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Mainstream Media and DC Politicians Gush Over Trump's New War

Mainstream Media and DC Politicians Gush Over Trump's New War

Nika Knight, staff writer

Mainstream media and D.C. politicians on both sides of the aisle are falling over themselves to shower praise on President Donald Trump for unilaterally bombing a Syrian air base on Thursday, demonstrating that Washington's hunger for war continues no matter who is at the controls.

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“Beautiful, just beautiful”.

Brian Williams reporting on launches of Tomahawk death and destruction missiles into Syria. Enough said! Because I am at a loss for words to post!


Overall a disgusting display of… lust. Bloodlust.

Williams sounds like a meth-addled creep slavering over some new child porn…

Most of the DC echo-chamber sounds like a zombie movie gone bad.

The tweet by Asad Abukhalil pretty much sums it up:

Let me get this straight: so according to DC pundits, Trump was a dangerous maniac…until he started bombing?

It truly sounds like an epidemic of madness.


No surprise over Trump’s action and MSM reaction.

Excellent piece by G.G.:

And where is Bernie on this?

What a day. Expansion of war/terror and confirmation of Gorsuch.
Not sure if my stomach will ever return to my body and if it does if I can eat again.

Where do we focus on #resist now?


The NY Times doesn’t seem to be praising this. Rather, it seems to be focusing on potential problems.

Here is their lead story.

Under that they have this.

It is critical to realize that the mainstream media is not monolithic and to not fall for cherry-picked stories trying to demonstrate that it is.


You left out the part where he quotes a Jewish man exhalting in the glory of his weapons.


A. Putin was directly warned hours before the attack.
B. Trump is not acting out of anguish over dead children.


The United States and Russia will not go to war with each other. They are united by ethnic domestic economic control, which is to say the folks who own and control most of Russia’s domestic economy are closely allied with those folks who own and control most of America’s. They are united by that ethnicity’s decades long desire to wipe Syria from the map. What Trump and Putin , both fascists, say publicly and what they intend are almost always in opposition. What they intend is increasingly obviously in concert.

We are witnessing the rise of the Zionists. Woe be unto those who disagree with them.


Trump is easily the most disgusting human being ever to inhabit the Oval Office. Ironically there have been two prominent news agencies which have run essays calling him “America’s first Jewish president” ; the Forward, a Jewish online news and culture magazine and Fox News.

Here in San Diego I have long since run out of tears for the homeless dying in the streets. There is a middle aged white woman living in a parking lot next to a utility box not far from me right now. 2/3 of our homeless are white males. And we have something like a Tiberius or a Nero, from another stolen election leading the nation deeper into greed and crony plutocracy, unleashing more slaughter upon people who have done nothing to us. The rage and frustration are sickening.


" Trump is not acting out of anguish over dead children."

Yes, the epitome of hypocrisy! If the U.S. murders children, like they have done so many times in the past, in the Middle East, not a peep! This is what I would call selective outrage; in other words, outrage only when it suits Trumps agenda. Being a mentally unstable, narcissist, I seriously doubt Trump has much feelings or empathy for anyone. In my opinion, his outrage was fake outrage.


Who is responsible for the gas attack? From the MSM – crickets. I would not be surprised to see that Trump ordered the gas attack himself so he could boost his ratings by retaliating to his own atrocity. Wag the dog indeed. Will we ever know who ordered the gas attack? No. We will know what TPTB want us to know, regardless of the truth. I can therefore say conclusively that Assad ordered the attack. Ain’t I just the perfect “good American”?


Trump is unpredictable and extremely dangerous. This shows he will react immediately to any action he perceives as a threat regardless of the truth and that he has backing of mainstream media and the deep state. Not really different from any of our wars at least going back to Vietnam and certainly more than one prior to that, but given the precarious conditions we now face, this has to move the doomsday clock up several clicks.


Thanks. Like I said I am at a loss for words.

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Some?  Some??  What you mean-um “Some”, Kemo-Sabe???  Nearly everybody with any brains is all.  And there isn’t too much need for ‘speculating’ – it’s pretty obvious that shooting off 59 missiles at roughly $500,000 each - that’s about $30,000,000 total - means big bucks in somebody’s pocket when they are replaced.  (And very likely at an even higher price – inflation, you know!)  No wonder their manufacturer’s stock went up!!

How many billions has Halliburton made so far from Cheatin’ Cheney’s war in Iraq?  Or is it trillions by now??   And he’s STILL not in Prison!!!   Poor Ike must be spinning in his grave . . .


I can write Trump’s next tweet: “Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Pyongyang.”


Thanks for great Glenn piece.
Should be on the CD menu.


You are welcome H.C. I feel like howling . . .


“War is a force that gives us meaning.”
-Chris Hedges

No respect for (in this case) Assad, but yet again, we are asked to rally behind missile assaults, and without Congressional approval to boot.

Don’s approval rating is about to climb.

“Groundhog Day.”


Speaking of “…people who have done nothing…”, and sorry to use this attack for another topic, but I feel it’s related.
What have the 24,000,000 Americans whom the Republican politicians planned to throw off of their health insurance done to deserve such callous disregard?
Why are we being treated this way?
I sure as hell don’t know.


I had been expecting Trump to seize on a Reichstag fire moment but I didn’t think it would be this easy! Not even a terrorist attack was needed - just firing off a bunch of missiles and the Democrats and the corporate media are lining up to salute the now suddenly presidential Trump. He will certainly learn from this experience how easy it will be in the future to shut down his pesky critics. Just order up a military attack, especially one in which only foreigners die.

And meanwhile, Trump’s much heralded showdown with Xi passes without a murmur of complaint despite the supposed fact that China has been “raping” the dumb old USA and stealing away jobs from his beloved working class voters. The meeting between Xi and Trump, we learn, was “outstanding.” No doubt, Jared will recover the Anbang funding for his Fifth Ave project while Chinese factories continue to churn out Donald J and Ivanka branded products.