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Major Electric Utility Dumps ALEC Over Clean Power Plan


Major Electric Utility Dumps ALEC Over Clean Power Plan

Nick Surgey, PR Watch

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has suffered the loss of another major corporate sponsor, the Guardian reported Tuesday, with the electric utility American Electric Power (AEP) announcing it will no longer provide the climate change denial group with funding from 2016.


There is a backlash happening from utility companies against solar. The utility companies are afraid of too many people generating their own energy. And it is interesting how the utility companies demand the rules be fixed so they can generate profits. How many people get their utilities turned off because they can't afford to pay the bill?-socialism for corporations,brutal capitalism for the poor!---Solar power could transform our economy-giving people energy independence-the problem it dose not fit in the for profit system. And this is why solar has been kept in a box, just like wind energy