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Maine's Right-Wing Governor Launches 'McCarthyesque' Harassment Campaign


Maine's Right-Wing Governor Launches 'McCarthyesque' Harassment Campaign

Nika Knight, staff writer

Maine's Gov. Paul LePage directly targeted donors to the Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM) with harassing letters (pdf) that accused the conservation group of advancing "job-crushing, anti-business policies," the organization announced at a press conference on Thursday.

It is unclear how LePage acquired the organization's list of donors and donors' contact information.


What they seem to need is a RECALL of this Governor --

(after they get the FOIA information) -- !!


LePage is bat guano crazy and he became governator with only 36% of the votes...there were three candidates and LePage happened to have 1% more than one or the other. He is a poster boy for the Tea Baggers and has proven to be one big brute drunk with power. A recall should be forthcoming for the sake of the state of Maine! A-yuh!


No doubt; the forces of Life and Death are separating into very distinct camps, preparing for what seems to be a soon-to-come reckoning.
This ass clown Le Page reminds me of my home state of Florida's "Governor" Rick Scott-a Whacko Tea Bagger who would gladly sell off Everglades National Park and much of our little remaining state and national forest land to accommodate his developer friends.
Maine's governor needs a come-to Jesus meeting, in the form of a good ass-whooping and then a release into the Maine woods, where he should be forced to live off the land for a month or so. It'd probably do his waistline a lot of good. It would just scare the hell out of the local wildlife, seeing him up close...


No question that LePage's track record will land him on Trump's short list for VP candidate.


Look at the size of those shoulder pads. The governor of Maine is a real man's man.


This just out: "Maine House members launching push to impeach LePage"

Read more here: http://bangordailynews.com/2015/06/25/politics/liberal-legislators-launching-push-to-impeach-lepage/

I am cautiously optimistic about the prospect of LePage being ousted.


A true Maineac.


Exactly...the only way a guy like this, or anyone, gets elected is by people VOTING FOR HIM. So they are reaping what they've sowed.


This from the BDN site:
Maine news, election results and politics, sports and opinion - Bangor Daily News Politics
Thursday, June 2, 2016 Last update: 7:07 p.m.


Actually, the real blame falls with the Maine Democratic Party.
TWICE they selected a candidate and then did not support her or him in the general election.
Instead, they actively or tacitly supported a third-party Independent candidate whom they liked better.
In the resultant three-way races, Republican Paul LePage won both times without getting a majority of the votes.

It seems like both the Maine Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party have a Death Wish.


Can't wait till this boob takes his place in the shale with the other dinosaurs.


There is no and never has been any oil or gas drilling or mining allowed in National Park or National Monument land. Even hunting and motor vehicle usage outside of designated paved roadways is not allowed. And I don't understand how you can call private property "common land". It is the private property that is subject to drilling or mining.

The park will consist of a big tract of land that the owner, Eliottsville Plantation Inc. is already interested in selling to the Federal Government for a National Monument/Park. They will get a fair price.

And the igneous/metamorphic rock of Maine has no oil and gas anyway. Maybe valuable metal deposits though.


If I heard any coherent feasible plan from the State or local folks against the Monument, as to how exactly they are planning to bring business to the area now that the mills are gone, I would perhaps be more sympathetic. Downtown Millinocket could be another downtown Bar Harbor with shops and services catering to visitors to the wilderness area.Paper is over in Maine and probably most of the US. Mining is an inherently disruptive activity and would threaten the water and land. Those who want to sell up and leave stand a much better chance of doing so if they could sell their houses to people who want to vacation or live there. Elliotsville Plantation has set aside a huge area for traditional hunting and other recreation while keeping the irreplaceable wilderness just that. Frankly, if I was Roxanne Quimby at this point, I would just throw a fence around the whole thing and say, Private Property Keep Out. But luckily, she's much nicer than I.


I live in Maine and certainly am embarrassed with the asshole governor. It is not as clear to outsiders what happened in the election and it was basically the same as 4 yrs ago. LePig had tremendous support from Tea Party money and his extreme right wing base is 30 to 40% range as it is in many areas of the country. These are a solid bloc of votes, but not a majority. There is no run off if out of 3 candidates, no single one does not get a majority of the votes. There is no recall pathway in Maine. The attempts to impeach have failed, due to makeup of congress. The election contest was complicated with the democratic candidate publicly coming out of the closet, and the independent candidate holding on to end even though he could not possible win with his vote totals, allowing LePig to reclaim the throne, despite a very capable democratic candidate. Just awful. LePig added to the welcome sign on entering Maine the words: 'open for business'. But I think in first four years of his term, Maine has lost business more than gained. LePig comes from the street, he is a fighter, and has a foul mouth, insulting, poorly informed on many important issues and after an uproar, often has to state the next day, that he 'misspoke'. Yes, he would make a good running mate for the Donald.


Wouldn't that constitute releasing toxic waste into the forest ecosystem?


Agree - same with governors of other states who are actively destroying them (Scott of FL for one). The voters either voted for these jerks or they stayed home. Too bad for them.


It appears the wilder and more pristine the country is the more our Establishment government officials want to destroy it. We have the same situation here in Colorado with our governor, John Hickenlooper, and fracking. Here even school grounds, hospital lawns and people's front yards are fair game for drill pads. Yes, that is a slight exaggeration but not by much. Liquor stores have a farther set back from schools than fracking drill pads here. Long story, but the good news is that here in CO we have the ability to put citizens' ballot iniatives on the state ballot to override such idiotic government threats to our health. We are working hard collecting signatures to do exactly that this election, and we will get there.


News is that our frackin' John Hickenlooper is on Hillary's short list. Another good reason to Feel the Bern and make sure Sen Bernie Sanders is the People's choice at the Dem National Convention in Philly.


Like the old USSR, we are usually given two vetted establishment ruled politicians rolled into one for whom to vote. By voting for one or the other we "certify" democracy while tightening the noose of power around our necks. This year is proving different and the powers that be are becoming very, very nervous. Political revolution is in the air. Breathe in the sweet smell of of looming success. Feel the Bern