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Major EU Websites Go Dark With #Blackout21 Protest Ahead of Vote to Create Internet 'Censorship Machine'


Major EU Websites Go Dark With #Blackout21 Protest Ahead of Vote to Create Internet 'Censorship Machine'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Free speech and digital rights advocates across Europe blacked out websites on Thursday to protest the controversial Copyright Directive the European Parliament is scheduled to vote on next Tuesday.

Activists are also planning #SaveYourInternet protests, which are set to take place across Europe on Saturday.

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It seems unlikely that this and the US’s net neutrality are only coincidentally taking place at the same time. The EU is basically a federal government for Europe, and those nations are moving rapidly toward fascism again, as the fascist movement simultaneously reaches its conclusion in the US. This is about controlling “real news” i.e. the internet, so as to control the minds of the populations of the western world, effectively stopping the threat of self determination.



This is scary-----another DARK AGES comes to Europe. Wasn’t the last one bad enough? When ideas are stopped from flowing, and access to ideas is lost—so are nations and all of humanity, too : (



Both of these sops to private ownership of everything that isn’t already nailed down appeared in similar forms in the corporate sponsored “Trans-Pacific Partnership,” and together were a major reason many of us opposed it.



As fascism continues to rise its aim will be to prevent any nation from having the
power to save any other nation – total control.

And, obviously a major target for Elites is the ease and availability of information on the
internet and the sharing of the information to keep all informed and aware.

PLUS the always present GREED for PROFITS – as we see now YouTube videos are
all being interrupted by ADS, delaying the information and adding costs to the system.



It’s like watching a bad game of “Risk.”

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