Trump’s massive skein of crimes), just like defending corporate-friendly Obamacare, while tens of millions still have no health coverage, just like condemning Trump’s crimes while voting in favor on increasing militarism, economic sanctions, and other crimes against humanity. The courts and the judges, being politicized as they are to favor corporations and their lies and murders, must also be held physically accountable. People, we MUST shut down the U. S. and state governments, and boycott corporations for the duration. Relying on politicians in this faux-democracy, real fascist-authoritarian state will continue to be the death of millions, in this country and elsewhere. During the real revolution, one industry that should remain viable is that of gallows-building.


True. By running a corporate democrat against Collins, they (the oligarchs who control both parites) win either way. The dems not only couldn’t take the Senate, they also lost seats in the House. What a bunch of losers on purpose.


Reason 1: because most people don’t maintain your vague notion of popular views. Just what do you mean by “popular views”? Based on my past 50 years of activism and education – lots of observation, exchanges with the ruling class, and a completely sound process of reductive reasoning – you seem to maintain faith in a delusion about U.S. citizens (perhaps many others elsewhere). People who insist on voting for (trusting?) war-making, corporate-beholden, black-red-brown-yellow–and-most-other-lives-don’t-matter Democrats (or Republicans if any of these imbeciles even bother to acknowledge life and the living) don’t share, support, or implement views that are popular with me: an end to militarism – dissolution of the military, and elimination of corporate profiteering from death and destruction – absolute and complete nuclear disarmament, an end to this catastrophically disastrous capitalist economy, elimination of fossil fuels combustion, elimination of mining and corporate agriculture, health care in all its manifestations - physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual - as a foundation for healing and peace, and absolute reverence and respect for Earth’s ecology. If you and others who hold “popular views” don’t share at least this much with me (and even if you do), you will continue to flail in perpetual angst so long as we grant the human embodiments of evil power over our lives and that of all the living.

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My apology in advance – this isn’t meant to be directed personally at anyone here asking questions – it is a response to the questions of “illusion” and millions of others among a delusional populace. In general, the highly touted “values” of most Americans have all the substance of interstellar space.

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I can’t blame the democrats by alleging they did not spend enough to support their corporate whore. They must have dropped almost a hundred million I’m guessing. Every day I received 8x10 propaganda mail for the New Jersian posing as a Mainer, enough to fire my wood stove for the coming winter. The DP pulled the same act working against progressives in the primaries in order to install their corporatist candidates only to lose in Maine, Kentucky, South Carolina, and elsewhere. Once again, I will allege, the DP would rather lose to a republican than run a progressive and take a chance of adding a progressive to congress.