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Maintaining Influence in Afghanistan


Maintaining Influence in Afghanistan

Edward Hunt

Over the past few months, the Obama administration has renewed its efforts to strengthen its position in Afghanistan. In spite of the worsening death toll from the ongoing war, the Obama administration has made a series of new wartime commitments to ensure that the United States maintains a powerful influence over the country well into the future.


Myanmar, and Helmand Province, Afghanistan are the worlds largest suppliers of the opium poppy, later turned into heroin. Who has renewed its efforts to strengthen its position in Afghanistan?


So comforting to know that the US will continue to prop up the illegitimate government in Afghanistan and send them billions of our hard earned tax dollars too. Of course we can't get clean water to the people of Flint or fix a damn bridge that's about to collapse.
Do they really think the people of this country are going to continue to support this kind of misappropriation of our funds all over the world? This has to stop.
800 bases all over the world are over kill and not needed. Their days are numbered.


Well what ARE we supposed to do? withdraw completely and let the taliban take over?


What was the Taliban eradicating, and the American military governments overlords is having, wanting to proliferate? The opium poppy (soon heroin). Go figure!


Those soldiers: couldn't they find some water to stand in when being photographed?

As for maintaining influence in Afghanistan, we tried that in 1841. It didn't work. Nor did our subsequent 'burn and butcher' (term used by Winston Churchill, 1930) policy, maintained until the 1930s.