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Mainstreaming Biodiversity: A Real Solution to the Devastation of Nature?

Mainstreaming Biodiversity: A Real Solution to the Devastation of Nature?

Nele Marien

4 December marks the start of the Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP). While not as well-known as the climate COPs, this conference responds to a complex crisis that is both as threatening and urgent as the climate crisis. Globally, biodiversity is being depleted at an alarming rate. Animals are being wiped out as much as 100 times faster than their natural extinction rate. The last time the world experienced such a rate of decline was 65 million years ago, with the disappearance of the dinosaurs.

100 hundred times faster? Try at least 10x that.

"Current rates of extinction are about 1000 times the background rate of extinction. "

Multiple studies exist corroborating this, some point to a number around 5,000 times normal.

We are losing 150-250 species daily. Or what normal “background” extinction would be in a year.

“Most importantly, we must ensure that mainstreaming includes those who are the real guardians of nature – Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities, living in forests and other ecosystems.”

Good only when indigenous people don’t adopt white man’s ways like using guns, motor vehicles, Coca Cola and becoming consumers in the money economy. If modern medicine is given, they will need family planning else their overpopulated habitat will be destroyed like modern man’s and species extinctions will follow.

Careful nature boy, indigenous people are fully “modern” the term indigenous implies non-civilized. Which unfortunatly few indigenous are.
And I am sure you didnt mean to imply that by saying we civilized are modern that we are somehow more evolved. But the xenophobes among us will read that into it.

The author by saying give it back to the indigenous is a politically correct fantasy for the most part. While I do not disagree with this, we must accept the reality that most indigenous cultures have lost most of their knowledge and ability to survive locally. I fully support returning and protecting indigenous rights and quite a few do still have deep connection and understanding of local ecology. We “moderns” civilized must fully acknowledge our cultural genocide of nearly all indigenous has been completed.

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Well said. I agree completely. I think you might enjoy “Charlie’s Country”. A film about Australian Aborigines that covers the points you made:

Charlie (David Gulpilil), an Aboriginal man of Australia, struggles to navigate the society he finds himself in, especially when he tries to reconnect with the traditional ways of his people.

To further clarify, Indigenous should always, without saying, have full entitlement to the land of their ancestors. And where land can be returned it should, if any remaining tribal members remain and are wanting to steward it.
Many tribes are already assisting each other to reclaim some of what was lost. The better parts of civilization have also assisted occasionally when asked by tribes, usually acedemic and local.
But the rest of civilization must also allowed and even encouraged to re-indigenize themselves interms of understanding local ecology and truly sustainable ways of living with and benefiting the Earth. I know examples where indigenous fully support this and encourage it when ever they can.
A sharing of knowledge, understanding and resources could go along way toward mitigating the impending disasters we all face on our shared planet.

If indigenous peoples have no choice in order to feed and care for thier people can we civilized blame them when they allow drilling and other harmful practices that all of us have “benefited” from, when most of have not made the choice to do without.

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Someone should write a post apocalyptic book about how indigenous people taught civilized people to survive by living off the land. I read that Australian aboriginals could live off the barren Outback where European man would not survive a day.

Few today of any background would survive living like Europeans did only century or two ago, let alone any of the 30,000 natural cultures that existed in harmony with the Earth. Many could not survive even how we did a few decadess ago…haha

Putting a price tag on nature is despicable and is also not a winning strategy. Monetizing anything devalues it. Anything that can be bought, can be thrown away, disregarded or destroyed. This is part of the calculation inherent to putting a price on something. This kind of narcissistic thinking needs to be recognized and countered whenever it arises.