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'Mainly a Failure': Trump Approval Ratings Hit New Near-Historic Low


'Mainly a Failure': Trump Approval Ratings Hit New Near-Historic Low

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump's approval ratings have slipped yet again, falling to a near-record low of 36 percent, according to a poll released Wednesday by Quinnipiac University.

The survey of registered voters found that 58 percent disapprove of the job he's doing as president. When broken down into issues, the numbers are even more stark, with 59 percent disapproving of his handling of foreign policy and 62 percent disapproving of his take on immigration.


Such an embarrASSment for our country. Not my president!


With even George Will picking on Trump, his 40% was bound to go to 35%, even lower. It could signal trouble ahead.
Now, if he appoints a liberal Democrat as FBI Director it would send the right message, going forward. And, then releases his tax returns from the last 30 years, like many Presidents and those seeking the office have, he'd could be at 43% in short order.
Come on President Trump, " show us your money ".


And, we all know those numbers have been fudged.


The first word that comes to mind for most of the respondents are critical and derogatory. The rest are neutral, such as 'president, American, businessman, successful' (presumably as businessman), except this one. The one positive personal quality that people associate with Trump is 'strong'. Can he leverage this into a better approval rating? I shudder to think that he can.


Apparently a lot of people are unhappy that so far he hasn't got his Muslim ban or the wall. They see him failing to turn this country into a white nationalist dictatorship which seems to be what his campaign was focused on. So far he has run into the Constitution with the Muslim ban and into conservative Republicans who can't see spending billions on a completely useless project. But as long as he keeps saying the free press puts out fake news and he keeps cutting back on science and social programs he should maintain a good deal of support.


Is "JACKOFF" one word, or two?


What is truly mind boggling here is the fact that 36 percent of all Murkins APPROVE of the job he does. I have a hard time digesting that.


Well, if your main concerns are illegals getting healthcare with your tax money and people on welfare owning phones . . .


Pulleez. Ever since the 2016 Presidential campaign season started, nobody could trust any polls the Duopoly had a hand in.



Trump 34%

Some of the low final approvals:

Jimmy Carter 34%, George Bush 34%, Harry Tuman 32%, Richard Nixon 24%



Trump self-destructs, as predicted. D-Party waffles between corporate donors and an organized left flank.

Time to strike while the iron is hot:

Crank up the pressure on your liberal rep to unequivocally support Single Payer.
Turn up the heat on your moderate rep with reminders that you like primarying DINOs and voting third party.
Tell your R-Party rep to go to hell.
Fight the duopoly at every turn.

Then stand your ground--threats only work when you back them up. Case in point, the D-Party who talks liberal during campaigns and then governs from the right of center when in power. Don't fall for their horse puckey!


I would be more interested in a poll of what the ruling class - the 1%, military brass, corporate heads, Wall Street and so on - think of Trump. That would be more useful in predicting his fate.


How is he is not "entirely?"


To me, a low number is more like 17%.
Next time, the poll # for Trump will plummet to 31%.


The only poll that really matters is election day.
Governance is tough enough already without starting as a minority, regional party in a nation of 340 million people. This is Trump's dilemma.
Trump is now President in modern day Goldwater Country. With basically the same approval rating from the same type of voter base, with the same view ( philosophy ) of what the Federal government's role should be. Aside, of course, from the day to day nuts and bolts of actually maintaining the orderly functions necessaryof all gov't s. Which both parties agree on, mostly. ( For all the Republican ranting, through many election cycles, how is it that we still have a DOE, EPA, et al? ). :wink:
To defeat the " demographicis and geography is destiny " problems the Republicans face, they've resorted to employing pre-1964 political tactics used in Goldwater Country for many decades. Voter suppression, gerrymandering, nativist appeals, destruction of campaign rules, court stacking, tax cuts for the well off, etc. The Trump Presidency is all about using this old pre-1964 playbook to run the country.
The polls say it doesn't work to use the playback. for actual governing, but it does work for winning enough elections to continue using it, pretty much untouched by 55 years of American changes and supposed progress.:wink:
The Dimocrats, and the DLC especially, must cringe when they see these polls. The Progressive-Populist wing must be gnashing their teeth and pulling out their hair when seeing them, as well.
" Incrementalism " hasn't worked very well for the Democratic Party's current big tent approach. What will work is really the question the polls can't answer. Because the polls, run and managed by " insiders ", won't ask the outsiders the correct questions, fearing they'll get an answer they won't necessarily care to hear. So it goes....


I would add the adjective, COLOSSAL to FAILURE! Not only as "president" (UGH) but as a "businessman" and, worst of all, as a shell of a human being.


The tragedy is that the countries of the globe don't have a clue who voted for this guy. I was in France in 1967 and the college student Vietnamese didn't have a clue that I was against the war. They would shun me like the plague. Like it or not HE IS OUR PRESIDENT We need to be vocal and loud about replacing him. Fascist don't go quietly or peacefully.


We have finally elected an adolescent on happy dust. Fix the flaw in our election system. There aren't that many royalist left. POPULAR VOTE: Trump;62,985,106 Clinton 65,985,853 other; 8,261,498. Is there anyone with the stupidity level to still support the; super delegate, electoral college scheme. Got to, at least, a run off system to eliminate the spoilers. The constitution isn't a suicide pact. Echos of Alberto Gonzales.


How would you answer that poll if you were a nice middle class Muslim afraid of getting shot at the next stop light by some white racist xenophobe.That's a "YAS SAH MASTA" answer. Watch the faces of the Trump supporters on camera. They are white and filled with so much hate at "the other" ginned up by FOX and Wall*mart tabloid, brain washed into total bat shit crazy further pushed by their evangelical, not christian, nut stuff.. Trump got 10.1 million less votes than the other and is still our president We need to push at fixing our election flaws. Not all constitutionalist are nuts.